“Beep Boop Beep Beep Boop” by The 59 Sound

Gentalbots and fembots, welcome welcome welcome to the week of robots! Where we give a brief glimpse of the future in which robots do more than dance and play the violin!!!!!

Okay, that’s not true, but they have gotten a lot better at it! :D

Ten songs to [whatever it is you do] while you [listen to robot music?]. Whatever, either way the following is a compilation of 10 songs brought to you from the furthest (about 1 meter) reaches of the audio-sphere!

Before beginning I would to say that the Protomen will not be mentioned in this review (other than right here, dummy) and neither will Dr. Steel, because I have already done reviews on them in the past not too long and, and if you are not already worship the Protomen to an extent that could be considered obsessive than go away, you cannot have nice things!

This first song has no lyrics but I assure you it is about robots! Plus it sounds really catchy, and is lots of fun! (because I said so, dang it!(if we were aloud to curse I would have said “damn” there)). Also, this song is by the Aqua Bats a super duper cool band punk band from America. They do songs about Stuff, and What not. They are probably famous for covering song by the Kids of Widney High (a band made up of mental challenged, at the time, highschoolers) “Throw Away the Trash” at the very least is a really awesome song.
Robot theme song

Another instrumental song, by Caravan Palace, “Suzy” is a jazz (or electroswing, to be more specific) song about a dancing robot. The band Caravan Palace is based in France and formed in 2005 while three of the member were working on the sound track of a silent pornographic film (awesome).


I know what your thinking! And that is gross…But after reading this sentence you will be thinking “wow, he put “Mr. Roboto” on this list, what a cock (rooster).” Yes I am a rooster, and yes I did put “Mr. Roboto” on this list because the Styx are going to hell for making awful music anyway, we might as well give them a little sympathy by listening to this “iconic” robot song from the [whenever the Styx made music].

mr. roboto

It is pretty much impossible to do anything with robots and music without rubbing elbows with Daft Punk, which aren’t a bad band at all. Also, it is pretty much impossible to pick a daft punk song and have it not be about robots, so how was I to pink just 1 song. I picked my favorite of course. Technologic, no it was not off their famouser album but its got a beat that hits hard and consistently. Here you go:

Futuristic Sex Robotz? Yes please! The Futuristic Sex Robotz are “infamous” for being a Gangster Nerd Rap group that was founded in a drunken haze of Keystone Light (gross, get some Mickeys). But yes, they keep It real and what ever things come with being gangster rap, and keep it leet and stuff. They are also kind of vulgar, which I find amusing.

Futuristic sex robotz the positronic pimp


MC CHRIS. (I told you, you would see him again on hur) is another nerdcore rapper, of a much less Gangster and a much more Nerd fashion. The 35 year old rapper with the voice of a 10 year old. Mc Chris also, releases great albums that a fun to sit down and listen to the whole thing back to back because he has skits through the record that are to die for (some of them literally). I should note that Mc does not like being called nerd core, which I find to be silly because he could be so much more if he owned his Nerdyness. This song, Robot Dog is about a robot dog (obvious statement is obvious), and here it is:


(im afraid this is the best video, I could find :/ )

Do you smell this? (its still not Teen Spirit) no, this time we have the “Scent of a Robot” a song by the Asian-American Hip-hop artist Pete Miser. If you watch the music video the plot is pretty clear, and no its nothing vulgar (it makes me sad too).
Scent of a robot

I’m not sure who did this song :/ perhaps some kind of robot? Who knows, but the fact is that it is about a robot who has in fact “Never Been in Love” the closet thing I could find to an artist was a link to a website called songstowearpantsto.com, and another site called sucidebots.com. However, the song is pretty nifty, definitely worth checking out, wanna fight about it?


Now, enough of all these people singing songs about robots! This next band is music by robots for robots! The Trons are a fully robotic band created by musician Greg Locke. They are New Zealanders but base themselves in Hamilton California, and do live performances around the globe.

Times Up from The Trons on Vimeo.

Finally the greatest epic of all time! (involving robots) This song sums up the eternal struggle between Mother Nature and the coldness of its children’s creations; The technological vices of man vs machine. There is no way of knowing who is right, and who is wrong. The lines are so grey and yet so define in this struggle between Mother Nature’s primitive mammal species and the robots. To quote a man: “This saved my marriage and showed me God.” God bless James Kochalka for creating the greatest of all hymns that turns the cogs of our hearts and guides through our lives. MONKEY VS. ROBOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to take this time to talk about Isaac Asimov’s work on the Robot series, which pretty much account for the majority of his work before he made the Foundation. What does this mean? Read ISAAC ASIMOV. If you don’t know who he is, look it up. His work is responsible for the views of robots we have today, and are essentially the Lord of the Rings of Sci-Fi. You have been told.

~Leave me a comment, cause I’m lonely…what is your favorite song about robots? Are there any songs that are worth mentioning that I forgot? Do you think I am cute? ^^

4 Responses to ““Beep Boop Beep Beep Boop” by The 59 Sound”
  1. Mellisa says:

    i fucking love electric music.

  2. Apps Master says:

    Love it too Mellisa ! nice post btw :)

  3. Gorlotch says:

    Awesome collection of music there

  4. the59sound says:

    thanks a lot ^__^ … I love electric music too!

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