Preview Review – E3 2010 Nintendo Conference

Nintendo Conference:
Just in case you missed it, here’s the conference provided by

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword – Amazing. I’ll bet I’m going to save princess Zelda in this one. Seriously though, from the tech demo it looks like there are a lot of bug to be worked on in this one. If they can get it right it should be interesting to have a fully functioning Zelda game where you control the sword but the footage from this years demo was damn near embarrassing.

New Donkey Kong Country – I’m sure this is something that we’ve seen before but it’s a new platformer with Donkey Kong which hadn’t really happened since Donkey Kong 64 and Donkey Konga doesn’t count. I do find this acceptable as long as it’s not a remake of an older game. At least new Super Mario brothers, although it was similar in style to what it used to be in 2D, brought new things to the table as far as design, game play and even a touch of epic-ness. Lets hope the new Donkey Kong Country does the same.

New Kid Icarus – Ok, I’m interested. Despite Pit being pure unrated crap in Brawl he is still and interesting character and this game looks completely different from the original. This I GUESS could be considered a semi original idea at least in it’s 3D reboot. None-the-less, it’s interesting. I’ll give it that.

Epic Mickey – Oh Here we go an original game this E3 with original charac…ooh wait…. Well, it’s still something we havent seen quiet like this. It really reminds me of an old Mickey Game I played on the Sega Genesis years ago but it is looking pretty cool right now and if the final looks anything like the concept art that was released a few months ago then it should also be as creepy as sin.

Nintendo 3DS– Sweat Jesus, why in the world was I so stupid that I bought a DSXL I need a 3DS. This new no glasses needed technology 3D seems amazing and the backwards compatibility… Wait… Wait a second… No! I see what you’re doing Nintendo! You’re releasing another system that’s using a new gimmick that’ll sell 1 or 2 games that are good on launch and then a sea full of “My Little Pony: Pet Me in 3D”! Well this is the last time I’m falling for it, my friend. The absolute last time. After I buy one of these!



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