First show in College Station! If your a fan of rock/ soul and don’t mind a country twang then you may like this band. I won’t lie in saying that I downed a few before going to the show, but all in all I would say that they most definitely did justice to both genre’s. I won’t pretend to know the name of the song, but when the female singer was swinging about sex, in a song that I assume (don’t feel like researching XP ) is about the feeling one gets with their lover I found myself swinging with her with my hands in the air. Also their bassist (Nick) was super awesome (he has a cigarette in his mouth the entire time, and did this thing with his head where he bobbed back and forth, which made me happy)….in retrospect that last parentheses side note sounded kind of ghey….
I should also mention, that before I saw JT & NL I stumbled in on a stumble upon band called the Aimless Guns they weren’t bad, but I was thoroughly intrigued by the fact that they have a left handed drummer.
So if they’re around (head nod towards Fort Worth, Arlington, and Lubbock) they are defiantly worth checking out.
I was reminded quite a bit of another rock’n soul filled band: THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM, who moved me in their first album, Sink or Swim, and only improved their sound as their albums progressed. My personal favorite Senior and the Queen, leaves the impression of longing a a beautiful women in the hands of a man that is not worthy of her love. This band (as a soul band should) brings me back to “a soft summer night” when one has everything they could hope for but nothing at all.
But that’s enough of my faggotty opinion. Here is some music:
I noticed that no body comment on my last post. I am quite disappointed. HOWEVER, if you guys can leave me FIVE comments about these bands below, what you think of them, how awesome I am, whatever. I will be able to post PRAWN in my next post!! :D
3 Responses to ““JOHN TYLER AND THE NORTHERN LIGHTS” by The 59 Sound”
  1. Splinter1591 says:

    comment troll!!! XPI aprove of ur musical tastes

  2. the59sound says:

    Thank you, you are very kind ^^ only four more comments and I can post INTERNET PRAWNS :D

  3. Splinter1591 says:

    you have a tally hahahah! lame XP

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