“Gunbound” by Silence Requiem

What I Expected:

At first I thought, this could be okay, or it could not be okay. It’s 2-d, it looks anime, it’s free. Really good free games are hard to come by. And by really good I mean ones that I can actually play for more than 10 minutes without falling asleep.
Oh and I have a laptop. And my laptop does not like games, not at all. Will this game run slower than my tortoise on a lazy day? The graphics are decent, it probably will.
What We Got:

We got a turn based online multiplayer game that resembles a game called Worms from long ago. Each player is assigned to one of two teams. You have five different game modes you can play, each one having their own rules to win. 

I’m going to go through them a bit here.
Solo: You only get one life here, but once you die you get to do this weird little thing that’s a lot like a roulette where you can sometimes alter things like wind conditions to screw with the people who are still alive.
Tag: Players get to have two mobiles for this game. Each mobile only gets one life. When your first mobile dies you can come back as your second mobile, but once that one dies that’s about it. It’s pretty much solo mode with the player getting two mobiles instead of one.
Jewel: The object of this mode is to score the most points by destroying little jewels (they look like Raons). Each one has a different number of points. First team to reach 100 points wins. Unless one team bunges (bunges are when one player makes another player fall to their death) the other team and none are left.
Powerball: Same as Score mode, except that only the ‘teleport’ item is available. Instead, Powerballs representing the various items drop from the sky. Collecting the Powerball grants the corresponding item’s ability. Different effects can be stacked. There are five Powerballs: Thunder Ball, Dual Ball, Gold Ball, Force Ball and Bomb Ball. (Wikipedia, since I don’t play this mode enough to ever know what the hell is going on, much less try to explain it to people.)
Score: Pretty much the straight up vs. mode. Players try to kill the members of the opposing team in order to win. Each member’s death counts as -1 point. The team with points still remaining wins the match. This is by far my favorite of the modes, and 98% of the time the one I play.


Multiplayer is the whole point of this game.


Although glitchy at times (For me, sometimes it’ll reset my desktop resolution lower) Gunbound is actually a decent game once you get the hang of it. You have a wide range of different mobiles to command so if you get bored of one you can always switch off to a different mobile with a completely different attack style.
Mostly if I have something to whine about this game is that there is no ‘windowed mode’ since people like to constantly harrass me on AIM or MSN. OR, GOD FORBID ‘A Thousand Miles’ comes up on my playlist and I have to tab out before this guy shows up in my head:

Overall Rating:

The game is fun after you get the hang of it. I really do recommend it, and it is definitely at least worth a try. AND IT’S FREE. So if you don’t like it the most it wasted was a bit of your time to download.
And here’s the website if you want to give it a go: http://gunbound.softnyx.net/default.aspx
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