“Super Mario Galaxy 2” by Mr Riddler

Riddle me this:
What is the Noisiest thing in Space?

A Shooting Star as in Mario the Star of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Get it?…. I don’t care I’m the Riddler not the Joker I’m not here to make you laugh!

What I Expected:
This is Super Mario, one of video games’ most recognized and loved characters of all time. He’s been brought back time and time again as a platforming hero, RPG Hero, Plumber, Doctor, Athlete and now astronaut apparently. In many reviewers’ eyes Mario cannot go wrong. Unfortunately I’m not of that group. I grew up with Mario just like you, reader. I got the N64 for my birthday when I was a kid and was addicted to Super Mario 64 as well. I used the FLOD to clean up in Mario Sunshine and played through Super Mario Galaxy 1 and I had come to one conclusion. Mario really has no life of his own. He’s doing the same thing the rest of us do. He gets up in the morning and tries to have fun but then NO He’s called into work by the big green, scaly boss so he’s got to work fighting boo’s and turtles to clean up this guys front yard and palace just to  get his payment which is the princess. And worst of all this happens on a daily basis! Bowser can’t even seem to get boardgames day right without making his own game board and filling it full of more WORK. That aside, I did WANT to play Mario Galaxy 2 even though I didn’t LIKE Mario Galaxy1. That’s right I didn’t like it. I found it compelling and addictive with difficult camera controls and ultimately nothing new to bring to the table aside from a new setting and sense of nostalgia that I’m playing Super Mario 64 again. Not to mention the final boss was so incredibly dumbed down for me it felt like I was fighting the first boss again. I recall playing Super Mario 64 countless times and getting so frustrated I could break it at the last Bowser but this game wrapped him up with a bow on him for me. I do kind of feel like I’m shouting in the dark though since EVERYONE else loved it and EVERYONE else loved this one so let’s see if I can too.

What We Got:
Ok Let me say something about nostalgia first. I love it. I recently saw Toy Story 3 with Ragdoll and let me tell you that there are 2 different ways to play off of nostalgia. Toy Story 3 did this is a correct way. It used familiar characters put under a new light for us to see them in a way that we have never seen them before, but it kept them in an art style and situation that was not so far off from the source material that it feels foreign. Then there’s the Nintendo way of doing nostalgia. In this way, they recognize that we all loved to play Super Mario 64. However they didn’t realize that if we WANTED to play Super Mario 64 then we’d just dust off the old Nintendo 64 and play it instead of spending an extra $60 on Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Oh Wait… no. You’re right everyone did spend $60 and everyone did go out, and buy Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Well good show Nintendo you sure know how to bleed us dry. and me apparently since I also bought Super Mario Galaxy 2.
Super Mario Galaxy 2 DOES NOT pick up where super Mario Galaxy 1 left off interestingly enough. I mean why go through the trouble of developing these new and interesting characters like the new princess with a pretty lengthy and intriguing back story if you just forget about her in the next game? Mario instead suffers from some kind of brain hemorrhage or amnesia due to one too many “mushrooms” and has forgotten all about his previous adventure through space so this time. (Great shock and surprise) Bowser, Mario’s greatest source of entertainment and income, kidnaps the princess again. Since Mario is left dumbfounded on earth without any friends that he’s made in the last 2 years able to fly through space in a fully powered interstellar space craft that was just recently powered by the powers of the Grand Stars, Mario is left with only 1 option. Commandeer the aid of these adorable, pudgy stars people that he’s obviously never met before and go on yet another quest to collect stars, Grand stars and coins, Track down Bowser and Rescue the Princess so that the great circle of life (capture, battle return, no sex) can continue. Also I know this is getting nit picky but what happened to all those stars that Mario has just stocked up in the castle. Why do I need to get more from space? Aren’t those good enough? or all those shines that he collected on vacation ins Super Mario Sunshine? Is sunlight suddenly weaker than Starlight? Just saying if the man stopped to think for just a second his problems would have been over with pretty damn quick.
The game-play is Super Mario 64. I’m going to get this out of the way and tell you that’s what it is. I started playing this game knowing every trick in the book. They’ll give you tutorials over some of the new features that feature the Wii compatibility. Tilt the controller left or right to move left or right when gliding or rolling, but for you veteran players that have played every Mario game there’s nothing really new in gameplay. Come to think of it. there’s nothing really new at all aside form Yoshi and your ability to switch out between Mario and Luigi on certain maps, and no, before you run out to try it there’s really no difference between the two control-wise. Supposedly certain characters will appear to Luigi and not Mario though which should aid you in your scavenger hunt for Stars. Yoshi was a game mechanic that, if used right, could have made the game more fun aside from just the nostalgic appeal. Yes, Yoshi was Awesome in previous games and he could have been awesome here. He still eat people and craps out star dust and there’s new items set just for Yoshi. Like Mario can pick up mushrooms to transform himself into different forms, Yoshi can pick up fruit to transform himself into different colors with different powers. If used correctly this can be come a great feature putting you on a hunt for a Yoshi and a fruit to solve puzzles and progress your way from level to level to collect your stars but in most levels Yoshi’s egg is right next to the fruit and the fruit is on a lighted flashing runway in front of the star so where is the Challenge Nintendo? I realize that small kids play this game, but that doesn’t mean that they need to be spoon fed EVERYTHING. The camera controls are still as confusing and difficult as ever. The added gravity effects from small planets in the Mario Galaxy series is a neat feature but it makes the camera controls and motion controls incredibly confusing. This doesn’t make it impossible to play and it’s defiantly not the worst camera controls out there, and I’m probably just nit picking again at the game at this point. So Let’s just move onto the next section hmm?

Mario Galaxy 2
You remember when you were a kid and you first got your N64 with Super Mario 64 and all your friends would come over to watch 1 person just play through a level then pass the remote to the next kid and so on and so on? We’ll apparently kids today aren’t as easily pleased. That worked just fine for me and my friends for year but now a single second of boredom is too much, so they actually made a completely single player game 2 player by allowing another person to point a Wiimote at the screen and help. Not like the single player campaign needed help mind you, it’s same difficulty this just makes something mind-numbingly easy into something mindnumbuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh sorry someone just joined in multiplayer on this game.

Super Mario Galaxy looks good. It’s shiny, it’s cute but it seems like the game that was just crapped out of the workshop. When I first started playing I felt like Mario Galaxy 2 was intended to be some kind of DLC for the first games, but someone in the executive’s office said “No. People will buy it. Just make a few more levels and string a weak story around it and it’s a sequel.” Well, to you, sir, I say NO. You are the cancer that is killing this industry, and to you boys in the coding and design room, good job with the levels. The story is crap which is a shame because the cute but epic story that is Mario has always been a great addition to the franchise but the levels are fun and for those or you that love the nostalgia, it does bring back memories of simpler times with it’s use of familiar characters, art styles and music. (Looks like Nintendo is learning a thing or two there.) It still suffers from a few flaws, mostly the incredibly dumbed down game-play. If you know what your doing in a game you’ll have 20 lives after an hour of playing and you can probably run through the game dying maybe 3 – 4 times, but it is of a descent length and again it is still fun to be Mario running from world and seeing the old baddies and scenery there and breaking it.

Overall Rating:

or possibly even Buy It. Really I want to hate this game like I hate the first, but I guess I can’t bring myself to do so. I’m defiantly NOT saying that it’s an amazing game that’s an instant classic, but it can be enjoyable atleast to play through once. 

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the game or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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