“God of War Trilogy” by Mr Riddler

Riddle me this: What has a mouth but does not speak?

Answer. a River. An oldie but a goodie. This was a riddle asked by the great beast called the Sphinx from Greek mythology. Which brings us to our Hero from Greek Mythology. Kratos.

What I Expected:
Ok reader you can be mad at me all you like. I have not played God of War. none of them. At all. So recently I added them all to my gamefly queue so I can play them. Happy? Well I’m a fan of Greek mythology as well and I’ve heard that this game has a lot of literary illusion to greek mythology so hopefully it’s going to get them right not, oh saw kill Jason of the Argonauts before he can return to Argus with his golden Fleece. That would just be plan wrong and weird.

What We Got:
God of War 1:
First impressions of this game is AWESOME. It appeals to that portion of my brain that tell me to hit man over head with Club and drag woman back to cave by hair. This game is so full of testosterone that you can probably put a woman through a sex change with it. Everything is done by killing or hitting. This is shown with your controls, hit things and hit thing harder. Also, Every woman in this game is topless. ALL OF THEM. I recall an old woman that’s scared of you (for good reason since you beat the living crap out of every innocent person in your way) and she, the old broad, was topless. And another thing, Kratos is a Douche Bag! However, despite Kratos being a douche, this game is incredibly well designed. the camera, although I cannot control it, seems to be where I need it to be when I need it to be there. it’s challenging enough in a beat em up sort of way and the attacks are cool and interesting to see. The only thing that I would like to see changed on it is the writing and the story. I mean why the hell is KRatos such a douche? es his family died but for the love of god that doesnt mean that he kills everyone for it even people that are just scared they’re executed for being cowards. I recall one section in the game whre there’s a guy on the other side of a bridge that I need to get across but he wwon’t loser it for me to cross because he’s too scared of the monsters on my side. naturally I figure I need to kill everything on this side so he’s no longer scared and he’ll let me across, but no apparently I’m supposed to launch lightning bolts up his ass until he’s roasted like a turkety on christmas and he’ll let me across. What the hell is that!? Is Kratos above the word “please”? Oh yes and one final complain before moving on. What the hell is that final boss? Ok yes, to a certain degree I can understand when you take away something form a character leaving him with the bear essential so now it’s skill versus skil but seriously they take away all of you weapons and leave you with something you’ve never used before and say have at it. What the hell is that?

God of War 2:
Alright so Kratos is a God now a God of War….oh I get it. and he’s surrounded by women again, but wait what’s this!? They’re not topless. looks like someone’s mother filed a complaint between games. Wait no Nedusa is a fat topless chick so maybe a few chubby chasing dads complained. Not a lot has changed though. Kratos appears to be as much of a dick as ever. A Few things are different I can’t “accidentally” kill my own men for fun any longer. Wait no. I’m putting a man begging for help through a grinder. There we go, Kratos. For a second there I thought you had made a transition from jackass to slightly less jackass-like, jackass… So Kratos, apparently has just decided that he hates everyone after killing Aries (big shock there) and he’s going to use the Spartans to take out his frustration on the world I suppose. Zeus on the other had has different ideas and instead takes away his powers and kicks him back to Hades who again doesnt seem to care if Kratos leaves. This is were things get a bit hazy for me. I can’t really tell if Kratos is mad at Zeus for taking away his god hood or maybe he just hates all gods now eventhough they still seem to help him…. I don’t know…
The first game did something very well when it came to level design in that everything took place in a total of 3 – 4 dungeons but it took so long because how amazingly well the dungeons were designed. you were climbing over each area unlocking locks that you didnt even know were locked by gaining powers and strength. the second games seems to have tossed alof that the design and has fallen into the pattern of finding keys. Yes that mean there’s alot more to see and do but it doesnt come with the same kind of feelings of accomplishment.
Oh damn there goes Jason. I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Kratos.

God of War 3:
So, It turns out [SPOILER ALERT] That Kratos is the Son of Zeus. Of Man couldn’t have imagined that. I figured every human in ancient Greece just had Herculean strength and used weaker humans as tools and keys to open locked doors. [END SPOILER]
Anyway Kratos is back, big surprise, and because Athena told him that taking down Zeus would be taking down all of Mount Olympus, Kratos decided to cut out the middleman and just take down all of Olympus anyway. The battled to be an epic build up that’s suddenly cut short because Kratos, despite fighting on a giant moving mountain with god and titans, fell and can’t catch himself. Maybe it sounds like it makes sense now, but when you play it it looks just plain ridiculous. This guy seemed to defy gravity all the time. what in the world would keep him from catching himself on a titan, on any of the buildings he passes? Nothing. Anyway he goes to hell AGAIN and signs up for his gold card there. Numerous deaths of innocents ensues. Kratos is still the God of Douche Baggery it appears. his first god to defeat is Poseidon and he dose it in the most brutal way possible. At least he was planning on Cutting Zeus to Ribbons in the last game but he just took out all his Spartan anger and frustration on Poseidon. beat him to death with this bare hands and then gouges out his eyes in a pretty immerse way having you imitate the same motion with your thumbs that Kratos makes with his. Of course being the noble hero that Kratos is, he’s considered all the risks of kill Poseidon before he does so and ensure that no cities will be flooded in the after effects nor hundreds of people murdered without reason. (CAUTION: The previous statement is a lie.) Well I suppose I should have come to expect it and in a way I did, but I mean really why is there no arch for Kratos. He’s gone through enough of an ordeal to have changed as a person. The man has gone to hell and back twice and none the less he still has learned nothing from letting his anger fuel his actions without fear of consequence. Most important thing to take away here, Story is not God of War’s strong points and nor is development of character. Kratos is the kind of guy that is relateable to douchbags. People that get off on hurting other people and he probably will be for the remainder of the God of War franchise. I’m not referring to Grand Theft Auto people either. At least in GTA you can justify your violence. Most people run away yelling something like “You prick!” You know he’s asking to get killed. No, Kratos is for those that are into brutal, torture porn, murder. It was evident in all three games, more so in 3 however. With added graphics come the added ability to see emotion on peoples faces. now you can feel the fear that they are going to die and they’ll beg you not to kill them, but you must. It’s what needs to be done to progress the story, and for what? Avenging a murder that your victims are not even guilty of. Pffft and my mother says that video games will me to violence. What a load!
Kratos does, however seem to have a slight arch in this game more so than any other. It’s really notable and I was hoping that he would at some point realize that his anger and need for vengeance causes more problems than it fixes. However, when/if you play and beat it you’ll see what I mean by too little too late, Kratos.
Right off the bat, let me say, DAMN. The PS3 really did an upgrade to Kratos. When looking at what the PS2 had to offer with God of War 1 and 2 there was a slight graphical increase. The game “felt” exactly the same though. a few buttons were changed for the sake of convenience but for the most part you had this  air of power to you. like Kratos can break mountains with that blade that you swing around. Which he did if I’m not mistaken. However, Everything seemed to have that weight to it. Kratos strained with everything, from lifting a whole damn building to lifting a door. It seemed a little odd to me really. It takes all of his strength to fight against giant gears pushing the walls together to save his own life and he uses the same amount of strength to lift an iron gate. Seems like one would be harder than the other really. God of War 3, on the other hand. Everything so so much smoother. The weigh behind the blades seems to have lessened. The graphics do give the feeling of power but a more fluid and natural power that would come with Blades tied to a chain. Also now they’ve changed his animation. he uses one hand to open a chest to justify his effort. Doors are now GIANTIC which justifies his Strain. It just all seems more thorough and planned out for this game than it did the last few. (A rarity for a game that’s in it’s 3rd sequel. That’s right I’m looking at you Nintendo) Ah, graphical enhancement. Not to spend the entire review of the game harping on graphics. I do want to get to what’s actually important about this game but I do just want to make note of how beautiful this game looks. Then again it could be because I haven’t played a proper, current game in a few weeks and have been staring at God of War 1 and 2 graphics. You can be the judge of that I suppose.
The level design in this game is as good as ever. Back on Par with number 1. Just playing through the Tutorial was fun and well designed. the games have always had a way of throwing you into the action and making you fight your way out of it to learn the controls and that’s been an incredibly fun and difficult experience in past games, but in this one it seems to have worked out much better. placing you on a Titan’s arm to learn how combat is done in almost all forms against these giant beasts while scaling mount Olympus. The puzzles are as good as they were in God of War 2, challenging enough I ssupose but easy enough to figure out if you have a brain in you head. The Enemies in this game are amazing as well. I remember in God of War 1 thinking huh that’s interesting but I could only recognize a minotaur and a Gorgon. In god of War 2 these monsters got an overhaul making them looks a crap-load more intimidating, but I also realized that some of the other monsters I was fighting were a cyclops and Cerberus. Nothing really with design just a graphical limitation of the time. God of War 3 is really taking advantage of the hardware that it has to work with. The enemies look beautiful but they’re also ridiculously bigger. Kratos has gone from fighting mortals from battle to battle, to fighting behemoths left and right.
Finally there’s one thing that I noticed that changed here, and it’s the Quick time events. Remember back in my Heavy Rain Review last week I said that there are 2 ways to do Quick Time events? Ok well open another tab and go read that one real quick. I’ll wait…. Well I said that in Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy the QTE is placed somewhere convenient to see and doesn’t block what I’m actually doing so I’m not pulled form the experience of the game. It feels like I’m influencing what’s going on in this pre-rendered style cutscene. God of War 1 and 2 did QTEs in a good way. a Large obvious button appeared and it was in the middle of the screen, yes, but it didn’t block what I’m seeing. I still felt like I was doing what I was told to do and I was making Kratos tear something to pieces or disembowel someone. In God of War 3 however they changed how the QTEs are displayed. they’re thrown off into sides of the screen so they don’t block the action at all. That’s all fine and dandy that they want me to see their and effort action sequence, but I almost do even notice the Button anymore. It just a tiny little circle that will pop up to either side. I haven’t complained too much from the changes in games. For the most part they’ve been improvements to a system that was good to begin with but this is something that really should not have been fixed because it wasn’t broken. It’s not that big of a deal really, since you’ll just lose a bit of heal and have to do it again, but it’s still an inconvenience. something that shouldn’t have been done. However, is this is the only game play mechanic I can find to complain about We have a pretty solid game here.

Oh hey look the Sex mini-game is back from God of War 1

This is plenty long enough. There is no Multiplayer. Moving on.

Do you remember watching the Trilogy of Pirates of the Caribbean? The first movie was awesome and then it ended and you wished you could see more. Then the second movie came out and you’re thinking ok maybe this wasn’t a good idea but there’s a giant lead up at the end so this could get interesting in Number 3. Then the Third movie is out and you’re thinking well shit. there went 4 years of anticipation down the drain. That’s the story segment of the God of War Trilogy. The first worked well on it’s own but as the games progress they become more of a parody of themselves. It’s almost as if the writers were aware that the story made no sense but they said, “no no. It’s cool let’s just go with it.”
On the other hand, God of War is very fun to play. The game play is solid in all games and the environment that you play in is always beautiful recreation of mythic Greece. This would have to be one of those cases where I would have to say that the fun that comes from the game play actually does outweigh the horrible story and character. Well done, Sony. Well done.

Greek Legends In God of War:
Greek Legends Kratos allows to live: None

Overall Rating:
God of War 1:

This game is the best of the series. I know it seems cliche’ for me to say that the first of the series is the best but it’s just true here. God of War 1 showed the best story of the franchise because it actually made sense, the controls are still great for the game and if you can get over the PS2 graphic (This is aimed at Silence) then the game is alot of fun an you won’t be able to put it down.

God of War 2:

This game is more of the same from God of War 1 with subtle changes to control and design. Honestly, you can play it as a rental if you’re just dying to find out what happened before God of War 3 Otherwise why bother skip ahead. If you’re looking for the fun of just playing the game skip ahead to God of War 3.

God of War 3:

God of War 3 is what a sequel should be to a good game. It’s upgraded in looks and updated in item and abilities. It’s given an entire overhaul to the enemy battle style and design. All around it’s fun to play and look at. The only thing that bring down this game and the entire franchise really is the story and Kratos as a character. If you can look past it, or as I said earlier if you’re into the whole being brutally bad, This will be well worth the price.

TIP TO PARENTS: God of War 1 – 3 a insanely gory and each one has at least 1 topless scene in it with a woman or many topless scenes since Kratos doesn’t wear a shirt. That’s a little too much man muscle for anyone.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the game or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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