“Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions” by Mr Riddler

You have a room that you can’t modify, except by placing water in it. There is a deadly, small spider you can’t see, he can walk on walls, floors, and drop down from the ceiling on threads. You must provide a shelter for yourself that the spider can’t penetrate. There can be no moving water (fountains, etc.). How do you arrange the water to protect yourself?
Answer: squash it and get on with your life. it’s just a spider. Why is that so hard for Doctor Octopus to figure out!? 

What I Expected:
Superheroes right? Can’t live with em and when you knock over a bank and leave a Riddle that explains your plot to kidnap Robin and harvest his organs for money, you can’t live without them breaking your legs and throwing you in an insane asylum. None the less, I still find Superheroes that aren’t the Batman pretty interesting. I mean what’s so great about the Batman? Take away his belt, his car and his cape and what are left with? A rich guy that’s running around the street of Gotham beating up the mentally insane and the Police love him for it. No a real Superhero needs to have Super powers… like Spider-man who happens to be my personal favorite Superhero. Reason 1: He’s never hurt me. Reason 2: He’s hilarious. Hell if Batman was half as funny as Spider-man maybe I’d be ok with him dangling me from a roof every so often. Reason 3: He’s had a slew of games that are actually fun to play. Ok maybe Spider-man 3 fell short and maybe Web of Shadows was a bit too redundant, but screw you I enjoyed them and they were beautiful to play. Shattered Dimensions promises to be more of the same but with 4 different Universes. I was hoping that Zombie Spider-man would be in there somewhere but it looks like that was too much to Ask for but we did still get 4 Universes (Marvel 616, 2099, Noir, and Ultimate) of what appears to be varying play and art styles each. I am Excited to play this.

What We Got:
I’ve mentioned two different Spiderman games thus far. Spiderman 2, and Web of Shadows are games of a different variety than Spider-man Shattered Dimensions. They both are open world games, you take down thugs or symbiotes in the streets, collect tokens and when you get enough you continue the story by swinging to the next story mission. It was fun. The web swinging and kicking around New York was fun enough and saving people from falling of buildings and returning a purse to a lady that was getting mugged was just icing on the cake. Let’s face it though, it’s getting a little old. So, They’re changing it up this time and looking a bit further back in time. All the way back to the Playstation 1.

Find a comic book nerd and ask him what his favorite Spiderman game is of all time. He’ll probably tell you Spiderman and Spiderman 2: Enter Electro on the PS1. Why? My guess is because Stan Lee did the narrator voice overs, not that Bruce Campbell was a bad trade off for Stan the man. Then again it could be that the game is more of a linear play through story, web swinging is still made simple enough, and the game is pretty true to the source material, which at the time was the Spiderman animated series. Spiderman Shattered Dimension take4s from this almost directly, right down to Stan the Man himself. When the game opens up the first thing you hear is Stan welcoming you back to his Amazing Universe. Not only are they looking back in Stand’s voice, but they also brought back Neil Patrick Harris to voice Spiderman in the Amazing (or 616) Universe’s Spiderman as he did in the short lived Spiderman the New Animated series, Christopher Daniel Barnes to voice the Noir Universe Spiderman as he did for Spiderman in the 90s Spiderman the Animated Series, Dan Gilvezan to voice the 2099 Universe Spiderman  as he did in the oldschool Spiderman and his Amazing Friends series, and they also brought back the new blood to the role, Josh Keaton who voiced Spiderman in the also short lived Spectacular Spiderman tv series to voice Spiderman in the Ultimate Universe. I’m sad to say, with the exception of the marvelous voice work that’s done by the fore-mentioned voice actors and the Noir Universe, there’s really nothing different from Universe to Universe. The game is played through a button mashing beat em up style that we’ve probably become accustomed to in Spiderman games. You beat up bad guys , collect tokens and unlock achievements to gain Spider Essence and then use that Spider Essence to buy upgrades for your characters or buy more costumes. However, it’s still the same beat em up style with only visuals in the style of combat that the characters use. Noir is the exception to the beat em up style. That is all based around stay in the shadows and being silent which is actually a great game play mechanic and I’m glad they included it, but it’s not quite as good as it was done in Batman Arkham Asylum. None- the less it’s still fun. When you’re taking on bosses and the occasional crowd of enemies, however, The Noir Spiderman fights the same way as everyone else.

The Story of the game is a typical comic book gone game story line. Mysterio (What’s the deal with this guy? Back in my day he was a joke but now he’s in every Spiderman game that comes out!) Mysterio steals a mystical tablet that’s unguarded and sitting in plain sight in the middle of the New York Museum. NPH Spiderman punches the thing so hard he doesn’t only knock it into next week but in 3 different incarnations of himself which have appeared in previous Marvel Comics series. So Madam Webb, essentially Aunt May if she has clairvoyance, appears and orchestrates the Spidermen through collecting the pieces ago which have of course been obtained through different super villains and Deadpool throughout the Universes and used to beef up their super powers and make them even deadlier before. I’d love to get my hands on one of those, then my riddler would be unsolvable! The actors do a great job on conveying the story from the Spidermen to the villians. My only complaint is Stan Lee. I know I know I just praised the man for being him, but in the older games it worked. The older games were very cartoony and reminicent of the animated series where Stan Lee would have place as a Narrator. The new graphics style of the Shattered Dimension game, although being stylized and cellshaded just doesnt seem to ahve the same… feel that’s appropriate for Stan Lee voicing it over. It’d out of place. Like I’m trying to watch Star Wars but when the scrolling Text shows up my Grandpa loudly begins reading and drown out the music, killing the mood.

I’m a trong advicator that graphics don’t make the game, but you may have noticed that there’s far more screenshots in thie review than any of the others that I’ve done. Simply because, look at that sh*t! Different graphics and art design from world to world. They went all out with the art and design of this game, each level features a different marvel villian designed to fit the universe that he’s in, each level is set up to match the setting of the Universe and each Universe is displayed in a different way, eventually culminating into a beautiful blend in the end level. The bosses, although easily defeated, and huge, scary looking and pretty epicly displayed battles. Overall Graphics int his game are an A+ in my book. It’s gorgeous. On the other hand there’s also quite a few flaws I’ve fallen into… well only in the 2099 world, but if you play it let me know if you find more. particularly I’ll set somewhere and get stuck. Little bugs like these aren’t too much to gripe about in a Spidey game like Web of Shadows because there’s not too much to cover in each mission, but after I’ve turned off 4 generators and defeated half of a third world country in badguys, I’m kind of pissed that I have to restart the level. More tests, Marvel. You’ve been gatting lazy with those ever since X-men Legends 2.

Spiderman Shattered Dimensions is a great game, but it probably will not go up to the greatest super hero game of all time. That will always be going to Superman Returns. (HAHA not really) But if you did like the Spiderman games from the 90s or just love the Wall crawler and always wanted to be like him, invest in this game it’s worth your time and money. It may just become your new favorite Spiderman game.

Overall Rating:

Buy It. and if DLC comes out allowing you to play as Zombie Spiderman, Buy that too. I’m doing your advertisement for you Marvel… don’t let me down on this.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.


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