“Mirrormask” by Silenced Requiem

Yeah, I kind of review anything. I’m a poor artist, I can’t afford to get a lot of games and stuff so I do what I can. So naturally, I kinda do things awkwardly. And yeah, I know I didn’t post for Robot week. Bite me.

What I Expected:

Okay the first time I saw the trailer for the movie some years back, I was already excited for it. I love weird stuff. Stuff that isn’t exactly ordinary. So there I was, sitting for months and months waiting for this movie to come out in theaters already. I would walk into Hot Topic and see little figures of characters from the movie in little boxes on the shelves in the back. I thought, okay, it’s gotta be in theaters already right? They’ve got little figures out and everything. Where is it?

Yeah well. I found out that it didn’t come out in theaters or was only released in select theaters and I had completely missed my chance at seeing it in one. This fact made me so very sad. But then I went to Walmart and found it on the shelf. I didn’t really know much or anything about the movie, I’d seen the trailer once or twice on T.V. seen the figures, and that was it. The images from the trailer and the figures were intriguing enough for me to buy the DVD on the spot. I had waited forever for it in theaters and had missed it. I wasn’t going to miss it again. It looked a bit odd just from what I’d seen, I had very little idea what I was truly in for.

What We Got:

Mirrormask is designed and directed by illustrator Dave Mckean (my favorite artist), and written by Neil Gaimen (favorite writer, putting these two together is like Opera & Metal for me, there are some things that just can’t get any better). If you don’t know who either of them are, shame on you. And the music was composed by Iain Ballamy.

So in the film our main character is Helena Campbell, a young girl who’s family travels as circus performers. All Helena wants is a real life, a normal one. Not one as circus performers like her mother and father. A fact she argues with her mother about. Helena’s mother collapses later and is taken to the hospital a short while after the argument with Helena. Helena then finds out a week or so later that her mother will require surgery if she is to get better. She then blames herself for her mother’s current condition.

Helena then wakes up in what seems to be a dream. She meets three street performers, one of which she at first thinks she recognizes as someone she knows. A sort of darkness enters and consumes two of the performers while Helena and the third performer, Valentine escape. She soon finds herself in the City of Light, which is slowly being taken over by the same darkness or shadows that consumed the other two performers. Helena is then mistaken for a princess and taken to the Prime Minster where she learns about what’s going. He tells her that the princess she has been mistaken for stole a sort of charm from the city which has left it’s Queen in a sleep, which then leaves the city vulnerable to the shadows. Helena notices the resemblance of the Minister and the Queen to her parents and agrees to help recover the lost charm.

Just like there is a Queen of the Light there is a Queen of the Shadows. And she has been watching Helena and Valentine also making the same mistake the guards in the city of light made–she thinks Helena is the princess of shadows. Helena and Valentine then have to stay ahead of the Queen of Shadows as they try to find clues that will lead them to the stolen charm that they later find out is called a ‘Mirrormask’. Along the way they meet such characters such as the strange Mrs. Bagwell, the Sphinxes, Giants, Malcom and the rest of the Monkeybirds along with the Queen of Shadows and the real princess of Shadows who happens to be a doppelganger of herself. Helena eventually discovers that the world she’s in is part of the world she’s drawn and hung on the walls of her bedroom, and that the real princess is taking her place in the real world using the Mirrormask.

And by the way I want you to meet Bob, Bob, Malcom, and Bob. (Above) I named my car Malcolm for two reasons, Malcolm Reynolds, and Malcom the Monkeybird. Why? They both are wicked awesome. This movie was not what I had expected. I had expected something interesting; what I got was an inspiring and visually beautiful.

When I first picked up this movie in Wal-mart, I had no idea at the time that it would quickly rise to one of the top films in my favorites list.



Mirrormask is a strange yet wonderful movie. It’s odd, I’ll be the first to admit to that. But it’s an oddness that only adds to its charm. It’s a movie that couldn’t possibly have any more eye-candy than it already has. As an artist I admire this film for the sheer beauty and creativity behind it. A movie with more eye candy I do not know at this point. (If anyone mentions Avatar, I swear, I will GLARE MENACINGLY AT YOU FROM BEHIND THIS SCREEN.)

I will also admit I have a little bias in my love of this movie since its creation involved both Dave Mckean and Neil Gaimen. Nonetheless, this movie is worth watching at some point. None of the people I’ve showed it to have hated it yet.

Either that or they’re all lying to me. In which case, I hate you all. (No not really.)


Buy it.. If you are into odd movies that are full of eye candy and a lot of british accents, say yes to Mirrormask.

3 Responses to ““Mirrormask” by Silenced Requiem”
  1. Hitchcock says:

    thanks for the review!

  2. HTT says:

    look like … weird

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