“Grease The Video Game” by Mr Riddler

Riddle Me This: What is Grease?
GREASE IS THE WORD! If your answer was anything else then you do not understand my love of the movie, Grease. And if you did answer correctly then Turn on Die Hard because you’ve just lost a Manliness Card.

What I expected:
Ok So there’s this thing I like to do since I don’t have to pay $50 to play this game instead I just add it to my Gamefly and rent it and a guy in the back of the asylum brings it in at night. I like to add casual games that I know come out and have full knowledge that they aren’t going anywhere. Surprisingly majority of these games are for the Wii. So that brought me to Grease. I loved the movie. Sue me I like Musical movies and theater. Does that make me homosexual? Possibly, but it also makes me classier , smarter and more sophisticated than you, reader. How’s that feel? You were just out classed by a homosexual. But I did love the movie Grease and I’m ready to hate the game Grease. Oddly enough, I expected the game to be one of those guilty cash ins that game studios crap out to eat off of a big movie that’s just come out like Iron Man 2, Spider-man 3, Superman Returns, almost every superhero game. The strange thing about Grease is that it’s movie came out about 30 years ago so it’s aiming at the cult following which is me! So Lets see what I can find wrong with it. Shouldn’t be too hard.

What We Got:

I was expecting something bad from Grease, but when I started up the game and the song started up in an opening cinematic I was brought back into the mood I’m in when I watch the Movie. Honestly I was getting a little pumped to play. I was thinking that if this is like Just Dance that wouldn’t make it good but it would make it enjoyable. There is a way to make a casual game like this fun. The opening menu also offers options such as Party meaning this is one of those games I should be playing with a group of people and presumably drunk, and in a cute little way the menu would play “Tell Me More” when you select an option. My Excitement was building.

I picked the Story Mode and began my game and the first thing I see is a silent movie that displayed about 2 – 3 seconds of footage from Grease. There’s a few walls of text that outline the  beginning of the plot. The Game is to center around the movie. I was hoping they’d just redo the scene with the cute little character spirte they created of Sandra and  Danny, or at least I would hope they’d take the easy way out like the Rambo Arcade game and just show the scene from the movie to bridge together event to events. Nope. The Absolute EASY WAY OUT. You’ll just read what you could see in the movie.

Level 1: Tell Me More. As to be expected you’re not actually playing a story here. Instead, you’re playing songs. That’s fine. In a racing game I’d expect to only really play the Races. In a shooting game I’d expect that majority of the game I would be holing a gun and shooting. In a musical, I’d expect to to sing and dance. SING and DANCE are the operative words here not SIT and point the Wiimote in different direction. Take a look at the Screenshots real quick. See those arrows that are moving on the screen? That’s the direction you move the Wiimote in. Not dance in. Not step on. I got myself pumped before the stage to do some serious tap and 60s singing here, but then immediately relaxed 5seconds in when I realized that I’m just going to be using 1 arm. Supposedly, you can also sing along to the song, but it puts the words on the opposite side of the screen where the waggle motions are. Not that the waggling is difficult but still this is a nightmare of HUD design. Not to mention, the words are censored so the game could be the “E” Rating. Looks like I can’t look forward to hearing Danny call Greased Lightning a “real pussy wagon”
Remember thos cute little sprites that I mentioned before? Well when playing through Level 1I noticed that they had about 5 or 6 animations of dance moves that were done in the movie being shown over the same camera angles. “That’s Cheap,” I thought. To be fair it’s done in Rock Band and DDR just because it’s easier and no one’s looking at it anyway so why develop a full cutscene behind the game, so I understand. However, Rock Band and even DDR showed something that Danny and Sandra should have an could have easily shown. EMOTION. At the end of Level 1 Tell Me More changes to a slow sad pace where they realize that they’re still longing to see each other, but the Sprites just stand there grinning like idiots. The mouths don’t move as they sing, instead they just have a close up on their faces and then Danny pulls a Boogie Nights Pose at the end of the song. What the hell? Did 3 guys make this in their basement?3 Guys that never even watched the movie because they hated John Travolta and everything he stood for?

OK I’ve completed level 2 by now and no I’m not much happier. Every so often the point up, down, left, or right will go away and actually give me an option to dance. I say option because it’s not really required, in fact the pointing isn’t really required there’s no punishment for missing notes and there’s no challenge here. Well when given the chance to dance I’m told to, “Brush my hair”, or “Do the Twist” but I copy the screen and maybe 10% of the motions are actually read in. “sigh” If nothing else Grease was a short movie with only a hand full of songs and Greased Lightning is coming up.

F*** This game! I’m about 30 minutes into the game and I’m at Greased Lightning. And it just changed game on me entirely. I’m not singing, I’m not dancing. I’m  fixing an F’ing Car! Did the developers goto sleep and forget what they’d done the day before? Greased Lightning is probably one of the more fasted paced and fun songs in the whole movie meaning that the point in this direction would actually be pretty challenging to keep up if done right so instead, I bang the dents out of the car, tighten the tires and then paint it. Then I’m done… Every so often we see 2 people dance but I don’t actually get involved. they just dance for 2 seconds then it’s back to work on the car. I don’t even feel involved with the characters like I’m helping create a car that I  loved to see in a movie in my youth. I feel like slave labor! Danny forced me to play his damn game and now he stands over me waving a song that I like and dancing in mockery of me as he forces me to build the car for him!


I hate to do this again since this is the second Wii game that I’ve ever reviewed but no. I’m not inviting friends over to play this trash. I’ve suffered enough.

Ok I expected a Bad Game but this was terrible. This makes me feel bad that this is my second Wii game and it’s another forget it but damn this one was bad. Hopefully I’ll try out a more Serious Wii game next. Metroid: Other M and that will hopefully have a better turn out. Jesus I knew this game was going to be bad but this tore out my Grease fandom, bleeding and still begging for life and showed it to me. Then peed on it.

Overall Rating:

Dear Lord Forget this game. FORGET THIS GAME. Not that you were thinking thinking about getting it anyway, but if you were then please forget it.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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