Preview Review – E3 2010 Sony Conference

Sony Conference:

Just in case you missed it, here’s the conference provided by

Kill Zone 3 – Have I mentioned that I havent played the Kill Zone Series? I know. I know. It’s in my Gamefly Queue I’ll get to it eventually, so for now let me say that it looks fun and interesting for a First Person Shooter game and it will be in 3D. Nuff’ said.

Playstation Move – apparently is the big thing to be shown off for Sony this year. A neat little device that turns your PS3 into a Wii. A Wii with actual game developers and a good graphics engine. Sorry to say, but now that the PS3 have the Move and the XBox 360 has the Kinect, there will be no wiggle room left for the Wii. They’re use a new game called Sorcery as the tech demo and it is quite a hell of a tech demo. The game looks fun and flows pretty well. I’d say it’s a great original Idea if it wasn’t though up 3 years ago by Nintendo.

Little Big planet 2 – play. create. share. seems to have turned their little big game into a big big game where you can make any kind of game you want now. It should be fun to find out what everyone’s making. Just to make a point, though. If this is is anything like the first game then there will be millions of levels made and 500 of them will be playable. and 10 of them will be good!

Amazing.. for a while there I thought Sony was going to actually be worth the… Oh Sh*t! Portal 2 with PS3 exclusives!

ewwwwwwww Final Fantasy 14 is going to be online again. Why can’t we all just agree that World of Warcraft is the MMORPG to play if you want to play online RPGs that are driven by reading, killing hours of your life and hanging around people that haven’t moved in 4 – 5 days, and move on with real games?

Infamous 2 – wait a second is that Nathan Drake or did Cole suddenly change design? Oh apparently the latter. And now it appears that you can use Ice since it’s tied so closely together with Electricity. The first game was fun and wacky in a what the hell is going on sort of way and hopefully the second will be as well since it now apparently includes the Cloverfield monster.

Oh Hell! another Twisted Metal. longest running series in PS history. Another game that looks to be well worth your time on the PS3. New playable modes and who doesn’t like a good demolition derby?

Neat little note, reader, watch the Kevin Butler Address. It’s worth your time.



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