“Skyline” by Ragdoll

I honestly was expecting this movie to be pretty good. I heard it was independently made (out of studio control) so that these filmmakers could show us what they’re really made of (not an AVP2 flop). But alas, I was wrong. This movie made me feel sick (motion sickness as well as bored) and I wanted to leave after a particular character got killed (they were the only thing keeping in the seat).
Let’s go over the suckiness: The light effects in the beginning were jarring. Everything is shot in steady cam! Yeah, I get it; it builds tension, but looks crappy after 10 shots. There is so much shaky steady cam that I got motion sick at the end; so heads up to those daring enough to pay money for this movie. The acting was awful from 90% of the cast. Everyone was sexy, right down to the 22-year-old mom trying to get a bag from the storage compartment of the airplane. I thought this was a movie, not a beauty contest. The soundtrack was full of the most over used crappy “pop” music that’s out right now. Almost every word that was spoken felt like it was out of the CW soaps. There were some serious conversations that sounded like they cut out a few sentences. It was like watching a TV show, flipping the channel, and then flipping it back. You know you missed something, you just don’t know what.And last but not least, the principle characters were bland and unlikable. The actor that I stayed for (and I’m sure everyone stayed for) was killed and immediately replaced with a slightly less popular guy. Without these two actors, I think everyone would have left when I wanted to.
And now the good stuff: Donald Faison and David Zayas were just peachy. They won’t get an Oscar for their performances, but they looked way better in comparison to everyone else on screen. The CGI effects were just great. From the vainy bruising to the colossal mother ship; the effects were truly a refreshing sight from the rest of the movie. And the ending was quite good…well, the first half. It was dramatic, moving, and very much a beautiful way of closing the book on this way over written novel of aliens attacking the Earth. However, there was a second half of the ending that made me throw up my hands and just say to myself “Done”.
In summary, I wouldn’t pay money for this. I say just wait for the Red Box rental and watch it out of curiosity. If this movie didn’t spark your interest when it had commercials, then I say don’t even bother.

In The Spirit of Robot Week and to close it off, check out this sweet

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5 Responses to ““Skyline” by Ragdoll”
  1. agreed about movies with the shaky camera shots, especially when watching on a huge screen, its disorienting

  2. Gorlotch says:

    Yeah it didn't look like it was going to be any good

  3. It's all the kind of stuff I've been hearing about this movie, and it's pretty disappointing. I may watch it on my internet tv software eventually but probably not.

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