“Alien vs Predator” by Mr Riddler

Back again dear reader? I was afraid that you’d given up on me after my last review. It’s good to see you back. Shall we begin again?


What goes up Grey, but comes back solid Red?

Answer: A Spaceship from any Aliens Movie.

What I expected:
First off let me say that I’m a fan of the AVP “idea”. I don’t mean that I sit in my basement with the lights turned down and soft music playing in the background as I watch the movies in slow motion, but I do like the idea of sci-fi horror set in either the future like in the Aliens Quadrilagy or even sci-fi horror taking place in modern day like Predator or AVP 1. You’ll notice that I leave off AVPR because that movie was so bad that I bought a copy and smashed it just so there would be a little less evil in the world. AVP, as a franchise, however, is rather interesting to me and I do like the first AVP movie which was pretty good for a sci-fi horror flick. It featuring a moderate amount of action and continued the mythos of Xenomorphs vs Vagina-Faced-Warriors-From-Planet-Predator. Don’t run off and buy it on special edition Blu-Ray because it’s defiantly not worth the $30 you’ll dish out, but I’d rate it a “Borrow It”. It’s something to experience at least once. also you should see Aliens 1, 2, 3, Resurrection Predator 1 , 2 blah blah blah. But if you born before 1990 I’m sure you already have. History Lesson aside, when I first heard of the game I was hoping for more of the same of AVP the movie… well…

What We Got:
I said I like AVP right? you got that already? So it’s a little hard for me to say… Wait. no. Let me go into what the game is like first. I’ll give my opinion in the Conclusion. AVP (the game not the movie) is broken into 3 playable stories. Alien. Predator. and Human. So, allow me to break up the single player review as well.
Alien: You play as a new Alien setting out to rescue his queen and escape the evil clutches of humanity. If you remember in Alien Resurrection when the scientists were experimenting on Aliens at the beginning of the film and suddenly *shock* they escape and start running a muck. Well it happens again except this time from an Aliens point of view. What’s the fun in this? Pretty Self explanatory. Blood, gore and scaring the hell out of humans in stealth combat, using the shadows to your advantage. The down side? Your health is little to none. The moment that you’re spotted, any Marine or Predator for that matter can turn your frail little frame into Swiss cheese. Also this mode is not suggested for ANYONE that’s easy motion sick. if you’ve seen the movies you’ll know that Aliens crawl on ceilings and walls like an insect, and after playing AVP the game it’s dreadfully apparent why no spider-man games are in First Person perspective. It’s highly disorienting and if you are in a tight space it wastes a large amount of time to just find the exact angle you need to be in to get out without crawling in little circles from edge to corner to flat wall.
Predator: I was pretty interested as playing as a Predator because of all the species to play as we know the least about the Predator. Aliens are basically Ants fighting to protect the queen, reproduce and forage for food. Humans are brainless idiots that think capturing and playing with fore-mentioned animals in limited security is a good idea. Predators, on the other hand, seem to be the most intelligent of the bunch. they have developed their own for of light speed interstellar travel but choose to wear limited amounts of clothing and seem to have not developed plastic surgery yet to get rid of their terribly hideous features. They have an honor system set up from warrior to warrior of any species. they’ve managed to capture and control Aliens despite being natural enemies, but still we only have seem glimpses of their home world and we can’t understand them when they talk so the game seemed like a great opportunity to expand on their culture. but NOPE. Same thing like before a brief view of their home world and then booted to the planet the game takes place on to destroy the bodies of your fallen comrades and hunt of aliens. Great story telling Sega. It’s a wonder why you’re still in business.  Playing as a Predator is another form of stealth combat but reminds me a lot less of being a ninja and hiding in the shadows like you would as an Alien but instead being the Hulk and attempting to hide in a green forest. Your most valuable asset as a predator is your active camouflage, or that is it would be if everything you did, didn’t turn it off. Sneak up behind 1 of 3 humans and stealth kill them, but oops turn out the camo turns off when I do that and remember how the predator doesn’t wear clothes? well apparently he doesn’t wear armor either and is a easily killed as an Alien. This leaves you with 1 option. lure away your prey 1 by one in a tedious, unactiony sort of way and stab them in the back using a pretty lengthy cut scene. At least you do get a pretty powerful gun as a Predator but your shots are limited  So your basic play through as a Predator goes like this 1. camouflage. 2. lure away 1 person. 3. back-tab 4. watch gory cut scene 5. rinse 6. repeat.
Human: A the human campaign brings back memories. every movie of Aliens or Predators has been shown from the human perspective. Pretty obvious choice since this is where the horror comes in. I mean if it was shown from the Alien or Predator perspective then it would be less horror and more a sadistic fantasy of a serial killer. (or it would be the other 66% of this game.) Like the movies this is also where the horror element comes in for this game. Aliens crawling from shadow to shadow, Camouflaged predators lurking around every turn hunting you. ah here’s what I’m looking for. Taking from the other Stories. Aliens have escaped the labs and now you’re a marine trying to fight them off and make it out with your life. Notice how Predators weren’t involved? that’s because there’s really only 1 and he’s a push over of a boss. Small let down, but I guess Aliens are the scariest part of the game anyway. Wait no I take that back. Face-huggers are the scariest part of the game. the things look like spiders and are just about the same size. Impossible to bit with a pistol or machine gun but they make little squealing noises and put me on edge so job well done. Humans play through like your standard FPS; Sniper Riffle, Assault Riffle, Shotgun and Pistol make up you arsenal. There are a few other neat things like melee combat, blocking and grenades to even the playing field when reloading. For the most part the story isn’t too bad either. I’d say it’s about on Par with AVP 1. that is to say that it’s not as good at the original Alien or Predator movies but at the same time it as bad as AVPR. (R standing for REPULSIVE) All in all, it’s playable, but it barely expands the mythos if at all and still leaves quite a bit to be desired in the Predator area of the Human campaign.


An FPS game without Multiplayer is like a World of Warcraft player with a girlfriend. It just seems weird. Sega knew this and made a multiplayer mode with 2 or 3 maps. not a whole lot. Multiplayer is the basic team Deathmatch like you would expect in a game like this. Predators vs Aliens vs Humans. A good idea in theory, but again predators have Camo which isn’t against computers, heat vision and a super powered gun. Humans are humans and Aliens would have a good ninja advantage if every map wasn’t in the freaking sun. This turns team deathmatch into. Run like hell unless you’re a Predator. The only real downside to being a Predator is again the very long cut scene you have when you stab someone in the back, but why would you need to when you have a huge plasma cannon mounted on your shoulder? There is an upside, though. In addition to the team Deathmatch there is a Humans vs Aliens mode that’s set in the dark. Remember when you and a bunch of friends were playing Halo and you invented this game called Zombies? it’s everyone vs 1 person who was the zombie for 10 minutes and every time that a zombie killed someone they were now a zombie and had to switch teams. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an actual game like that? Well now there is and man is it ever intense. 1 Alien vs 15 humans and each time a human is killed they become another alien. By the end of it you’re spraying bullets left and right just trying to stay alive for 5 more seconds to win the game. Redeeming factor for multiplayer? I’d say so. Good reason to shell out $50 for a video game? Probably not.

It was fun. It didn’t blow my mind but it was fun. I can’t believe that everyone is going to agree with me though and I will attribute majority of my enjoyment of the game toward a psychotic love of blood and guts and an interest in the AVP franchise. Again, this game is a FPS using the Shooter part of FPS loosely. So unless you’re a fan of AVP or want to put your stomach through a test of gore and motion sickness, you’ll probably want to avoid buying or even avoid playing this game.

Overall Rating:


Borrow It. Experience the game and if you like it just that much, spend $50 to own it. You’ll probably be 50/50 on it. if you liked the movies then you’ll probably like the game. If you’re a hardcore FPS player you’ll find this bland, boring and for the most part unimaginative.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the game or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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