“Assassin’s Creed” by Silenced Requiem

What I Expected:

I thought it’d be an okay game. If not overrated. I’d heard both sides of the story, it’s good, it’s bad, blah blah yammer yammer.
Lucky for me, my Dad bought it just about forever ago. So I told myself that I would play this game and finish it even if I turn out to hate it.

What We Got:

We got a confusing game that is as repetitive as it is annoying. The main character Desmond/Altair starts off as one of the most arrogant guys you may ever meet. Okay, more Altair than Desmond. Desmond is the descendant of Altair..or…something and is living in the present (Yeah, did I mention you go back and forth between the past and present?). From what I gathered he’s been kidnapped by this company so he can access the genetic memory of his ancestor Altair. Desmond is well…sort of unresponsive and his face generally lacks the ability to express emotions (I will stab you Eddie if you make a joke about this later). Pretty much the only emotion you get from the guy is in his voice, and even then it’s hard to take him seriously.

Desmond doesn’t do much but walk around, say a few annoyed lines and then sleeps. At least sleeps till the man with a permanent scowl on his face wakes Desmond up and tells him to get back into the genetic memory (Mum always said, ‘if you make that face for too long it’ll get stuck like that’). When you start with Altair he is quite arrogant and hardly blinks when he breaks the ‘code of the assassins’ or whatnot. Al Mualim, Grandmaster of the Assassin’s order swiftly disciplines Altair, stripping him of his weapons and such which you gradually earn back as you complete the tasks assigned.

Oh and his rank.

Congratulations, you’re now the new fish in the Order. Again. Nice going Altair, really. Anyway from here it’s pretty much just kill people and try not to die when the guards chase you. And..it hardly changes. You visit several different cities, each one unique in it’s own way. You have to learn the cities’ ups and downs fast or the guards will catch you and kill you. In some cities it’s easier make sharp turns and catch a bench to lose the guards, others the best way to lose them it to run across rooftops. The first thing you usually do any time you enter a city is locate and go to the Assassin’s Guild where you get your assignment initially, which is to gather information. Information can be acquired a couple different ways. You can pickpocket, interrogate, eavesdrop or help fellow Assassins to get it so you can move on to killing the main target. The best way to find these people is to climb really high buildings and ‘synchronize’ with the surroundings.

Did I mention the weapons are very sharp and pointy? Very shiny. You are equipped with a longsword, good for most close combat situations, a short sword, throwing knives, and of course a dagger. Throwing knives are really handy when you’re skipping across rooftops and need to take out a pesky guard from afar or assassinate someone from up high. Your swords are..good for when you get caught and everybody wants to kill you. The short sword is occasionally nice when you get bored of the longsword. The dagger..well you assassinate people with it mostly.
The controls are fairly easy to understand. Though during a fight they all just sort of mush into button smashing which gets to be quite boring as well as hard on the fingers. There were many times where my fingers actually ached during a long fight.


..Yeah. No. There is no multiplayer, for good reason.


Personally, it was hard for me to turn on my x-box and play this game every night. Some nights worse than others. Sometimes it was kinda fun, but most of the time I found myself wanting to bash my head in with my precious x-box controller. My controller deserves better than that, it fought hordes of Flood with me in Halo. I found the story to be slightly difficult to get a grip on. Maybe I’ve just been pampered by Bioware for too long.

It has it’s moments basically. Sometimes running like all hell from guards through a city as large as it is busy can be sort of fun. Specially when you take the time to really screw with said guards by standing on top of the highest building and pushing them off/or fighting them one at a time as they climb to you. Or that moment where you successfully assassinate a man in the middle of a very crowed market.

But sometimes you just want to cry as you walk down a back alley trying to kill someone only to have said alley crawling with drunks who have no problem blowing your cover. Or doing the same assignment 10 times because that one guard likes to stick close to his buddies.

On the bright side. It’s pretty. So very pretty.

Overall Rating:

Just rent it. This game appeals to different people. I’m not one of those people. You may or may not like it, but rent it first before you buy. From what I’ve heard the second one is a bit better about things, but I think I’ll rent that before I buy.



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