“Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” by Leader K

Leader K

At this years Fantastic Fest there were a number of odd, silly, creepy, disgusting, despicable, and just all around good movies. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale in some way or another meets all of these accusations.

In Finland on the border of Russia and archaeological dig is taking place in the mountains near a small town. As they dig deeper they the story of our film kicks off. Children go missing from the town, strange men begin traveling down the mountain side with minds like animals and faces like Santa Claus. All of this topped by a horned giant leading these savage men and spanking naughty children to death.
It is up to one little boy and three professional hunters to stop these strange creatures and save Christmas.

Yes my friends we have Santa Claus, and i dare say this new image of the jolly red elf will-for some-trump and maybe even overshadow the CokaCola mascot the children love to see.

Based on two short films of the same director back in 2003 this new feature length film is vary much like a prequel, but of course it stands alone should you never see:

part1: (Warning You do see Santa’s Junk)

part 2

Though we never really “know” these characters the common concern for a fellows well being in more than enough to excite the sense when we see a horde of hudreds of evil Santa rain down from the hills. The story is about a page long, but every word is put to efficient use, no waisted time in this one, especially since it’s only 77 minutes long.

This is a fantasy film before a horror story, that is to say that its “The Goonies” before “A Clockwork Orange” (yes they are similar…) It is harsh for younger audiences, but its nothing that the children of the 80’s couldn’t handle, and its nothing that the children of almost every other country of besides the U.S. couldn’t handle (especially Japan).

The film despite its hiccups is fast paced and truly exciting. The horror, adventure, and the comedy comes from a more genuine, less Hollywood atmosphere.

Watch it! Buy it!

One Response to ““Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale” by Leader K”
  1. Fred says:

    Hmm… not my usual bag – but sounds interesting none-the-less.

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