Fantastic Fest – “Fantastic Arcade” by Mr Riddler

This Special Edition post is brought to you by Fantastic Fest. Well really this is brought to you by the Fantastic Fest Arcade. If you’ve kept up with my facebook page then you know I’ve spent the weekend in Austin, TX watching movies and playing games in the Fantastic Fest Arcade. Fantastic Fest is great to see anything Indy… and Ryan Reynold, even though I missed the man at his Buried Screening. I’m not going to talk to you about movies though (Rubber and Rare Exports were awesome!) Ragdoll will have plenty of time to tell you about that. Instead I’m going to tell you about the Indy games that I got a chance to play and see. Amazing works and Mediocre works and… Casual work. Indy Developers beware. I’m tearing you all a new one.

Ulitsa Dimitrova

The first indy game that I played and was apparently a student finalist for IGF 2010. It’s not a game that you’re going to sit down and enjoy for hours but it was something to see for a few minutes in the arcade. Simple point and click interface, the game focuses on a young boy in Russia who does things to survive. By things I mean steal from cars and liquor shops in an endeavor to cash and cigarettes to support your bad habit and prostitute mother… Honestly the game is pretty messed up if you haven’t picked up on that yet despite it’s cute, pen drawn style. Would I pay money for this game? No. Is it something that makes for an interesting experience that kills 5 minutes? Absolutely.

Oh also, the only way to end the game is to stand still for a few seconds and freeze to death.

Big & Tiny: Up That Mountain

Big and Tiny is about a big guy named tiny and a tiny guy named Big (HAHA!) Tiny is chasing Big up a volcano to get the Underwear that Big has stolen from him. Unknown to Tiny, and the rest of the universe, Underwear also gives you teleport powers. Tiny is equipped with a lazer cutter and a grappling hook to pull and swing with and you must use the  two to cut down pillars and fashion them into walkways and bridges to get yourself up the mountain. It’s actually an adorable little puzzle game that reminds me of the demo of the new Metal Gear game, but with less blood and a looser story…. and a more likeable lead than Raiden. The Beta I played had all the bases of a pretty cool game with cell-shading, stylized graphics, a pretty solid game play and a fully voiced cast of characters. This will be something that I’d love to see finished. It was one of my favorite games at the arcade, and once it is finished, assuming it didn’t turn itself on it’s ear in the polishing stage, I will definitely be suggesting you Buy It.
It’s a free Demo download and you can try it out too. I encourage you to.


Oh god. I loved this game. I have a friend called the Honest Hobo who would love this game as well. Just the concept of being a Ninja Janitor is so awesome. IT’s simple enough it’s just a mind numbingly frustrating game of precisions jumping landing and sweeping. As far as I can tell it doesn’t seem to have a story aside form cleaning and really that’s all I need. There’s 4 playable characters although only 2 were available for me at the time. When the game does come out though I see it as a great game to play and could become a classic if perfected.
Want to try out the Demo? they Uploaded it here:!


If I had to list my favorite games out of the Whole Arcade then Monaco would probably be at the top of this list. Monaco is a 4 player co-op stealth game that’s centered around breaking into a building using each players specific skills, getting an artifact and then breaking back out undetected. It actually makes way for a great deal of roleplaying along with it and team work. Playing alone was kind of a lame experience but with Ragdoll teamed up and being my eyes through the camera it felt like we were in Ocean’s 11. The game was also set up on Xbox 360 controllers so here’s hoping that we can see a downloadable Game release.

Everyday The Same Dream

This is my first experience with playing a music video game. I have to say that it’s a pretty good one too. According to it’s description. Everyday the Same Dream is an existential game about isolation and the refusal of labor. Without reading the description, however, I found that it actually played with my head a bit. I was doing the good thing at first. getting up doing the right things. going to work and realized the futility so when the game reset itself I was attempting to break out of that routine that I hate so much within my own life. trying to find subtle way to be different from the basics that were presented to me in the game. Not to mention that the song is pretty good.. at least for the first 10 minutes.

This game, this game, oh my god, this game. I can only assume that it’s a game that’s centered around the rise and fall of Rock and Roll stars. You’re a monkey that seems like it wants to be launched into space but takes a sudden turn downward during launch and throughout the game you’re on a downward Spiral. HA. You dig through the ground endlessly and there are a few things presented to you without any real objective. You can collect money and such and there’s a little arrow that goes in a circle but I have no idea what it’s for. As you progress you’ll see more and more money and eventually drugs pop up. Drugs start to blur the Screen the more you get them. Also there are girl monkeys that will pop a dancing girl into the front of the screen if you touch one. Well it’s all nice and fun until you realize, a bit too late that these dancing girls and drugs are getting in your way of collecting money. No you’re in a massive rush fighting off the fuzziness and strippers still getting money but the more money you get and further you go, the more strippers and drugs appear. Until it’s just a giant Cluster F*** and you have to close the window…. If you can find this game… play it.

McDonald’s The Video Game
This isn’t the first time that I played McDonald’s the video game. I used to play this at work at Wayne Corp. when I was supposed to be working because in my sick and twisted head, I believe that this is what business is like… that or I just hate working. That aside, the game is cute but message filled and, like many other Indy things, mess up. Obviously the game is trying to tell you that McDonald’s does messed up things to get ahead. you can use growth hormones on your cow to get them ready fast, Burn them alive if they get a little sick, fire and hire people like they’re nothing and make many corporate decisions that are arguably evil. It’s like Sim City if you could pander to the town mobs. On the other hand, I did notice something about the game. You cannot make a successful McDonald’s business without doing these “evil things.” A clean business falls flat on it’s face and goes millions in debt in the first few months. Maybe it’s 2 messages in a single game. Well played, indy developer Molleindustria… Well played.
Here’s the onlien flash game if you want to try it for yourself.

Human Centipede The Game

If anyone movie has gotten super famous after showing at Fantastic Fest it’s The Human Centipede. The trailer can be found above for the movie. No the game is not come epicly dark horror game with amazing settings. It’s Centipede, the old 8bit game, with new sprites. As such, I’m not really going to review it. IT’s available to play online. Play it yourself if you’re curious. It’s cute more than anything else, but there’s a reason Centipede didn’t Trump Pac-man. It gets boring after the first 3 minutes.
Try out the game yourself at it’s Newgrounds Flash Page:

Inside a Dead Skyscraper
This is a lovely game made by the same guys that made Everyday the same Dream so I was expecting something else to mess with my mind. Although I didn’t get that I still wasn’t disappointed. This is the first game to be based on a major tragedy at the arcade that I played and it had a deeply moving impact. You’re a little guy in a wrecked office that’s searching for clues but when you step out of the office your’e flying. You can fly to the street or to the top of the buildings. It’s a beautiful song to go along with it and a beautiful feeling of freedom. It reminds me of fly guy really, and then you see the office again…

I can most relate this game to Robot Unicorn Attack except with a lot more EPIC… Well maybe not a lot but a little. This is done in a glorious 8 bit style with an epic escape chase jumping from roof to roof… and that’s about it. You can compete with Scores too… It’s a flash game what do you want from me a book? If you want to read go back and reread that 5 page Red Dead Redemption review.
If you want to give it a shot Check it out at:

Super Columbine Massacre RPG
I’m going to step from behind the curtain real quick to share something with you. Speaking as an author here at Riddler Reviews, this game is kind of a sensitive one to discuss. I want to say that from the author’s opinion, video games do not cause violent behavior. However, I do believe that video games, just like any other media, fiction or otherwise, that glorifies, killing, death or the possibilities of rebirth, mixed with undisciplined metal development can lead to issues with behavior. That being said, The events at Columbine were a great tragedy for everyone on either side of the “video games cause violence” argument. When presented with this game, I was just as offended as anyone else, I’m sure. The game listing for Fantastic Fest showed in a 16-bit style with more or a parody feel. Naturally, that means that I had to give it a fighting chance to redeem itself in my eyes. IT just seemed distasteful to make a game of the invent in any sense. I sat down at the arcade and gave this game more attention that I have the games mentioned before it. I really was surprised  by 2 things. 1 That this game was a simple RPG maker 2000 game that was thrown into this indy game arcade. 2 The seriousness of the game surprised me. Really I wouldn’t call it an RPG. More than likely it’s only called that because of the RPG maker. It does a good job of laying out what happened to the 2 boys involved in the event. Takes you on a tour of their warped lives as you play as them. It has game elements simply just to be considered a game, but for the most part it it’s kind of a visual look into the Columbine Event. Honestly, It’s good. It has a lot of effort in it to not be insulting to the event or to make fun of the situation, but you cannot play this game without having a bad taste in your mouth. For those of you that aren’t faint of heart and really want to see what this game is I suggest you try it. If you’re anyone else. I’d say that you leave it as is.
The Download for the game can be found on it’s site:

Xbox Arcade Area
There were quite a few games that were in the Xbox Live Arcade…Arcade… I didn’t’ get a chance to play all of the games fairly so I’m only reviewing those that really stuck out and I took the time to play through the tutorial levels and get into.

I really love the concept of this game. It’s like Conic Zone for the old Sega Genesis. A guy that jumps from comic book to comic book and fitting into the world in a semi 2D side-scroller. Except this guy is just a yellow smiley face and he’s got a taking star on his chest. It is well designed virtually and the dialog is cute but  a little vulgar. The gameplay however is a bit rough. It’s the same in every level. The beat em up sections are probably the best part but their incredibly short. Majority of the levels are holding down a button to shoot and the direction to shoot in, but it;s the 4 cardinal directions and diagonals so lining it up is difficult and the guns are really weak so… what the hell? All around it’s a pretty cute and interesting game and I’d love to finish it just to watch the adorable cutes if nothing else.
Super Meat Boy was another game based on cute. It’s a sidescroller that is based around precision and platforming. You’re a small bleeding cube of meat, that’s in love with a small pink bleeding cute of meat that’s been kidnapped and you must rescue your love by climbing, running and wall jumping through entire levels, leaving bloody, meaty trails as you go. Trust me when you see this thing you’ll fall in love. It’s no where near as gross as it sounds. This game was amazingly fun. When killing time between movies I would play this one to pass the time. The only problem that I saw was the difficulty. It seems like one of those games that’s going to make me break the controller out of frustration but it’s a good kind of frustration. Buy this when it’s available, reader. You won’t regret it.
And in the spirit of things.. What the hell is this?! We were all having a good time! Playing games that were fun and interesting and new fresh ideas being presented by indy developers, but then Xbox has to come in with their, “look remember that Mii that you made? You can use it in another game!” Also known as, “We eatz the Moneyz of people that don’t know better! OM NOM NOM” Keflings is a poor excuse of an RTS where you spend your time mining building and then standing and marveling your creation and your underlings retardedly lap at their own pee. It’s a game of power, but not power to the players. Power to the company that tricks the consumer into buying this garbage

Also I want to add that there was a big thing premiering there for called Zombie Roadkill. Looks hilarious but that theater was so packed that I couldn’t get in there. That aside, they had a whack-a-mole game set up in the style. All the moles were covered in Blood. Best. Ticket Game. Ever.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

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