“Top Ten Most Chilling Movies that start with ‘The’!” by Leader K

Leader K

Welcome to October Mother F$%#@^#

10. THE Man who Laughs

A silent German expressionist film from 1928 based of a novel by Victor Hugo. While the movie is more drama than anything it is most famous for the image of the laughing man himself who looks to be a horror movie monster. The film is gloomy, but not scary, and the only real claim to being chilling is the image of the laughing man, but none the less it is an image you will never forget.

9. THE Ghost and The Darkness

The film revolves around two man-eating lions in Kenya that in the late 1900 became infamous around the world for supposedly killing a hundred and thirty railroad workers. This movie is vary much a guilty pleasure for me. Critically it was panned though it did win an Academy Award (….for sound editing…) and while i cannot say it is a good movie, i just cannot bring myself to hate it. I first saw this film when i was ten years old and i could dream of nothing more that being dragged away by a man eater for years, (i still have that dream, though now i always win), this movie also got me into studying all types of man eaters to the point that in the subject of animals that ate men i am a wealth of information, but we won’t get into that. The image that has from my childhood stuck with me as something that has always terrified me is a scene in the movie where the lion drags a worker into the brush, where it is later explained that it licked the mans skin off in order to drink his blood……yeah.

8. THE Wrestler

Ok, Im cheating here right off the bat. You ask “what is so chilling about a movie like The Wrestler?” Well as someone who is trying to become a wrestler himself this film is absolutely terrifying. Mickey Rourke much like a pro wrestler himself revives his career by destroying his body. Randy “The Ram” Robinson is the darkest sadist incarnation of professional wrestling. From main evening Madison Square Garden to jumping on top of glass at local indy shows. My absolute worst nightmare.

7. THE Machinist

This is a film more remembered for Christian Bale looking to be near death from starvation rather that its story elements. Weather this is deserved or not can be debated but what cannot be argued is the chills that run down my spine when i first saw this urban horror. Bale plays a man with a haunted passed who has been unable to sleep a single hour for the past year. His paranoia and exhaustion lead him to hallucinate and images and people who constantly torture him for his past. Bale as the socially inept and psychologically ruined machinist is so spot on that even the audience (those most likely to be sympathetic) begin to treat the character as if he were real, and in reality a person like this is not hard to distrust. And with this distrust and the machinist’s ever harshening paranoia the audience themselves become a part of the movie as the question voices and accusing eyes Bale’s character feel all around him. The most chilling part of this film is the loss of fantasy, everything has explanation, and the truth of the matters is far worse.

6. THE Evil Dead

One of the most original horror movies of all time. Filled with some the most odd, gory, and funny scenes in film history. Sam Raimi penned, produced and directed this masterpiece for $375,000 and gained a revenue of $29,400,000 in the almost thirty years of its shelf life. When it comes to chilling feel free to take your pick with any scene. How about the possessed rapist demon tree that starts off the movie, or maybe your dead friends coming back as crazies, or the dismemberment of one said crazy by one said friend, or maybe the cellar filling with blood for no apparent reason, take your pick. Many fans of Raimi will claim that Evil Dead 2 was even more twisted and a better film overall, but for some ridicules reason Evil Dead 2 lost its “The”, a shame, a true shame.

5. THE Wicker Man (1973)

“Killing me won’t bring back your god damn honey! Oh no, not the bees, not the bees! Auuuugh! Aglubah my eyes! My eyes! Aaaauuuurrrrgh!” No, no, no, no, no! This in not Nick Cage’s Wicker Man *crowd boos* yes, yes, i know, but all that campy silliness deserves a list on its own for another time. What i am talkin’ ’bout it the 1973 british original. An intelligent film about religion and superstition, the place of old world cultures in a modern more sensible society. It is so many mies above it predecessor the 2006 remake is dwarfed into the obscurity trope while the original is held up as one of the greatest movies it british film work. One particular moment in the film that sends a shock to the system every time i see it (besides the whole wicker man scene which is a given) is the “It’s much too dangerous to jump through fire with your clothes on.” conversation. You sit there yelling at the screen for Howie to run, run, run!

4. THE Mist

Just like his books, there are good Stephen King movies, and there are bad Stephen King movies. (Not) Surprisingly the best of the good ones were directed by Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, which also start with a “The”). In 2007 Darabont decided to direct the popular King novella The Mist into a feature length film. Tell me folks, what could be worse that being trapped inside a supermarket with a bunch of religious crazies while giant blood thirsty monsters roam the lands outside. Not much by my account. If the strangely familiar monster designs (Monsters Inc. anyone) don’t strike a nerve the growing insanity of the people trapped together bring you to rage not only because “You” would handle things differently, but because the madness of others dominates the moment. Hindsight is no healer.

THE Last man on Earth

When humanity transforms into monsters the last remanning man vows to slaughter every last one. By doing so he becomes the monster to the new society, the new vampire who kills families and friends in their sleep. The Last man on Earth remains to be the only good incarnation of the novel “I am Legend” despite being the oldest. The Omega Man which came later was far from its source material while the recent I am Legend starring Willard Smith while at least an attempt to create something different, just didn’t deserve its title. The Last man is an interesting and OF COURSE chilling story and by the end you will be speechless.

2. THE Thing

The Holy Grail of Sci-Fi horror, The Thing tells the story of several men working in Antarctica and the meeting a strange alien life form that wants nothing more than to take over their bodies and infest the world with monstrous human-ish creates that look to come straight out of hell. The Thing is indeed one of my favorite movies of all time, just when you think you safe the game changes, and by the second time you watch it and have the mystery solved you see that every little scene happens for a reason and all that went wrong went wrong long before anyone knew about it. The Thing is famous for its astounding practical effects that with absolutely no cg work the outlandish and mesmerizing terrors that hunt our characters still look entirely real. Buy it, watch it, love it!

1. THE Shining

The greatest horror movie of all time by the greatest director of all time. Stanley Kubrick upon buying the rights to make Stephen King’s novel The Shining into film began to write his own version. In many ways he stripped the novel of its essence, and in many other ways he transformed the the psychology behind it all into its own beast, and a beast to be feared for certain. Kubrick’s mind so capable of turning the most mild of images in to the most iconic icons is the reason The Shining can be watched over and over again, and with every new viewing the subliminal messages, the hidden secrets, find new life in the viewing, like many other Kubrick works. He transformed what was a simple ghost story into a psychological trauma. Did Jack also have The Shining, was the Hotel itself a conduit for the supernatural or maybe a creature all it own absorbing the lives lost within. The questions are unlimited, and that is the real chill. Where as the unseen might be frightening, it is the things we do see and still don’t understand that truly posses the mind. The Shining is and shall forever be the scariest movie of all timmmmmmeeeee!!!!!


Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

3 Responses to ““Top Ten Most Chilling Movies that start with ‘The’!” by Leader K”
  1. I love these movies. I wanna check the wicker man out again! my favorite!

  2. Acou says:

    haven't seen half of these, but several of the clips look quite good — i might have to check them out! :D

  3. Lemmiwinks says:

    Great post!looking forward to reading the next one

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