“Alan Wake” by Mr Riddler

Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

Answer: Both can be cut open and filled with saw dust. Ok. Ok. It’s a lame riddle but sue me. I’m stilling trying to finish this game as I write. It’s of a decent Length

What I Expected:
So a few month ago Heavy Rain was released and I game an interesting play through of that with Ragdoll because she loves Movies. Amazingly Fun experience especially with another person but I’l review that game when I run out of a gamefly queue of recent Games. Anyway a month or two after the game was released, I started hearing wind of Alan Wake. “What a load of crap,” I thought. “A Knock off Xbox version of Heavy Rain.” So Naturally, I played it to be disgusted and return the game a day or two, playing just enough to write a review and be done with it. Well it’s 4 days in and with other Asylum tasks around me I haven’t hated it to the point of giving up on it. I was actually a bit surprised by story though so let me jump right into that.

What We Got:
Recently, I’ve indulgded myself in renting movies and games online via Netflix and Gamefly. (There isnt really much more to do from Arkham Asylum.) and as the rest of you Netflixers probably know you can watch the entire series of X-Files. If you dont know then goto netflix and watch the entire series of X-Files! X-Files , in case you’re up past your bed time and aren’t old enough to know what the X-files was, was a TV series in the 90s which followed the sexual tension between 2 FBI agents, Mulder and Scully. Also there was alot of mysteries they solved involving Aliens and the Occult blah blah blah. Well, when I got Alan Wake, for some reason, the air of the game really puts me back in Season 2 of the X-Files when Mulder is all by his lonesome and is going from episode to episode trying to retrieve his beloved, abducted Agent Scully. Why? Well let me break down an X-Files episode for you. 1. Something goes wrong in a backwater town. 2. Agent Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate. 3. Mulder figures it out on the first guess to being something extravagant and strange and Scully is disbelieving for 3/4 of the remainder of the episode. 4. They find a key clue and there’s about 3 minutes of struggle before either killing, capturing, or barely missing the mysterious creature that’s plaguing this town in the middle of nowhere. Now that you know, this formula is also applied in each “episode” of Alan Wake. 1. Something goes wrong in the backwater town (Alan is in a dream at the beginning of the game and the characters that he wrote about are following him! Golly!) 2. Agent Mulder and Scully are sent to investigate (despite obvious foreshadowing for what is to come in the dream, Alan and his Wife continue to the spooky nowhere town for him to continue writing or to be alone or to do a book signing. The game wans’t really clear on this. None-the Less sh*t goes down and your wife is kidnapped! Gee whiz!)  3. Mulder figures is out on the first guess and Scully is disbelieving for 3/4 of the remainder of the episode. (Without a wife to disbelieve Alan apparently it’s Alan’s Job to not believe what’s going on and it’s up to you, the player, to be Mulder and guess everything right on the first guess and yell at him what he’s obviously missing.) Next up is the Struggle but I’m not going further than that for fear of ruining this game. The Struggle in Alan Wake is not like the X-Files in that it’s the majority of the game. In each level or chapter or episode or whatever you want to call it. Alan must walk mile after mile of endless forest with a flashlight and a gun to kill dark and scary figures in the night. I have to admit the first time they put me into this scenario it was spooky and scary. They would mess with your head by locking you in random cabins without a way out and attempt to push it over a cliff opening an exit seconds before you plummet to your doom, but the major problem with the gameplay is that it lacks variety. Sure you can find a few different guns but in the end they all do the same thing, shine your light on the guy and shoot him twice. In a game like this, you can’t just be pure action sequence to action sequence. it’s a thrilling mystery! Half of the fun is the mystery. You can’t have only thrilling other wise the thrilling becomes boring! Unfortunately, this is a concept that a lot of developers are using, throwing out the window thinking that it’s in the players interest to cut out “the boring bits.” Shooting games are great and all, but if you were going to make a shooter at least give me a plot or game mechanics that work better for the genre. This game really needs some investigation sections where I feel like I’m interacting with the story or moving it along in a way other than killing innocent, possessed towns folk. In the end though, the story is still worth checking out especially if you’re into the creepy horror/thriller genre of Stephen King or The X-Files. Don’t be too surprised if you fall into the same trap as me, though. Dreading the  spooky forest because you know it will be a trap of boredom.


There is no Multiplater. This game is Single Player. Though I have to say if there was a multiplayer this wouldn’t change my opinion on the game. Also that multiplayer would be incredibly strange. flash a flashlight in your opponent’s eyes to blind him and then shoot him when he’s down? Sounds like a Rage inducing cluster-f**k

Alan Wake is interesting to me and its compelling story did draw me in, but it was done in the same way that a mystery novel or Stephen King book/movie would. It’s interesting and intriguing, but I dare say not fun. I found myself dreading the gameplay elements in the game not because it was scary but instead because it seemed to be an hour of dragging on nothing just so I could get to the next story cut scene which contradicts the point of making Alan Wake a video game and not a movie.

Overall Rating:


Rent this one the same way that you rent a movie. play it once and return it because there will be little no replay value here.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the game or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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