Preview Review – E3 2010

What can Go up and Down without moving?

E3 logo
The temperature but according to this years E3, not video games. It appears everything is about movement now. A Sorry thing to hear if you’re Barbra Gordon.

Well, since E3 is over I guess it’s ok to talk about it now. I suppose this E3 was not really a bad one, more like they didn’t have as much to offer as the others but then there aren’t new systems coming out or anything like that, so what am I really to expect. The Xbox expanded hard drive space, added built in wifi to a new model Xbox and release a camera, the Kinect, which allows you to use your body as a controller from now on for $150, is set for a fall launch. Unfortunately they quoted about 10 – 15 developers that are on board to make games for the Kinect. Nintendo revealed the 3DS along with a nice list of rehashing of old franchises to be put onto the Wii using Wii motion plus or the 3DS. They also quoted about 10 – 15 developers working on 3DS games, but Nintendo has shown that if they don’t have developers, they’ll damn well do it themselves. Based on their previous history it’ll be amazingly well accepted like Mario Galaxy and Mario Galaxy 2. Also like Mario Galaxy, Punch-Out!! and Mario Galaxy 2 I’m convinced that if Nintendo crapped in a hat it’ll probably still be well accepted. (Stay tuned for my Shocking Reviews in weeks to come!) PS3 is moving to 3D for the 3D TVs that are all mostly produced by Sony (Oh HAHA I see what you did there.) Future games are coming out in both 3D and 2D onto the PS3, but they’ll both be on the same disc so that’s a plus since the Blu-Ray has Gigabytes of space that’s just being wasted. They premiered the Playstation Move (also known as the PlayStation Wiimote with a shiny, glowy ball on top) and they quoted 40 developers in the works for games. In association with the PlayStation game history, however, only 10 – 15 will be making games that are worth a sh*t. A few that look like they WILL be worth a sh*t are Twisted Metal, Portal 2, Little Big Planet 2, Grand Turismo 5…. if you are really that interested in reading me list off games you can watch the videos… Xbox, on the other hand, only seemed to mention a hand full of exclusive being Halo: Reach, Gears of War 3, Metal Gear Solid: Uprising (featuring a new “cut everything and anything” feature which looks kind of cool but seems to take forever to set up and will include a lot of slowmotion cuts (HAHA I see what you did there, again.)) Also saying that the new Call of Duty games will be coming to Xbox 1 month before PS3 users is fine since there will be a sequel Call of Duty out 3 months after that anyway!
Ok so Nintendo is bringing in their new 3DS System with the Kid Icarus re-imagining. Xbox 360 has it’s new design and it’s new eyetoy… er Kinect bringing in it’s own version of Just Dance and WiiSports Resort. and the PS3 is bringing it’s wiimote… er PSMove with it’s own version of WiiSports, new exclusives like Twisted Metal and Sequels to popular Games, but where are the originals? This have been a great E3 for sequels to popular games as we’ve seen before but are there really no ideas out there for new games anymore? The most originality That I can see is from Epic Mickey, The Move Pet monkey thing, The 360 Pet Tiger thing and  Sorcery, but if you boil those down they become gimmick based games simply placed around the idea of full motion interactive gaming that was already incorporated by Nintendo 3 years ago. (OK maybe not Epic Mickey but I’m biased for that game. The concept art sold me on it.)
Sorry to say that the originality market is looking a little dry this year but either way it look like the next year of games will be full of what people want to see. for Nintendo fans that do love the classic they are bringing back many of beloved franchises that we have come to love in our youth such as The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time and Kid Icarus now in 3D on the new hand held 3DS, Xbox continues to feed it’s main target audience with new first arrivals such as Call of Duty and Halo Reach and now you can get the expanded hard drive and new Xbox if you really waited it out just that long. Finally PS3 fans will also get what they seem to love form the play create share team with Little Big Planet 2 and Twisted Metal and they did release the long awaited Grand Turimso 5 scheduled to release on November 2nd 2010 along with a few other goodies such as Portal 2 and a boat load of 3D to go along with that new Sony 3D TV that you just spent $2000 on.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the game or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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