“San Japan” by The 59 Sound

I shall use this oprotunity to intrudoce myself, I am The 59 Sound.

I was recruited by the Riddler to bring you information on music, musicians, and things loosely (or not at all) related to those things. Firstly I apologies to any artist/musician/bystandards I offend, the only promise I will make is that I will not give a dishonest review (but there may be lots and lots of bias).
As many of you know, the riddler was recently at San Japan. I too, was at this San Japan and this is my report on the muscians that performed and dj’s that dj’d (the listing is in chronological order).
Also, I should note that I do not speak Japanese so when it comes to the J-pop/rock bands feel free to let me know what the hell they were talking about in the comments (otherwise I can only speak on the quality of the vocals and not the lyrics themselves).

First performer of the Nitght (two days): THE LOLIHOLIX doesn’t that name sound appealing! (I still don’t know what to make of it).

For those of you that don’t know, Loli is an art style in which older men or women are depected with small children ( awesome right?…. no, you’re a bad person). When I first saw the J-pop/rock style local band I expect a not so great not half bad local band that plays songs in that fashion (I also half expected/half hoped to be assaulted by pictures of small naked Asian children). When they played that was exactly what I got, a small time local band that wouldn’t be so great to sit down and listen to, but then again music was made for moving!
The lead singer (Jamie) and the rest of the ensamble deffinatlly moved me and my friends and the performance. However, I found myself quiet disappointed when it came to the guitartist who although wrote songs that weren’t interly HORRIBLE, there was still an apparent difference to the quality of the song writing.
All in all, I wouldn’t buy an album, but if they were playing again and I didn’t have anything to do on a Friday I would go see them with friends.
For those of you who missed out here is a clip from the show I found on the interwebs:
The second performer of San Japan: MAJA, this is pernounced “MAY-ja” (not maha in case you were confused, not that I was <____<).>
Maja is a rapper, a distant cusin to the likes of MCCHRIS (you can expect to see a review of him very shortly).
Maja’s musical style emulates a sort of Eminem (insert other undergoing STYLE street rapper if you preffer) singing songs about video games and or anime. His most recent album which he was promoting at the convention is called Bleach’d Out (guess what that one is about!). I found that although his lyrics were moderately clever I was turned off and bored by the monotonus style of singing/rapping. I think he may need to just find his nitch and I’m curious to see what he comes out with next.
A taste of what you “missed out on”:
Third performer: KESHIKI I had no idea what in the world (Japan?) these guys were singing.
BUT the sound quality sure was nice and they defenatly maintain an amount of perfesonalism one would expect from a Japanese Pop/Rock band. I would say they were rock but they seemed to lack some of the fundamental hardness it would take to move me or anyone else in the crowd. They seem better for easy listening music then something I would go see live. For what its worth, music wasn’t band and fit together decently enough, and they were energetic on stage making them astectly not displeasing.
That’s as far as I can say on this band, feel free to check out there myspace if you like:

Fourth performer: THE PROTOMENNNNNN!!!!! (the Protomen) were the headline performing act of the convention with good reason.


If you have not heard the Protomen before then you will most definatly be fan of them when you hear their music. That is if you like dystopian rock operas that are set in the mega man universe! (that’s right you heard me, dystopian rock operas set in the Mega Man universe) It would probably more accurate to say that they retell the story of mega man in the form of dystopian rock operas.
The way they tell the story of Dr. Whily taking over the world using the robots designed by Thomas Light and how Protoman will attempt to stop him, but failing and how mega man will come to his aid is, in short, beautiful. The lyrics and music mesh together in a form that can be considered nothing less then art. This becomes much more prevalent in their second album where the band takes more liberties in explaining how the mega ma universe came to be the way it is today.
As far as the show goes:(allow me to set the mood) Close to two hundred people form a littleral (metaphoric) human centapede of a line out side of the main event room. Most of the other convention activities are put at a virtual stand still as we all wait eagerly for the arrival of the Protomen. An uneasy Riddler comes from the main events room. He whispers in my ear and a look of dread and concern washes over my face. I have just been informed that the Protomen’s van has broken down in the desert. The crowd begins to grow restless as we wait for new in regards to the Protomen, we want to hear them play but more so we hope our hero’s are safe. The crowd grows uneasy, legs fidget, and hope wanes. THEN a tidal wave of cheers is emitted from the crowd signaling the arrival of the Protomen!
It was quite difficult to make out the vocals just from the sheer amount of awesomeness contained in the music. However K.I.L.R.O.Y. definatly managed to steal the show by the end. K.I.L.R.O.Y. is a robot that travels with the band who’s sole job is to introduce the band and get the crowd rilled up (he also plays the sledge hammer!).
I was disappointed because, being at an anime convention, they did not allow moshing in the hotel. However one can be assured that there was much jumping around and screaming on my part! This band is great to listen to and fucking awesome to go see live. (be warned, you may have the feeling of being a super awesome underdog fighting a tyrannical government if you listen to them for to long; 1 min was enough for me). I also managed to snag an interview with the Bassist Murphy the Sunday after they performed.
Here is the opening song on their first album:
The interview with the protomen will be posted on the video portion and the music portion of the sight, so check back regularly!
Lastly: I would like to say thank you to Greg Ares (voice of Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genious Evangalion, as well as other voice work) who did an excelent job D.J’ing on Saturday!
One Response to ““San Japan” by The 59 Sound”
  1. Cuda-Man says:

    I was the founder of the Loliholix. I totally agree with what was written. I left for many reasons. Glad I have nothing to do with them anymore but to tell what a joke they became.I have to say the sound for the Protomen was piss poor. Channels were unbalanced and driven full blast. Still, they gave a great show. Seriously they needed to turn down the PA, cut some damn bass out and leave some headroom on the vocal channels.Also, San Japan is probably one of the worst bunch of people to play for. From my experiences, they break agreements and give a "We can not care less" attitude about the little guy. Someone screwed with my guitar last year and all I got was a "It's not our fault, it's your fault for leaving it in the room after soundcheck". I've offered advice and volunteered to help out and they just blow up over criticism and scoff at help offers.

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