Requiem’s October Mix: Part 3

Oh lookie. Requiem is back to rant and rave about random crap again. I advise everyone to just not make any sort of eye contact. Dorkicus Deathicus is a highly contagious ailment you do not want. It’s for the best, really.

Oh look shiny stuff.

So my computer has decided it’s best if it continues its schizophrenic tendencies despite being beaten into submission before. Again I’m afraid to turn it off, it could become highly unstable and veer towards suicide by slitting it’s own wires.

I did however manage to get this post on the last few bands on my October Mix sitting in my car. So here they are:


So now we hit Dommin on the list. And despite my putting ‘My Heart, Your Hands’, as the video to show you I went with their cover of ‘(I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight’ (free download of the cover here btw. I suggest downloading, it’s amazing) which is fantastically done. But ‘My Heart Your Hands’ is the one that got me into Dommin to begin with. I was immediately drawn into those bells that start at the beginning of the song and persist throughout. I’m a sucker got those old gothic cathedrals and stuff, and those bells at the beginning of the song just tossed my mind into one of those places.

The singer’s voice works well and he’s got a nice range, with a bit of that 69 Eyes–I don’t know how to describe it properly, maybe a bit more throat in the tone? I don’t know. Worked surprisingly well with those bells and pretty much sold me on this band. They have a nice mix of music, going from the dark and moody ‘My Heart, Your hands’, even up to something almost upbeat at times with ‘Dark Holiday’.

Oh and props on the video for it, those figures in black moving around behind him as he goes up the stairs- visually fantastic. …Yeah I’m weird. Bite me.

My Heart, Your Hands- Dommin

Akira Yamaoka/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

If you’re into anime, you probably know who Mary Elizabeth McGlynn is. She voices tons of characters from various shows such as the .Hack series, Cowboy Bebop (Julia), Wolf’s Rain (Lady Jagura), and Ruroni Kenshin (Shura). Her voice acting stretches to video games as well. Oh and she also sings. For music she is most noted for her role singing many songs across the Silent Hill series, songs like ‘Room of Angel’, ‘Your Rain’, and ‘Letter from the Lost Days’. And…I just love her voice. I have no idea what it is, I just love it. And her singing for the Silent Hill series of games makes her perfect for this cd.

Akira Yamaoka is the composer behind a bunch of video game tracks. Though he is best known for his work on the Silent Hill series of games. Which he has done a fantastic job with. I’ve never even played ANY of the Silent Hill games, (though I was technically supposed to this month…for my halloween review…but…yeah.) I am a huge fan of the music from Silent Hill. It’s creepy, it’s at times startling, and it’s amazing.

Okay I will actually advise you not to just jump right into the video below. Why? Because it IS a video with clips from the Silent Hill game, which as you should know are pretty bloody and violent. So you have been warned.

Room of Angel- Akira Yamaoka/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

Bat for Lashes

Honestly, I haven’t had a chance to sit down and really pay attention to Bat for Lashes yet. To this I regret. It’s just been such a busy couple weeks. I will say that I do like them, especially this song ‘A Forest’. It’s a lower key song than most of the other music on my cd so it makes for a nice contrast. I wish I had sat down and listened to more from this band so I could have more to report on, but alas, I simply had not the time. So this will do. They are indeed worth having a look into, I suspect I will seek out more of their work and they will most likely make it onto future mix cds of mine. There’s a sort of quirkiness about Bat for Lashes that pulls my attention.


Tarja Turunen

Out of Finland yet again we have Tarja Turunen. She used to be the lead singer for the Symphonic Metal band Nightwish, which is how I originally came across her. She has since departed from Nightwish and is now pursuing a solo career sticking close to the metal genre. I’m putting her here instead of Nightwish mostly because I just bought her cd and am listening to it as I’m writing this. Nightwish was originally going to be here but since it is indeed, my cd I chose to put a song from her new album on my mix. I can do that. :>

Nightwish with Miss Turunen set the ground for me to fall into other bands like Kamelot, After Forever, and Epica. Nightwish is a different kind of metal. Symphonic Metal. Symphonic Metal with a classically trained singer. And by classically trained I mean in OPERA. Metal + Opera, who’d have thought those two would sit so perfectly with each other? I mean really. Most people don’t bloody care about Opera nowadays. (Whoo! Minority here!) Though she has departed from nightwish she has proven to be just as captivating as ever with her music. This album I just bought, What Lies Beneath, seems to be much harder than her previous album My Winter Storm (which was still an amazing album). There’s a much stronger presence of those deep guitars and drums. I appreciate this, she only seems to be getting better and better.

I Feel Immortal- Tarja Turunen


Do you see what I mean about all the awesome coming out of Finland? Yet AGAIN. Another band from Finland. H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty) has been around for quite some time. And I own pretty much every one of their albums. With a few exceptions…for now. I love this band not only for the pure awesome that is Ville Valo’s voice, but also their darker take on love. The band’s music can be called Goth-rock/metal or alternative rock/metal, but is most commonly referred to as Love Metal (which was also the name of one of their albums). Before actually listening to this band’s music…I honestly thought they were one of those loud bands with nothing but a bunch of screaming where you couldn’t even understand what they were ‘singing’ about. How very wrong I was. So very, very, very wrong.

This is yet another band that generally is always on my mixes. Being my second favorite band and all. Honestly, I would have skipped my High School Graduation to see them in concert that night. Mum pretty much said, “Ha ha…no.”

It’s really hard to pick just one song from them. I mean, I even narrowed it down to like…4. Yeah. I didn’t know if I wanted the haunting vocals of ‘Join Me in Death’, the loud and fast ‘Wicked Game’, my favorite ‘Funeral of Hearts’, or fresh off this year’s album, Screamworks, ‘Dying Song’.

Wicked Game- H.I.M.

So the actual, physical cd actually has a playlist that looks like this:

1. Ballroom on Mars- The Cruxshadows
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Emilie Autumn
3. The Saint- Diary of Dreams
4. 1816, the Year Without a Summer- Rasputina
5. Mental Maelstrom- Mortiis
6. Welcome to the End- Celldweller
7. Christina Death- The 69 Eyes
8. Children of Heaven (Club Mix)- Nox Arcana
9. Going Under- Evanescence
10. Brains!- Voltaire
11.The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum- Collide
12. (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight- Dommin
13. Your Rain- Akira Yamaoka/Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
14. A Forest- Bat for Lashes
15. Until My Last Breath- Tarja Turunen
16. Wicked Game- H.I.M. (His Infernal Majesty)

Yeah, minor switches here and there just out of personal taste. But all the same Artists as discussed.

..Oh hey we’re missing one. Oh noes. No actually I sometimes like to mix up an entire cd by putting something a bit off beat than the rest of it. So here’s my choice for track 17:


Yeah, because, you guys totally didn’t see that coming.

So that does it for this series on…a cd I made for my car for October. As to whether or not I’ll do more posts like this…I don’t know. It’s up to Eddie, and if he thinks there’s enough interest for me to keep doing posts similar to these last three I’ve done. Until then I’m gonna go have my tea then go catch that ghost living in my secret basement. I’m sure he’s in cahoots with those lego people.

And also, Happy October peeps, try not to get too sick from stuffing candy down your throat on Halloween.


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