Requiem’s October Mix: Part 1

…Yeah this is going to be really lame. But since 98% of the money I ever have on my person is used for my sculptures instead of games I have to figure something out to post right? Plus when I do play games it’s usually if I get home early from school and have the downstairs tv to myself. The rare occasion I actually don’t have to freak out over some art project that I know will be a failure in the end anyway.

So yeah, this is what I came up with. Just so I could have something to post since I haven’t been playing the game Eddie said I should be playing like I’m supposed to. (Got into the WoW: Cataclysm Beta, shhh, don’t tell Eddie. He’ll howl at me. ….in a post that’s on the internet that anyone can see. No, of course I didn’t think this through. If I did think things through, I might actually get somewhere in life. We can’t have that.)

SO. Ranting excuses aside. I’m going to go through pretty much what’s in my car’s cd playlist for October. I was originally going to do strictly Darkwave or something but…that’s just too narrow of a scope and I don’t feel like choking myself with rules at the moment.

The Cruxshadows

A darkwave band from Florida. I have to say, this band was one of those bands that just stretched my taste in music a bit further out from the usual. One of my favorite aspects of this band is the presence of that violin. I’m a sucker for violins and pianos.

I had a great deal of difficulty picking just one song from them to post here, in the end I went with one of my all time favorites from their Dreamcypher Album. Seeing as I couldn’t find anything for the song that is actually on the October cd “Ballroom on Mars”.

Deception- The Cruxshadows

Emilie Autumn

Oh come on. If you were betting on this woman not showing up again in any of my posts you were VERY MUCH MISTAKEN. I can’t help it. Miss Autumn is wicked. Playing beta the other day someone in guild chat was tossing out lyrics from Miss Lucy had some Leeches, everyone else was clueless to the awesome that was being dumped into guild chat. (Yes, I realize I’m probably at the top of the dork totem pole here now simply for telling a story about WoW. But at least I have tea up here.)

Back to our Miss Autumn. Her musical range just sort of stretches, so again I cannot quite get across everything I want to say about her when I have so little space here. This fact makes me very sad, very sad indeed ladies and gentlemen. And I don’t think I have any need to explain why she’s on my cd. None. Whatsoever.

Can’t I just post like…5…or 7 youtube videos showing off her music here? No? Damn it. BUT I DON’T WANT TO CHOOSE.

Dead is the New Alive- Emilie Autumn


And technically I have “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Miss Autumn on my cd. Why? Because it’s brilliant. And I love her wicked violin bits in there. And…well because I can have it and it’s one of those dorky songs made awesome all over again. (Ragdoll found that ONE retard cd in my car. :C She KNOWS the kind of crap I keep in there for kicks and giggles.)


Okay, going to be upfront about these people. I found them all of a week ago. So yes, for the moment I can’t say a bunch about them other than they are interesting and I’m finding myself liking them more and more. They seem to go several different ways with their music. Sometimes they have that rock vibe about them, yet other times they seem to wander into trance. I’m still listening and trying to figure it out, but I am really liking it so far.

So far my favorite is ‘Welcome to the End’. It’s nice and mellow. (It also vaguely reminds me of the Deftones, only just.)

Welcome to the End- Celldweller


One of the bands I missed on my Steampunk Week post of music. SHAME ON ME. I can’t believe I forgot to add them. I got in the car the next day and they came up on my cd. I seriously wanted to /headdesk right then and there but I lacked a desk and as fun as bashing my head against a steering wheel may be it’d leave a weird bruise I’d rather not explain later.

Rasputina’s music is very much driven forward by Cellos. They’ve got a bit of oddness to them but it’s incredibly charming. It’s a nice switch up from the guitar/drum driven bands. (No offense! I love them just as much!) And they produce sounds from these cellos that…I for one did not expect a cello to make. I listen to Apocalyptica all the time, I know what Cellos can do. Or at least I thought I knew what they could do until Rasputina unhinged that thought.

I’m choosing to give you ‘1816, the Year Without a Summer’ because this was the song that first pulled me into the band. The most fascinating aspect of this song is that there really was a year without a summer. Mount Tambora erupted lowering temperatures. Many people died, Mary Shelly really did pen Frankenstein in 1816. The entire album ‘Oh Perilous World” was based on newspaper headlines. …This is also the song I got my dad addicted to. :> Ended up writing a paper on it actually for his college class I think to boot.

1816, the Year Without a Summer- Rasputina


Let me say right off the bat. I love his mask. Just absolutely love it. Reminds me of Blixx the Goblin from Legend. (That good movie with that failure Tom Cruise. Let it be said I love the movie for Darkness, and Blix. I saw a statue of Darkness at a comic convention and would have bought it if I had the 50 bucks to shell out for it.) If we have people like Lady Gaga running around in…whatever the hell she wants, I think Mortiis gets a free pass. It’s just that wicked awesome.

Mortiis as a band has evolved over the years. I thoroughly enjoy the earlier works, I cannot say much about their most recent work because I’m still digesting it all. So for now, I’ll talk about the older work until I listen to more of their recent stuff. I don’t know, there’s something about the way he sings and his voice that just keeps me sitting here listening to him.

Oh and go Norway! (They’re from Norway. I have a thing for foreign music.)

Again it took some time for me to choose a single song to post here. In the end I went with Mental Maelstrom, I was quite tempted with Parasite God. Mostly because I prefer the imagery from the Parasite God music video.

Mental Maelstrom- Mortiis
(There’s a weird sound thing going on in this video… but this was the best I could dig up on Youtube. Sorry. :< )

And by the way, it seems they have a free digital album up for download on their website. You may want to take a look.

SO THAT’S THAT. Well, not really. This post is being chopped into about two or three separate posts, the rest of the bands I was going to post about will appear in later this month. So you’ll have to check back in to see what else is on this…lame cd I have playing in my car right now. That is, unless Eddie finally fires me. Until then I’m gonna have my tea and go watch some X-Files like the good little dork I am.

5 Responses to “Requiem’s October Mix: Part 1”
  1. momo says:

    not my taste but a great review!

  2. dzikrk says:

    It's too hard for me ;D

  3. Matt says:

    Yeah i agree with the above!

  4. P0wermjp says:

    i like the hard stuff ;p

  5. not my type of music but you have great reviews, as someone above said

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