Preview Review – E3 2010 Microsoft Conference

Microsoft Conference:
Just in case you missed it, here’s the conference provided by

Call of Duty Black Ops – Oh that’s right, they’re being made by Treyarch now but, it looks like they haven’t really changed much. So, fans you’re getting what you want. The rest of us, you’ll have to wait longer for something GOOD. Either way Xbox is getting the game before any other system now so power to the Xbros there.

Halo: Reach – Looks beautiful It really does and the the space combat looks like fun. Honestly as much as I’ve wanted to hate Halo games I just can’t I mean we all know that the Halo 3 story is no where near where we wanted it to go but still it wasn’t BAD and the same for for ODST. We’ll see where it goes for Halo Reach, You have my Attention Xbox take me away.

Assassin’s Creed – meh. that’s right! MEH! I’m tired of killing people in the exact same way from game to game. Changing a time period does not change a game! Did I mention that Red dead Redemption is better than GTA4? (yes, I can be hypocritical. You knew this site was bias when you read the banner.)

Gears of War 3 – Again this is a franchise that I need to try and haven’t gotten a chance to yet, so let me just say it looks good. it looks fun and it looks like there should have been 4 player co-op 2 games ago. (It’s in my Gamefly, I swear!)

Metal Gear Solid Uprising – less Espionage, more Ninja Combat

New Xbox design – 3 years late on the Built in Wifi, but better late than never. Larger Hard Drive as if it really needed one and a sleek, shiny new design.

New Xbox

New Kinect (formerly known as project Natal) – Ok, this is something really neat that makes you the controller without ever needing to use the controller hardware. It really does make you feel like Captain Kirk to just say, “Xbox Play Game” or wave your hand around and start up your video games. I can also see how it would make you feel like to boxer to really move with your body to fight your opponents. However, I can’t help but feel like it’s counter intuitive. Video games are normally used as a relaxation tool; leisure. In a Wiifit sort of way, I can see how using your body to play a game can get you into the game and help you work out frustration, but after a long day of work and a few beers I don’t think my body is the best thing to use as a controller or as a means of transportation for that matter…. Actually, on second thought drunk Kinect may be its own kind of fun, just not $149.99 fun.

One thing I want to say about Dance Central before Moving on. Damn. Just Damn. If that game can teach me to dance like that, my club troubles are over.



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