“Not So Merry Halloween” by The 59 Sound

Holly crap its October! Oh crap its almost the end of October, errrrr << Eddie is gonna be pisssssssed. Firstly I would like to give a super big thank you hug to Silenced Requiem for picking up my slack <(^_^<)

And secondly I would like to wish everybody a super special awesome halloween.

Here is your trick (fresh out of treats :/ ): What is kinda messed up that you totally forgot about and happens the same month of Halloween?


Isn’t that ironic? One of the scariest things that can actually happen is completely looked over by people trying to have a false since of being scared, or dressing up to look cool, or get stupid at a party. People are being abused right now, aren’t you a bad person!

Honestly, what is scarier than having to go home to being beaten or sexually assaulted by the only people you have ever known?

I can’t think of a horror movie that is scarier than that scienario (and I don’t really listen to “horror” music). Instead here ten songs about domestic abuse:

These are in no particular order other than that which I put them!
One of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite bands. Two Gallants, the Throes tells the story of an expecting mother and abused wife. The song is told in a linear fashion over the course of what I believe is two separate days in which she is beaten by her alchololic husband and finds that the baby she is carrying, well I wont ruin the surprise. This song is fairly depressing (more so than the rest of the list). Either way, the band Two Gallants is a folk duo from San Francisco known for their depth and feel that they put into their music. I hope you like it

Allow me to justapose this sadness with a little bit of light hearted fun. The song made popular in the fun zombie appocolipse movie, Dawn of the Dead, Richard Cheese’s performance of Disturbes down with the sickness. To spite your opinion (regardless of whatever it may be) this song is about what I will assume is an abuse brother (never says that in the song but I get the feeling). In which they feel as if this abuse is some kind of, you guessed it venereal desease! Well Richard Cheese performs down with the sickness:

(ironically the only decent quality version of this song I could find has nothing to do with abuse [unless dystopias count])


What’s that smell? Is it teen spirit? Nooo, not quite, it is the smell of grunge! Nirvana’s Polly in the same indirect way of “down with the sickness” is a song about someone abusing something. But he is just so indifferent about it, kind of makes you not like Kurt Kobain huh?


A band made popular by playing covers playing a song made popular by the Dixie Chicks originally written by some guy that nobody cares about (Dennis Linde). The song is about to BFF’s and one of them falls into an abusive relationship with some smuck named Earl. Long story short the song is called Goodbye Earl and is about a guy who moves to Alaska and because a born again Christian (not really… he dies).

Whats scarier than domestic abuse? Hearing about it from a german band! The song “Tier” from what I can gather is about a father who sexually abuses his daughter and thennn something to the affect that this is the cause for her feeling lifeless? I can’t be 100% my(the internet’s translation) German is only decent at best.


Isn’t it Sublime? Yes, that is the name of the band that came out with the song “Wrong Way” about a 12 year old girl who lives in the ghetto raised by her “7 horney brothers, and her drunk a*s dad” now according to the information given in the song, she becomes a whore at the age of fourteen and then Bradley Nowell “saves” her (stachatory?). After he “saves,” her things start to get out of hand (who would have imagined?) anyway her life kind of sucks, but that’s domestic abuse for you.


Domestic abuse, in all seriousness, is a very serious thing. Cocorosie does a pretty good job of capturing the feeling of being raped by a schizophrenic father in the middle of the night and having all hope taken from the life of a small girl. The song “Werewolf” may be one of their best showcases of the bands poetic “freak folk” style of music. There is not much to say or joke about (I guess im running out of jokes)


Red Jumpingsuit Thingamajig! Released a song about domestic abuse (“I can has depth?”) . No I don’t like this band, but that’s my own business << either way, this song is about how throwing things to the ground, women included, makes you feel like a man. I for one can say that throwing things to the ground does make me feel like a man. “Face Down” is also a about a girl who is in an abusive relation ship that gets knocked down, but she gets up again.

Embedding disabled… but here ya go…

Nothing quite surmises domestic abuse than a good old back handing. The song “Back of my Hand” (great title) also rises the issue of militant professions such as the army leading to domestic abuse. The message is simple as well as the folk sound. The Filthy Thieving Bastards:


I’m glad my daddy didn’t love me! And despite how true that statement is it is also related to this last song about domestic abuse, ending us on light note, saying that despite (yeah twice in one sentence wanna fight about it?) being abused the character excels in life. That is what one could gather from this incredibly exaggerated upbeat song about abuse. Andrew Jackson Jihad’s “Daddy Didn’t Love me”


Silent hill two has the best scary video game soundtrack of all time
and 28 days later has the scariest movie soundtrack.

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  1. Gabriel says:

    how cool! i havent seen these vids for awhile

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