“Never Let Me Go” by Ragdoll

Okay, let me start off by saying I don’t mind English movies. Being a HUGE Doctor Who fan, I’ll watch anything English. Needless to say I was curious about this piece. I had read previously somewhere that it was a sci-fi love story. This appealed both to my girly side and my nerdy side. Well…ugh.
The movie follows a girl named Kathy over at least 30 years of her life. She falls in love with her friend Tommy, but they are torn apart by Kathy’s best friend, Ruth. They are also clones trying to deal with being clones and having a short lifespan.
Lets start off with some good points. I dug the cinematography. The setting was breathing taking. Lighting very dramatic. And the placement of people, things, etc, showed a lot of premeditated thought. My favorite aspect of the cinematography had to be the framing. Almost every shot could have hung in a gallery.
I absolutely adored the placement of the children in the beginning half of the film. They were always lined up whenever multiples of them were on screen. It was just a cute way of expressing their obedience.
Now, the lips come off the ass. Slow paced. This movie drug on for somewhere close to two hours in what could have been done in 45 minutes. For a movie with such a cool concept I didn’t imagine could be so boring!
I was confused about certain conflicts in movie. Where was the danger in leaving? Whoever engineered the clones were keeping cattled with wrist bands, but there was no danger presented in escaping. What if they just took the bands off and left? And at one point Ruth cries over being made from drugies and low-lives. Why? Wouldn’t have been more beneficial medically and economically to clone them like Michael Bay did in The Island?
A great deal of the movie is filled with unbelievable situations and unbelievable character traits. Situations are presented as a way of the writer taking short cuts through telling the story, and characters do things like eating breakfast while staring at a wall to represent just how pathetic they are.
The only element I can find in this movie worth paying money for has to be the enchanting performance of Andrew Garfield (now referred to in this blog as Spider-Man). With his childlike personality and puppy-dog eyes, you can’t help but feel for his character the most.
And I’m not really for or against this, but there is minimal music and ambiance used in the film. I don’t think it really helped the film, yet it didn’t work against it. I just found it a little jarring
Now my biggest complaint of the film: THERE IS NO PAY OFF! You sit through that movie for nothing! I always believe that an ending can make or break a film. While this movie already had nearly nothing going for it, the ending just solidified how much of a waste of time this movie is.
If anybody had to watch this, watch it out of curiosity or for Spider-Man. I was so shaken by how bad this movie is that it stuck with me for days (not a good thing).

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

2 Responses to ““Never Let Me Go” by Ragdoll”
  1. Phidern says:

    considering downloading this

  2. C.S.S. says:

    bah! hope ya don't mean torrent, phi. oh and i heard of this blog from /filmcast!

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