Fantastic Fest – “Mother’s Day” by Ragdoll

Straight from Fantastic Fest 2010 in Austin, TX, Here’s Ragdoll’s First Written Review! Hey there movie goers! Right before entering the screening of Mother’s Day, I asked the director if I may review his film. He said if I like it, yes. If not, go f*&k myself. I knew from that moment that he was super … Continue reading

“Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days” by Mr Riddler

Riddle Me This Why wasn’t Bertha put in jail after killing dozens of people? She was a Hurricane. Or she was hanging with Kane and Lynch. What I Expected: Have I mentioned something about liking Yahtzee before? Well I do. The guy from escapist magazine has this whole game critic thing down to science and … Continue reading

“Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions” by Mr Riddler

You have a room that you can’t modify, except by placing water in it. There is a deadly, small spider you can’t see, he can walk on walls, floors, and drop down from the ceiling on threads. You must provide a shelter for yourself that the spider can’t penetrate. There can be no moving water … Continue reading

“Top 5 of the Year Thus Far!” by Leader K

Leader K The Fall is almost here. You know what that means? Oscar season! Yes now is the time to put aside all those fun and wacky summer films and start getting into the meat. With Ben Affleck’s “The Town” hitting theaters we have our first mainstream post-summer film reaching for an award (and Ben … Continue reading

“Metroid: Other M” by Mr Riddler

There are 6 Mario Games on a Boat. 1 of them jumps off. How Many are left? None. They all do the same thing. What I Expected: Nintendo hasn’t had a very good track record for me. Grease, Punch-Out!!, but even though I didn’t want to accept it I did like the latest revival of … Continue reading

Shutting down the boilers

OH THE HUGE MANATEE INDEED. Steampunk week is unfortunately over, it was fun while it lasted. So much fun. But it’s OKAY. In my world. Every week is Steampunk week. And I will write about anything Steampunk whenever I please. Be prepared though! There will be other feature weeks to come! Next month, we will … Continue reading

‘Steampunk Week: Music” by Silenced Requiem

I have a confession. I have a really odd taste in music. Both Eddie and Ragdoll will agree with me I’m sure. Those poor, poor souls who’s ears bleed every time they get in my little blue jeep. It also helps that I play my music loud…very loud. So it comes as no surprise that … Continue reading

“Steampunk Week: Now and Then, Here and There” by Leader K

Leader K Steampunk! Steam (The vapor phase of water) + Punk (Worthless prostitutes) = While my pick for this week in not explicitly steamy and not at all punky i find that it should do just fine. All the machines run on water, including a gigantic flying fortress that ten minuets of a specific episode … Continue reading

“Music, Brought to you by STEAM” by The 59 Sound

When I was first asked to find music for steam punk week, I had to ask what Nigma said again, because I wasn’t paying attention. The second time I said sure, I don’t have anything better to do. And indeed, I did not. I however was disappointed at the lack of bands that were using … Continue reading

“SteamPunk Week: Bioshock” by Mr Riddler

Riddle Me This: Blake, Peter, Paul and Carl enter a Steamroom. Peter has brought his ipod. Paul and Carl have brought books to read. Blake has taken a thermos flask. A piercing cry is heard in the room. One man is found dead form a stab wound to the chest. When the police arrive, all … Continue reading

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