“Top 10 Mecha/Giant Robots” by Leader K

Leader K

Top 10 Mecha/Giant robots
(Major spoilers)

Who doesn’t love giant monstrous machines hell bent on both saving and destroying the world? NO ONE! Thats who!

10. Voltron’s Voltron

The cult classic and one of the more recognizable of all giant robots is the powerful Vlotron created by World Events Productions and Toei Animation.
With 124 episodes and fame that lasted 26 years it should not suprise anyone to see Voltron anywhere any time, The question is why is such a famous robot at the bottom of the list? Thats because this list is the tops baby, thats the way I swing!

9. Star Wars’ AT-ST (chicken walker)

I do not consider myself a Star Wars fan. As a kid i could care less about the whole series and as an adult my opinion has not changed, but you can bet i still bought this toy every time a new version was released. Even in those old movies they looked real enough to kick your front door down.
They get knocked down a few spots unfortunately for their embarrassing loss to a tribe of teddy bears with rocks and string, but ignoring that the AT-ST remain one of the most badass machines a boy could have.

8. Japan’s T-34 Enryu “Rescue Dragon”

It is only fitting that Japan should be the first to implement giant robots in real life. The Rescue Dragon is the first step in everyone riding super Mecha to work every morning. Fully functioning arms and fingers capable of lifting 2000 lbs, the T-34 will one day save the lives of many a primitive soul turned over in their obsolete four-wheeled motor cars.

7. Fallout 3’s Liberty Prime

One of the highlights of 2007 was Fallout 3 and one of the highlights of Fallout 3 was being able to walk an intense (but unfortunately short) road of destruction with the ultra strong commie killing war machine Liberty Prime!
No one can stand in the way of his patriotic power, not even “you!” Yes, you! You know who you are!
In the post-apocalyptic waistland of Washington D.C. a robot such as this will keep anyone in its control, and should he go down in battle, he will take the red Chinese threat with him!

6. District 9’s Exo Suit

When a poor unfortunate man finds he is becoming one of the grotesque bug-like alien refugees who have come to Earth, he also discovers a new ability. Not only can he now use their mysterious and powerful weapons, he can even man the armored exo suite with enough fire power to obliterate as many people get in the way.
In many ways similar to the Mechs in James Cameron’s Avatar, and Aliens, except one-hundred times better! The Alien Exo-suite tops a film that was constantly trying to top itself.

5. Zoids New Century Zero’s Liger Zero

As with all people my age Transformers was before my time, and because of this i am one of those people who is fully aware that Transformers sucks.
The toys suck, the movies (of course) suck, the comics suck, and (excluding Beastwars) the shows suck. I grew up with Toonami greeting me everyday after school, and thus i grew up with zoids! More specifically Zoids New Century, the show that made the Zoids franchise famous in the U.S.
Zoids (if you don’t know) are giant mecha in the shape of animals used for war and competition, and none are as powerful as the all mighty Liger Zero.
With its ability to to add special armor to adapt to any situation Liger Zero beats Optimus Prime any day!

4. Gundam’s Gundam’s (all)

With so many iconic shows going by the Gundam name it is hard to choose just one, so this slot is reserved for them all like—-Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket, Super Deformed Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, Mobile Suit Gundam F91, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, New Mobile Report Gundam Wing, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, After War Gundam X, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, Turn A Gundam, Gundam the Ride: A Baoa Qu, Gundam Neo Experience 0087: Green Divers, Gundam Evolve, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Superior Defender Gundam Force, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: The Hidden One Year War, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED C.E. 73: Stargazer, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO 2: The Gravity Front, Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors, Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: The Movie, Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G—-and im sure another hundred more to come in the future!

3. Godzilla’s Mechagodzilla

What does it take to stop the King of the Monsters? Himself, but made of metal. The first time i ever saw a Godzilla movie he was getting his ass handed to him by a beast of equal size but doubled in power. If the fault of man created the giant lizerd then the ingenuity of man can destroy it right?
The Godzilla mecha remains one of the most powerful foes the King has ever faced.

2. Metal Gear Solid’s Metal Gear REX

A walking tank capable of firing a nuclear weapon almost anywhere in the world, yeah…you lose bud. 
REX proves to be one of the most difficult bosses in the MGS series and one of the most iconic to boot, and that is saying a lot.
A weapon that would gives its owner the power to send the world into nuclear war is nothing to take light of. Many have tried to duplicate the monsters design but none fit the bill better than REX. If he be launching missiles, firein’ laser, or street fighting (yes street fighting) you know REX will not stop!

1. Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Evangelion Unit 02

A polarizing show for sure, the first 80% of it being some of the the best anime of all time, the last 20% being some of the best examples of the worst traits of anime entirely.
The main character is a fink and his mecha it a pretentious self important bitch (it is a she).
With all the bullshit preaching that the main and his stupid robot put us through the better parts of the show are oftentimes overshadowed.
That being Asuka and her Unit 2 who time after time step up and put on the show we want to see with great action, emotional moments, and even a little humor here and there.
So the other robot is supposed to be some super god…no thanks. Stick with the redhead with the red robot every time!

Look for these and many more giant robots and compare. Do you agree? Do you have some other reaction other that agreeing thati might care much less about? Let’s find out! Please comment!

5 Responses to ““Top 10 Mecha/Giant Robots” by Leader K”
  1. this is some neat stuff!keep up the good work.check out my blog too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    try Gaogaigar and Full metal panic for other mecha series

  3. KyleKalisky says:

    thats great, you are great, keep it coming

  4. Apps Master says:

    Interesting robots stuff there ;). Your blog is cool, keep it up :)

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