“November (Wintery…ish) Mix” by Silenced Requiem

So, Eddie said I had to do a holiday post. I said I didn’t like Holiday Music, Movies, and god forbid there are any good Holiday games out there. There was a lot of whining on my part. Don’t get me wrong, I like Christmas, I just don’t enjoy the holiday music and movies that go with it. It’s concentrated happy. I’m afraid if it gets on me I’ll spontaneously combust.

SO GUESS WHAT. This is my halfway. Another round of mixes. I don’t want to do that sappy jungle bells music. It might rot what’s left of my soul. I’m only doing nine artists this time around as well as doing it all in one big post due to time constraints. And you probably have heard of some..but some maybe not.

So I’m just sort of doing stuff I’m listening to for the winter months to come. Slightly lighter stuff mixed with a bit of jazz. Because I love Jazz for winter. Not as hard as the October mix.

Sarah Brightman

First off. Shame on you if you don’t know Sarah Brightman. Seriously. Just shame on you. Secondly, I can put a video from a live performance on here because she is just that good. Brightman is an English soprano singer who’s genres span over the expected classical, to maybe the more unexpected dance, pop, symphonic rock, folk, and even electronica among others. She’s done a good number of songs in other languages. Her song ‘Pasión’ is actually one of my mother’s favorites because it’s in her native tongue, Spanish. From which my mother says she sings in the more proper Spanish. For whatever reason I think sopranos are perfect for winter, and Sarah Brightman is mellow enough that I can play for everyone and hits the rock enough to be in my car. Fleurs du Mal is a nice mix of both.

Fluers du Mal- Sarah Brightman

Within Temptation

A Symphonic Metal band from the Netherlands. (Whoo, go Netherlands!) In my top favorite bands, without a doubt. I first came across Within Temptation’s ‘Angels’, that’s all it really took for me to actually go out and order their album. I had to order it because no one actually had it in the store at the time. Shanon Den Adel’s voice is rather high, but man, does it suit her and the music, it’s beautiful. I honestly didn’t think people could comfortably sing like that before I came across this band. I picked ‘Memories’ because it’s soft enough to be allowed in the living room without upsetting anyone. Then just like Miss Brightman’s ‘Fleurs du Mal’ it’s got enough to it to be suitable for the car in my opinion.

And like Tarja Turunen and Amy Lee, Shanon Den Adel always has the nice dresses. I don’t usually really care about stuff like that…like ever. But man, I have to actually admit those are some awesome designs.

Memories- Within Temptation

The Blue Hit

I’m not going to say too much right now, mostly because I think I’ll do a full post on these guys soon..ish. Depends on what Eddie says, which doesn’t really matter because I generally don’t listen anyway. But I figure I’ll at least pretend for a moment I have the capacity to actually do strictly as I’m told. I mentioned them once before in my Steampunk music post because they were at the Green Steam Circus with White Ghost Shivers and Abney Park. I put them on this cd because they are pretty mellow, but quirky. I like quirky. They’re pretty stripped down and raw in a way, it’s fantastic. And I thoroughly enjoy the album I walked out of the circus with. They were the other cd my brother was insisting I don’t walk out with. Again I do not regret this.

Drives me nuts that I couldn’t find a really high quality clip off Youtube for them. They’re really quite spectacular.

All the Children- The Blue Hit


And for our first Jazz artist, Adele from London. Adele has that smokey voice that’s perfect for blues/jazz. I’m going with some jazz/blues singers in here because I always think they’re perfect for listening with a hot cup of tea. Adele’s music is also pretty relate-able to the younger crowd, and catchy enough for even my brother to listen to. Her first album, 19, was good, it only took a song or two for me to run over and buy the cd, her next album is set for 2011 which I expect I will also be buying.

Chasing Pavements- Adele

Billie Holiday

The Queen of Jazz in my opinion. You can’t have a cd with jazz on it without taking a look at Billie Holiday. I firmly believe that in order to appreciate today’s music fully you’ve got to appreciate the past as well. She lived a rough life, but her music has persisted through the years and I’m sure it will continue to do so. Billie Holiday sneaks her way into my mixes quite a bit. You can’t go wrong with Lady Day.

My god, what it would have been like to hear her live, I’m sure she was spectacular.

Blue Moon- Billie Holiday

Blackmore’s Night

(Yeah I know I could use a better picture. I just liked this one, despite the resolution.) Mmm. Blackmore’s Night. These people caught me from the very first time I heard them. First song I came across was ‘Fires at Midnight’, from there I was hooked. They’re listed under a couple of things, mostly folk rock, neo-medieval, renaissance inspired folk rock. Whatever they’re listed under I don’t care. They’re wonderful. They have this old time feel that could easily make you believe they could be playing around a campfire on a cold night. Which is pretty much why I’m putting them here. Richie Blackmore’s guitar skills are a wonder in and of themselves, and coupled with Candice Night’s vocals, it’s simply inspiring. Never been to a renaissance fair, but I really really want to go…eventually. And if these guys were there I’d definitely go. And as of like two days ago I finally found their ‘The Village Lantern’ album, which of course I bought immediately. It’s difficult to find.

Under A Violet Moon- Blackmore’s Night

Norah Jones

For a bit of Jazz, of course you have to have Norah Jones. It’s just a must and that’s pretty much all there is to it. If you’ve ever been to a Starbucks (I’m resisting making a Starbucks joke here, it’s hard people) you’ve probably heard her at least once. She’s hard to miss she is. I’m partial to Painter’s Song, so of course that’s the one I chose to show here. It’s a sweet song. She’s imaginative and like Adele you can relate easily to her music. Where Adele hits the kind of Jazz you’d hear on the radio Norah Jones hits the kind of jazz you might find in a small coffee shop or at a bookstore.

Painter’s Song- Norah Jones


Yeah. Despite all the gothic metal and stuff I listen to I’m a huge Enya fan. (Dad’s fault. As usual.) I probably own five or six of her albums with plans on eventually getting them all. I actually get all excited when a new Enya album comes out. Her music is very mellow, and something I listen to a lot for a number of reasons. Enya is one of those people that you can pick out any of her albums and you’ll know it’s good. She brings in influences from all sorts of places but primarily Celtic (she’s Irish). She’s apparently sung in upwards of 10 different languages..and I’m not all that surprised about it. It annoys the crap out of me when some rap or hip hop artist grabs her work and puts it in their song. Way to butcher a good thing. Did it to Imogen heap too, who didn’t deserve it either. Serious nerd rage going on here people.

Caribbean Blue- Enya


Angelzoom is the solo project of German singer Claudia Uhle. I first came across Angelzoom through a song by Apocalyptica (Turn the Sky) that featured Angelzoom. It’s hard to describe Angelzoom’s exact style. It seems like new age meets…well a bit of I guess maybe rock or classical, maybe even a bit of darkwave at times. Hard to say really. It’s best if you just listen. It’s got this ethereal sense a good most of the time, which is fascinating. The only negative thing I can say is that finding the cd is bloody hard. It’s a good cd, it’s just difficult to actually get a hold of it seems. Especially sinceI refuse to use the itunes store. Thank you very much I prefer the physical cd.

Fairyland- Angelzoom

3 Responses to ““November (Wintery…ish) Mix” by Silenced Requiem”
  1. Fred says:

    Hmmm… I do like Nora Jones. I have some awesome jazz arrangements of a few of her songs.

  2. Shutterbugz says:

    billie is one of the greatest ever

  3. ImmaFrog says:

    november is most enjoyable

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