This is what happens

See this? ALL THIS?

This is what happens when Silenced doesn’t get her tea. Make note of this.

HAPPY OCTOBER PEEPS. We will be having some horror/Halloween themed reviews showing up throughout the month. Why the whole month? Well because it’s October. And October is awesome. And…I don’t know Eddie wanted it for the entire month so you know, gotta do what the boss says. At least every once in a blue moon right? If I do what he says now it means I can ignore him for the rest of the week. Almost anyway.

Our September issue of the E-Zine will be posted tomorrow complete with all the reviews we did for Steampunk Week and for the ENTIRE MONTH. GO US. There is also a comic sneak peak which is just more of a reason for you to take ten seconds out of your day to download the e-zine. We’re trying to do some extra stuff for it, the comic is the start of this. We are very proud. c:

In other news. I really ought to get myself to install Dreamweaver so maybe I can have a little freedom with this place. A little late with the E-Zine and getting this place set up for October, but I had a hell of a week. So it’s mostly my fault. But still send all your complaints to Eddie. He loves you so.


2 Responses to “This is what happens”
  1. yes! I love everything about October. it's my favorite month of the year.

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