“Music, Brought to you by STEAM” by The 59 Sound

When I was first asked to find music for steam punk week, I had to ask what Nigma said again, because I wasn’t paying attention. The second time I said sure, I don’t have anything better to do. And indeed, I did not.

I however was disappointed at the lack of bands that were using steam powered organs or electric guitars who’s amps are powered by steam. What the hell, Science? That’s right I blame science.

After a while I was able to see a band that one may have seen if they have ever been around the right anime convention or ren fair. ABNEY PARK is the most wide spread name in steam punk music, this is because of the fashion they endow themselves with when they play their music. Although, this is true that they maintain the brown and bronze standard for their clothing; do the instruments pull their weight (with steam :D )? The short answer: no; the instruments are decorated to aesthetically appear sudo-victorian era steam poweredish, but they are not powered by steam which makes me upset and the fact that the majority of the bands music has a sort of electronically synthesized sound to it kind of ticks me of because then it might as well be cyber punk. On top of this, I always get the vibe that they are not putting as much of themselves into the music as they could be and rely too much on the sudo-steam powered gyroscopic wings gimmick to carry them through [something something steam punk vernacular]. All in all this band is nifty at best… as said in their song “Airship Pirate” the band is “full of hot air”….

this amv was the best music of theirs I could find on the interwebs:

ENSIFERUM could be considered a celtic metal band. There are three reasons why I am allowing this band onto the the steam punkk band wagon;
1.the celtic side of their music loosely ties into the victorian style aspect of steam punk
2.the metal aspect of their music ties them to present day
3.they sound cool, leave me alone, I probably wasn’t going to have the chance to do a review on them because I wouldn’t feel like it (stfu).
Their music hits hard but still manages to maintain a sense of classical unity, the kind of mentality I would expect from someone expected to exist in a steam punk society. I know what your thinking (always >:D) this band sounds like something a very angry Lord of the Rings fan would listen to (I am not a very angry Lord of the Rings fan <___<) well your wrong. This band is actually, in a technical sense, very well versed and although the majority to all of the stories they tell are about celtic stuff and have almost nothing to do with steam punk its mostly grunting so shut up and enjoy what you hear you ungrateful bastard.

This review would have been replaced with THECLOCK WORK QUARTET but they were much more boring, however, feel free to look them up if it tickles your clock. (sorry about using a pun)

VERNIAN PROCESS with a name like that this band could be nothing but steam punk, and for the most part its true. Unfortunately this is another music project that thought it would be cool to utilize computers instead of steam power to create the feel for their music, BUT it does manage to create a steam punk feel without saying, “look at me, I’m an airship pirate lol” This musical project uses primarily instrumentall music with minimal vocals if a song contains them at all. There is not much criticism I can give this band it maintains the steam punk attitude AND its musical integrity.
THE CLOCKWORK DOLLS in order to wrap up this review by bringing it full circle; this band is similar to ABNEY PARK except I enjoyed listening to this band. It could be the that they keep it simple and stick to what they know (you guessed it music).



EMPORER NORTON’S STATIONARY MARCHING BAND the COSTUMES, the MUSIC, EVERYTHING its all there!! I seem to have found it. A band that utilizes non electric instruments to create a steam punk sound. On first inspection this ensemble already has everything down. I think the most important aspect of steam punk music is to mostly keep your mouth shut and let your instruments do the talking, and this band does just that. It primarily uses woodwind and brass instruments to create the ambient sound while the drum line carries the beat.

Well, that’s it, hope you had fun reading my review (or that you read it at all XP). Which was your favorite or least disliked of the six? And which one was the complete and utter cop-out?

7 Responses to ““Music, Brought to you by STEAM” by The 59 Sound”
  1. Hi this is Allison Curval from The Clockwork Dolls, thanks for commenting on the music however that youtube video you posted is a fan video where a fan decided to layer his guitars over one of our tracks and does not accurately portray our band.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULzDJTo1zNwThis is an upload from someone who kept the integrity of the music…

  2. Eddie Nygma says:

    Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention, Allison. Should be all fixed up now.

  3. Thank YOU for posting about the band!

  4. the59sound says:

    Thank you for making music!

  5. the59sound says:

    Also, I would like to add that Abney Park is not that aweful, they just need to put more effort in production, and some of their songs make it really easy to poke fun at them :P

  6. Joshua says:

    Hey thanks for commenting on our music. We actually have vocals in almost every song on our current album, as well as a full live line-up (including drums). All of our synthesized stuff has been thrown out in our live shows. Our keyboardists play only sampled sounds of real instruments. No synthesized sounds.Josh – Founder/Singer ~ Vernian Process

  7. Joshua says:

    Also you should take a look at our Steampunk centric music label/commune/collective/whatever lol. We have over 45 bands currently.http://www.gildedagerecords.com

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