“SAW: The Video Game” by Mr Riddler

Riddle Me This: What was the last good movie video game you played?

If you’re answer was anything else but Spider-man 2, I respect you’re opinion, but You’re Wrong. SAW is no exception.

What I Expected:
If you read the review on Borderlans which I know you did because you’ve read this site from top to bottom every weekend, then you’ve heard the story of how I came acorss the SAW videogame. I’ve seen the SAW movies up to SAW 5 where I and the rest of the general population gave up on the franchise. I did like where it was going though and Ragdoll enjoyed the 6th one so one of these days I’ll have to continue it. Saw as a series, however, prides itself in presenting characters that have serious flaws that consume their lives, but it may be things we don’t even think are flaws. Jigsaw, the main villain and serial killer is more of a hero in his own eyes by forcing the character to go through some kind of traumatic and gory torture for them to face themselves or die trying. Could this make a good game? Probably. It’s got a great way to build tension and in the movie by showing you the flaws of the characters, you realize that this is something that you may experience either now or at some point in your life and that allows you to relate to the character. In a game, simply being the character allows you to relate, and Jigsaw refers to his little puzzles as “games” so this would be perfect for a video game, if done right.

What We Got:
Something I forgot to mention about the characters in saw movies. I made them out to sound like victims with problems they couldn’t help, but oh yeah, a lot of them are just douche bags. This games does a great job of displaying that. Everyone that you have to work with or save is going to stab you in the back. Then again, when put into a state of panic and fear, anyone will stab their own mother in the back. Or at least that’s what the Joker says over and over again in his cell.
SAW the video game takes place in an Asylum, so I can relate. The place is old broken and probably on slate to being demolished. You play as Detective Tapp who has recently been shot and has an obsession for… well I don’t relaly know but that was apparently good enough for Jigsaw. Before dumping you in the game, Jigsaw removed the bullet and replaced it with a key that would let anyone else in the asylum out and go free so naturally everyone is trying to kill you. Not that big of a deal though. If you pay close enough attention, you can see traps that jigsaw has set up and rebuild them to use against your assailants. There’s even a neat little boss battle where there’s a guy running around with an iron box on his head trying to kill you and you run around setting up traps and luring him into them. The game doesn’t stray too far from he source material and has the cameos you’d expect to see form SAW movie characters such as Amanda and Jigsaw himself. All in all, it doesn’t stray too far away from the source material so it’s something you may be able to enjoy if you’ve seen the movies. Unfortunately, without deviating form the source material, there isn’t too much you can do with it. It’s just a string of one game to the next with the occasional crazy person you can either beat to death, trap or  wait until his little bomb or what ever sadistic thing Jigsaw attached to his head goes off.
Each major trap that Jigsaw has set up for you has it;s own little flare of mediocrity to it but still challenging in a casual gamer sort of way. Most can be solved by turning off the lights or finding a fuse. There’s the occasional brain teaser like when first rescuing Amanda but they’re all very short lived. Most Games are so simple that they are done by pushing X. For instance to escape a room full of bombs in the beginning you need to find a fuse in a toilet full of needles. The guy reaches in and we hear him make a few yelps and grunts but he becomes X-rayed so we see no pain on his face and aside form a bar that says “pain” on it, there’s no way for us to experience the pain that the character is feeling. Insanely difficult to get yourself into the moment with a situation like that.

No I’m not going to see Saw 3D. I’m in Arkham. I’m insane enough. I don’t need to add Paranoid to the mix. I would say that if you’re dedicated enough to go see it then you’ll probably enjoy this game. As odd as it sounds Saw the video game is cute. It’s like Konami got a batch of fresh recruits in and said “Ready to make your first game?” And they did. And though it wasn’t very good, Konami was proud enough of their effort and put it on the fridge. So we should probably feel the same way as anyone else that visits the Konami house. If we knew the kids we can look at it and recognize shapes and appreciate it for all the hard work and effort went into making it because that little developer is trying they just need more time to grow. To anyone else look at it they’ll smile, nod and then quickly Forget It.

Overall Rating:

Warning to Parents: If you let your kids play this game or watch this movie, then you’re a bad parent and you should feel ashamed.

So I found this little Gem. Expect this review soon…

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

One Response to ““SAW: The Video Game” by Mr Riddler”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Da hell…. I…. I think I'm starting to hate this movie/game. It's so messed up. I know that's the whole freaking point but the first movie was soooooo amazingly mind-effing I couldn't be disgusted with it. Now it's just…. Gross…. Like all other horror movies. There's no lesson to be learned. You just die… A horrible HORRIBLE death.

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