“Triplets of Belleville” by Silenced Requiem

What I Expected:

Okay, to be clear, I had no idea this movie existed until late one night I was quite bored. So I went to hang around the couch in the upstairs family room which may as well be an extension of my brother’s room seeing how he’s almost always up there. He was quite bored as well so we flipped through some channels till we cam across this on Ovation T.V., which is like…a channel for artists. We unfortunately caught the tail end of the movie, but nonetheless the little we watched interested us so we set a recording for the next time it came on. Me and my brother love to watch animated movies, and the style of this one was quite unique and quirky.

So it finally came on again and we sat down to watch it the next day not knowing exactly what to expect.


What We Got:

A very quirky french film with very little actual speech. The film relies mostly on music and pantomime, something it pulls off rather well. The story revolves around Madame Souza and her grandson (Champion) who, after she bought him a bicycle, later became a cyclist in the Tour de France. During his run in the Tour de France Champion is kidnapped by the french mafia and taken to the city of Belleville. Madame Souza and her dog Bruno then goes on a journey as they try to rescue Champion. Along the way she meets the Triplets of Belleville, who were music hall singers in the 1930s.

The whole film has a sort of and old feel to its animation which is refreshing. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a sucker for traditional-looking animated movies. Of course, with very little speech all the humor comes from its visuals. And it’s pulled off really well. One of my favorite scenes involves a grenade, an old woman with an umbrella, and frogs. Yes. Frogs.

Overall Rating:
You should definitely give this movie a shot if you’re into movies/animation. I dared not write much about it since it is something you have to see to really understand.

And I think you can find it on Youtube if you try.


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