“Transformers: The War for Cybertron” by Mr Riddler

You are alone in a corridor with only 2 doors. One door leads to freedom, the other leads to endless torture. At each door, there is a transformer. You only have one question to ask any robot. One is an Autobot who tells truth, one is a Decepticon who tells lies. You don’t know which one is telling the truth or telling a lie. What do you ask one of the transformers and what do you do after that in order to get to freedom?

You could ask either transformer what the other one would say. No matter what they would point out the wrong door and you can use the opposite OR if you know anything about Transformers you can just look for the symbol on them and figure out which is an Autobot and which is a Decepticon. HAHA silly kids born after the 80s.

What I Expected:
Honestly not much. I didn’t follow the shows too heavily as a kid. I preferred to watch superhero cartoons, Superman, Spider-man …..Batman…  Transformers was something I got into watching the Beast Wars series meaning I didn’t know Optimus Prime to be a truck I knew him to be a Gorilla and Megatron was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. This doesn’t make me ignorant to the series I did watch the older shows I was a child at some point and owned the toys I just didn’t lock myself in my basement until I Was thirty correcting people on the internet on Hot Shot’s name. (That’s right Activition. His name is Hot Shot and not Bumble Bee. This is what you get for listening to Micheal Bay!) That brings up another reason why I had low expectations for this game. Almost Everything Transformers for the last 5 years has sucked. Majorly Sucked. The first Transformers movie was a steaming pile story-wise and which spawned a new cartoon series that was stylized like the Teen Titans which again was a steaming pile and Transformers 2 The Rise of the Fallen was such a Steaming pile it practically ate it’s way through the floor. When I first saw the trailer for this game on TV, I really thought Oh god they didn’t even need another movie to make a terrible game based off of it. Then I noticed the art style did a bit of research and considered playing it. MAYBE this could be fun or MAYBE it would be fun to trash this game to no end in a review.

What We Got:
If you’ve seen anything transformers before then you know the basic story for The War for Cybertron. The Autobots are the good guys or that is they aren’t really the good guys they’re more a race of robots that believe in Democracy and the right for all robots to be in charge of their own affairs so they must of course beat the hell out of and kill all other robots that threaten this way of life. The Decepticons are the bad guys. They’ve been having a war for millions of years because The Decepticons are essentially a totalitarian dictatorship ruled over by Megatron who really isn’t evil but instead has a more Darwinistic view on the lives of his soldiers than Optimus, the leader of the Autobots. Simple yes? Well all you really have to know is that they’re engaged in a War for they’re home planet, Cybertron, and the story takes place before the evens of the Cartoon show in the 1980s. The Transformers have not been to Earth yet and they turn into things that look like a car but are actually more futuristic and things that may have been native to Cybertron. The set up for the story is actually have the story itself. You start off playing as Megatron and the Decepticons on a warpath to find a substance called Dark Energon which he can use to conquer Cyberton for some reason. After you play through as Megatron setting up the conflict in the game then you switch to the Autobots and play through resolving it. Megatron has infected the entire planet with Dark Enegron Crystals and the only robot capable of stopping him is Zeta Prime. Unfortunately he’s dead so you’re stuck with a young prophetic Autobot named Optimus. (Guess who’s going to take Zeta Prime’s place as the replacement Prime? I won’t ruin it for you but his name has appeared in this review already.)
The game played through really well surprisingly. The story is set up like a 2 part episode from a Saturday morning cartoon but I’m sure that’s what they were shooting for. The set up for the game is done incredibly well. The cut scenes and scenery look beautiful in a destroyed sci-fi sort of way, and the level designs are done in a classic way. I never did understand why they needed to fix a concept that wasn’t broken. There are 10 levels in the game 5 for Decepticons and 5 for Autobots each will take about 45 minutes to an hour and a half to finish if you’re playing on a challenging difficulty setting, but here is where the game turns classic style. really there is only 8 levels. (Magic number with old school console games.) The last level of each campaign is really a final boss with multiple forms. Another classic concept revamped. Each level also ends with a Boss Battle and each one is of pretty epic proportions, or at least you think they’re epic until you get to the final boss of the campaign which blows all previous bosses out of the water. Each boss has a “weak point” which is a bright obvious glowy part of the machine, another classic. Normally I would not get so stoked about a throw back to classic gaming, but in this case, Transformers has done so without blatantly copying an older game. It was amazing to see. An interview I saw online for the making of this game showed that they apparently built this game to be a third person shooter first and then wrapped Transformers on top. Well damn it Activition who the hell gave you permission to figure out how to make games badass?
The vehicle you transform into are separated by class. There are 4 classes you can play as in the Multiplayer and Main Story. Leader (Optimus or Megatron / Truck), Scientist (Plane), Scout (Hot Shot or Sound Wave/ Car) and Soldier (Warpath or Ironhide / Tank). Controlling the transformation is surprisingly fluid as well. I played through on the PS3 version so transforming is as easy as clicking the left thumb-stick, and the look and feel of transforming was great. I’d assume that it should be just as easy in any other version. There were certain areas were transforming was essential especially in the plane only levels which were my personal favorite levels. It was really easy to get into it. I’ll be surprised if I don’t start clicking the stick and attempting to transform in other games that I play now. The battle controls are easy if you’ve played a third person shooter before. Shoot, jump, punch, TRANSFORM. The gun variety is nice. I won’t say amazing in that respect because you’d expect to see some new and interesting Cybertronesque weapons but we’re tied to the basics, shotgun, machine gun, pistol, sniper, rocket, minigun. It’s a nice variety for any game where you’re on earth fighting people but these guys are robots man! Where’s my shrapnel launcher that picks up bits of other robots and fires it at enemies? Where’s my Spark vacuums able to absorb electricity and deaden robots with 1 blast? Where my people launcher which can scoop up bystanders and launch them as meat rockets?

The entire main story of The War for Cybertron is built to be multiplayer. I know! it shocked me too! One of the best things about this game is that it’s capable of running co-operative gameplay throughout the entire story mode. When playing through story mode you have 2 buddies with you either AI controlled or friend controlled. If you play Optimus they can be Bumble Bee and Ironhide. At any point your friends can grab a controller and join in and just as easily they can drop out. Amazing feature that used to be in games but was lost at some point. Again Activision. Who the hell game you permission to start doing what people actually want again?
The Actual Multiplayer is what you’d expect to see from third person shooter game. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Domination blah blah blah. If you’ve played a shooter game online that isn’t Singularity then you’ve seen these games before What Transformers lets you do is build your own Transformer for it. buy Build I mean the same way that Halo 2 let you “build” your own Spartan. You can pick colors and from a set of 2 different models, but it’s still something. You can pick your class, which is essentially what you want to transform into and what extra abilities you get like hovering, flying, dashing, etc. You get a different style of model to pick from for each class that you pick you can even be a girl transformer for certain classes. (O-lala)   and as you level up your character from playing online you can unlock different models to use different abilities and different weapons. Playing online is fun. I’m saying this now so you don’t get bogged down with the sameyness that this review carries. The multiplayer is fun and with the growth system that Transformers is using it does keep you playing the game, not to mention that playing with your friends on co-op is such a flash back to playing Sonic 2 with my friends. one person jumps in as Tails and we own Robotnick like there was no tomorrow. That’s what he gets for being fat and smart!

I’m sorry that I doubted you Transformers. The War for Cybertron is one of my favorite games to come out this year. It was amazingly fun and something that I can display on my shelf or play with friends. The game is a great experience and even though I’m done playing it for this review, I still have not returned the rental because I’m wrapped up in the multiplayer. As soon as I get cash I’m buying this game and I suggest you do the same, reader.

Overall Rating:

Buy It. This game is amazingly fun. The story platys through great. The Boss battles are epic. Most importantly the multiplayer functions of the game make it something that you can continually come back and play. If you’ve got the cash and enjoy Third person Shooters. You and this game will be a match made in heaven.


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