“Torchlight” by Silenced Requiem

Heya people. I am Silence, one of those slightly..less important people working with Eddie to write reviews of whatever we feel like. …The dorkier one. Yeah. That’s enough of an intro right? Yes?

Moving on to Torchlight for the PC.

Riddle: Bite me, Eddie. I shall not conform! …For the moment anyway.
What I Expected:

I went through stages. But my first thought: “It looks Steampunkish. HUZZAH.” After my initial moments and after looking through some game stills it began to feel a lot like it would play like Gauntlet Legends. I watched the trailer and my hopes kind of began to shrink. I was beginning to think maybe this game would crush my hopes all together just like most other games with a Steampunk flare. But the graphics seemed alright, I suppose I would have to at least try it.

I sort of expected it to fall flat on it’s face at first I must admit.

What We Got:

Action RPG?
A dungeon game. Kind of like I don’t know…Diablo or Gauntlet Legends. (Ha, yeah, remember that game?…Yeah…) Mind you, Torchlight is a fairly decent one. You have three different classes: The Destroyer, The Vanquisher, and the Alchemist. Which roughly translates to: Big angry guy with big sword (The melee), A ranger/hunter (with…bows and guns and stuff.), and then a Mage (Hurrah blue stuff).

Oh and you get a pet to follow you around, carry your things, help with monsters and demand food from you. You can choose from a dog or cat at the beginning of the game. (I like my dog. His name is Basil. C: What can I say? I like games where I have something following me that isn’t trying to rip my face off.)
The controls are easy. You could pretty much use just your mouse for the entire game. It’s that easy. The keyboard only need be used if you feel like using keyboard shortcuts for menus or whatnot. This is as lazy as it gets.


There is none! That means if you fail, you’ve only got yourself to blame.


The game has relatively simple graphics but since it’s stylized it pulls it off quite nicely. At least it runs decently on my lame laptop. It’s a classic dungeon sort of game with a lot of sparkles and explosions and blue stuff. (At least for me, I went with Alchemist afterall.) It seems like it would be a nice game to play when you have nothing else to do.

I wish it was an MMO. I think it’d make a nice MMO. But that’s just me. I think they’re making an MMO of it actually…

Overall Rating:
Since it has a free trial I suggest you try it. This game may not appeal to all gamers. I do indeed like it and may buy it if I ever have the money to spare. Wish it was more like…$15 though. Or better yet. Free.

Oh and here’s the link if you decide to try it out: http://www.torchlightgame.com/



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