Requiem’s October Mix: Part 2

Blerg. So after fighting with my computer for over a month, refusing to wipe it because it had all my music on it…I finally wiped it this weekend. After backing up everything on it yadayada. At least I can actually work on it properly again and not worry about it turning off and not turning back on.

One thing though. I had 45gb of music on it before the wipe.

I have 36gb on it after the wipe.

Oh how I hate thee itunes. Silenced is not a happy dork right now. Not at all. My only comfort is that I have a general idea what’s missing. And of course it’s my most cherished bands that are now missing from my library. But the show must go on. So here’s a few more bands from my October Mix cd.

Diary of Dreams

A Darkwave band from Germany. I’ve had them for a couple weeks now. I’m really starting to get into them. They sound a bit like…I don’t know a mix of The 69 Eyes and Mortiis almost. Except a little toned down. Maybe. Perhaps with a bit of Cruxshadows when it comes to the beats. The more I listen the more I like, and so far I have several favorites from the songs I have. ‘The Saint’ being at the top of my list, followed by ‘Tales of the Silent City’. Unfortunately Youtube is failing me yet again, and I couldn’t really find the song I wanted to put. But ‘The Wedding’ is a good song as well and gives you a good idea of how this band sounds.

They don’t really seem to ever get too overbearing and are pretty consistent. With the except of perhaps ‘The Plague’ where the singer dabbles in some angrier tones. It probably shows up in a couple other songs here and there but obviously not enough for me to note. Personally I like the slight mix in there every once in a while.

The Wedding- Diary of Dreams

The 69 Eyes

A goth-rock inspired band from Finland. I swear, some of the most amazing music comes out of Finland. I mean geez, they’re brilliant over there. (And I thank the Netherlands for Within Temptation.) Mmm. The 69 Eyes. The lead singer’s voice reminds me a bit of Elvis Presley…Just vaguely… I love Elvis. (My brother even got me two Elvis Presley vinyl records for my birthday a year or two ago. Yes. I have a record player in my room.) I have two 69 Eyes cds, and I love them both. Even though my brother likes to refer to the singer as the guy that sounds like the purple people eater song. (I ‘lol’ every time he says this.)

I may be the only one, but some of this band’s music reminds me very much of classic rock at times. First song that comes to mind that has a sort of classic rock vibe is ‘Nothing On You’ from their Devils album. Although many of their songs would sit perfectly on my October cd I narrowed it down to ‘Christina Death’. But I am tempted with ‘Betty Blue’. And yeah. I’m pretty sure that one guy doesn’t own a shirt, just like Jacob guy in that one really bad wanna be vampire movie. (You see what I did there I’m sure.)

Christina Death- The 69 Eyes

Nox Arcana

If you want a group with a crapload of albums to choose from and specializes in Dark Ambiance/Darkwave then Nox Arcana is a good place to start. They are brilliant at what they do. Once in a while they will collaborate with other artists such as Michelle Belanger in their album Blood of Angels. Although pretty much based in Dark Ambiance they do make use of choirs and sometimes singers.The best part? They have quite a bit of free song downloads on their website. So if you’re looking for an eerie ambiance track these people are my first recommendation next to Life Toward Twilight. They have several albums to choose from, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

Blood of Angels- Nox Arcana


I could…go on forever about this group but I’m going to try not to… because I’ll never stop. Evanescence is my all time favorite band. :> So obviously, they made it onto my cd. They generally make it on my cds a lot. Why? …My favorite band. It’s my cd I can do what I want. Whine away. WHINE AWAY. Amy Lee’s voice is wickedly eerie at times and fits perfectly.(She also did a cover of Sally’s Song, from Nightmare Before Christmas.)

Evanescence was the band that just flung me forward into music in general. Sure I listened to Bjork and some others before Evanescence. (Bjork is probably responsible for my odder tastes in music.) But Evanescence was the kicker. My first concert was actually the Family Values tour that came by a few years ago. It was absolutely fantastic. They’re also probably the reason why I’m so attracted to rock-songs with pianos in them. It’s not very often that the Amy Lee’s piano is absent.

Evanescence is an ever evolving band. And they just get better and better. Fallen was a spectacular album, and in The Open Door the band just seemed to play a lot looser with everything, yet the music remained true to itself and the band.

And yeah. I went to my first concert with my dad. :>

Going Under- Evanescence

I tried to keep it short. >_> Really. I TRIED. HARD.


…lol. Voltaire. This guy makes me smile every time I listen to him. He’s got this dark sense of humor in his songs that you don’t always catch the first time around. I had “Stuck with You” (with Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls) on a cd playing in the car once  while my brother was in the car. At first he didn’t notice the lyrics then halfway through he catches onto the song at “You stabbed my mother, in the chest! With a Korean bayonet!”. Then he goes, ‘What the hell?!’ Yeah, it’s kind of like that. It’s fun though.

It can be difficult to place Voltaire in a genre, but I think I’d stick him in Dark Cabaret if I chose something. Voltaire is hilarious, yet it’s a very dark sense of humor. Which for me just makes it funnier, but I’m odd. So yeah.

“I’m going to hell, in a hand basket, Well at least I’ll have a view.” /dance So I’m choosing Brains to give you. No really that’s the name of the song. It was part of a few songs written for Cartoon Network’s the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Brains!- Voltaire


Falling into the Trip-Rock genre we have Collide. Why? Because they are just the right mix of darkwave, techno and rock. I just recently got a hold of some of their music so I can’t say an awful lot just yet. I can however say the song “The Lunatics are Taking over the Asylum” works just fine for my cd. It has some nice beats, tailed by some rather eerie vocals. …And seems like something that should be played over the speakers at Arkham.

However I’m posting White Rabbit because I’d rather not deal with the poor quality of the videos of Lunatics on youtube. Not that the quality here is great but it’s bearable.

White Rabbit- Collide

And thus concludes part 2 of the 3 total posts I’ll be tossing up about this cd in my car. The third will be posted…well whenever Eddie tells me to post it. But most likely sometime later this week. I will now proceed to go drool over the new WoW: Cataclysm cinematic like the epic dork I am and cry over not having enough money to get Fable 3. I mostly keep bringing up WoW because it annoys the bloody hell out of Eddie.

2 Responses to “Requiem’s October Mix: Part 2”
  1. Scuba Steve says:

    These are some really good bands, i'll have to keep up on your blog because we have similar tastes in music. Btw, try searching your computer for different audio file types, your music may be hiding somewhere

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