Eddie is making me scrub the walls

October is over, so much sadness. I really love October, it’s probably my favorite month of the year. But alas, it is gone. Now I have to get out my smelly cleaner spray thingamabob and clean off all the blood and grime from everything like a five year old who put crayon on the walls. It was fun while it lasted even though I was so swamped with work I didn’t get to do anything fun except get catapulted by a charger.

The October edition of the E-zine came out, in case you all didn’t notice and I encourage you to take a look at it. And I justify the above image by stating it came out BEFORE OCTOBER ENDED. Which is honestly amazing considering it was all done in just one day. That’s my excuse, I’m going to stick to it until I can think of something better.

So for November we will be doing some holiday themes in preparation for Christmas in December. And I doubt I’ll spiffy up the site for anything. I outright refuse to cover the place with turkeys but Eddie said I can paint it for Christmas in December. Forgot to mention, we will also be doing ROBOT WEEK in November. It should be worth checking out some of the reviews coming in.

ON ANOTHER NOTE with the E-zine, we are always looking for new ideas and stuff to be put into it. So if you have any ideas, or say, an artwork or story of yours that you’d like to see in a future E-zine e-mail either me or Eddie. As you can already see we sometimes ask artists (who most of the time are our friends as well) to do an issue cover, or a comic, or even something like Mary’s cosplays. We’re open to ideas so feel free to toss an e-mail out or leave a comment. c:

Other places you can catch us:

/id/RiddlerReviews (The Riddler/Eddie)
/id/TheDorkLord (Silenced-Requiem)

Riddler Reviews Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RiddlerReviews

Taltsu (The Riddler/Eddie)


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