“Kung Fu Rider / Sport Champions / PlayStation MOVE” by Mr Riddler

Always old, sometimes new. Never sad, sometimes blue. Never empty, sometimes full. Never pushing, always pulling. What am I?

The Moon. Ok It’s not really relevant but come on you try making up a riddle about The Playstation Move. Go on. I dare you. put it in a comment.

What I Expected
Ok Skeptics. Let me say that I’m on your side for this one. If you read my E3 Preview Review like I know you did then you’ll recall that I did not particularly care for the PS ThWii’s motion controller purely because it’s been done before. On the other hand the Wii’s motion controls are a bit of a disappointment with current games either cashing in on the motion controls on an incredibly shallow way such as casual games that rely solely on the motion controls such as Grease, or games that almost entirely ignore the fact that there are motion controls and just have you use the controller like an NES controller such as Punch-Out!!, New Super Mario Brothers and Metroid Other M. Back on topic, the Move just came out a few weeks ago and when I saw it in the store I was still with my skepticism. Then a few of my friends started talking about it since they got to try it out. The employees I knew there also started talking about it. It seemed… interesting. I really wanted one now, for research purposes of course. For your sake dear reader. It’s my duty to play this gaming device and inform you so if it is a mistake you don’t have to repeat it.

Also Kung Fu Rider has had me excited ever since I saw it at E3.

What We Got:
Sports Champions:
Like the Wii, The Move came with a Sports Game. I’m going to expect the same from the Kinect next month. Given this is probably why people are buying the Move anyway, to force their lazy kids off their butts and … well “Move.” Sports Champions is a great way to make people move though and it does become obvious that they’re trying to do what Nintendo did, except with more regard to the Reaction of Wii Sports. Kind of like what Nintendo did with the Wii Sports Resort. If you remember when you get your Wii and you played Wii Sports, you probably thought, “Boxing is cool. I wish there was sword fighting though.” “Bowling’s fun but I want a more violent sport.” Or maybe that was just me, but Wii Sports resort did deliver on this by adding a sword fighting mode and a few others that I don’t care to recollect. Sports Champions, like Wii Sports Resort, added Sword fighting, but with, sad to say, a better design. Yeah Yeah, Sony is copying Nintendo by making a motion controller with a similar game, but it did pick up and fix the flaws wrong with the Wii’s motion control design. For example the ability for each player to 2 controllers to read in the motion of each hand. Not only does this mean the up, down, left and right motions but also back and forth and twisting. For example in table tennis, the twist of my wrist while holding the controller does affect the angle of the paddle that I’m using. The Twist of my Wrist when sword fighting determines the damage that I do, whether I’m hitting with the flat of the blade or the edge. It was actually kind of astounding.
On to the game features, Sports Champions doesn’t let you customize your character, but instead lets you choose from a set of characters that are either Bros or Hos, and thy’re used in either a multiplayer or championship mode that allows you compete against the computer to win trophies. As you achieve more trophies, you can unlock more items or characters, etc. The games that are included are pretty fun though, Gladiator battles, Disc Golf, Table Tennis, Bocce , Volleyball and Archery. They’re all pretty much as they sound. You play them as though you were playing the game. It’s incredibly well designed like you would expect to avoid you getting buyers remorse from buying the Move. So I have to say that Sport Champions is actually kind of fun. Not just kind of, very Fun. On the other hand, it has to be very good for business reasons.

Kung Fu Rider:
Ok so you know me by now, reader. I’m kind of anal bout a game’s plot. 1. It needs to make sense. 2. It needs to be compelling enough to make me want to finish it. As long as it meets these 2 requirements I’ll let it slide as passable with some exceptions. This being God of War 3 where I can say that the game play trumped the ridiculously bad story. Kung Fu Rider, the game that I was looking forward to from E3, has no story. It’s kind of a pain in the ass. The only build up to a story that you get from the game is in the opening menu and the descriptions when picking a Character. From what I can gather, you can play as either Tobi, a private investigator that knows kung fu, or Karin, his plucky, jiggle physics assistant that can talk her way out of and into trouble. They are being chase by the Japanese Mafia for reasons that even they cannot recall and Karin tell Tobi to make a distraction to get them out of this situation. That’s where the game comes in. Kung Fu Rider is the most original concept for a game that I’ve seen since Katamari Damacy. I choose Katamari specifically because that’s where I see that this game could have gone to. Each level begins with Tobi or Karin jumping onto an office rolly chair or stool or vacuum or something and Tony Hawking your way through the city. You can jump, duck, grind and Kung fu your way through Mafia bad guys cars and obstacles to make your way to your partner that’s waiting in the van at the end of the obstacle course. The levels are fun and challenging, for the first 5 levels. It was disappointing, really. The game takes place in the same city, through the same course over and over with different areas roped off to force you down different paths but it all looks the same from course 1 to course 12. The game play is still cute and funny with the face of the characters while they roll or crash in brutally violent fashions. That’s really why I say that it’s like Katamari Damacy. It’s a simple concept that can be incredibly fun, with cute and lovable characters, and takes place in the same area over and over with subtle changes. It could have become a cult classic like Katamari was well, but I doubt that it will because it lacks what Katamari did so well. It lacks a story to tie everything together and you lack an overall goal. I’m going to blame this one the Move, unfortunately. It seems like this game was made to be like Katamari. I have cutscenes and good voice over with a lovable story and to be played on the dualshock3 controller, but was rushed out to be for the Move. If we see a Kung Fu Rider 2, I hope they can step it up and give us a game story that can really take advantage of the set up that it has.

Since Ragdoll is so amazing to have bought me the Move, I naturally wanted her to play it along with me. The problem that arose may be the same that many others would have. If you’re camera shy, the move will cause you to be very uncomfortable. The move is set up by using the Eyetoy pointed at you and set to widescreen mode which reads the motion of the controller, and for fun, the games will randomly take pictures of you while you play. Using her words, “It’s kind of like Big Brother is always watching you.”

That PlayStation Move I’m going to mark are the best big item for Christmas FOR NOW. The Move is fun and interesting in the same way that the Wii is, but it has the hardware potential to take full advantage of the motion controls in a fun, interesting and most importantly, serious game. Just with the little test games like Tumble you can see that the precision required to play that game can really show off what the Move can do. (Also I recommend trying the Tumble Demo if you have the Move) We’ll see what you got Microsoft. I’m looking for your Kinect and it better be worth my time. OR ELSE.

Overall Rating
Sports Champions:

Amazingly fun and well designed. Buy this game if you already have the move and some how didn’t get it free.

Kung Fu Rider:

This game has such potential. It’s fun at least for a bit and with a friend. Also it’s hilarious. It’s worth a shot for a while and then return it.

The Move:

Ok I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense but This is a moderate rating. or go halvies with a friend on this. The Move has potential to be great but it needs better games to match it’s hardware. In a lot of ways it has the same issue the PS3 had on launch, and we all know how the game library grew after the PS3’s release.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

Here’s an extra for you, Reader. I  want to give a thank you to the guys from /Film. Thanks for being the first opportunity for us to advertise ourselves. I throughly enjoy listening to the /filmcast and especially the Tobolowsky files. Reader if you haven’t seen these guys in action yet, defiantly check them out at slashfilm.com These are the guys we listen to when we want a critic’s opinion on movies…. You know… that aren’t us… You’re all grade A in our book, guys. In fact, to you I give a:
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