FallOut: New Vegas

Riddle Me This How can you make a fire with only 1 stick?

Make it a match stick. Some men just want to watch the world burn. What kind of man will you be?

What I Expected
I have always been one to think of Video games as an escape from the endless amount of suck that we refer to as daily life. That being said, I really do enjoy games that allow me to not be myself for a while. A game that’s good in my mind is one that allows me to play the role of the character on the screen to the extent that I’m more enveloped in the events of the game than I would be with the evens and hardships I face outside the game. This doesn’t necessary, and in fact rarely, mean that I have to be playing an RPG game. In Batman Arkham Asylum , I felt like I was the Dark Knight bringing justice upon all the escaped inmates of Arkham with the exception of myself. In Dead Space I felt as though I was Issac fighting for dear life against a ship of transformed mutant aliens, and in Fall Out 3, I felt like myself as if I was lost in a post apocalyptic wasteland that never escaped the 50s set in Washington DC. I rope all those together because they’re all great games which eat at my life like a Caterpillar that’s on the world’s tastiest leaf. Role Playing at it’s Finest. I expect no less from the sequel.

Also, I expect Gambling. Lots and Lots of Gambling

What We Got
Let me start off by saying I did break a rule that I hate to break before playing a game. That’s the rule that I don’t read a review for the game before I write my review. I don’t want to be influenced. However I couldn’t help myself. What I heard from the grapevine, made me lose my mind. Not really. What was tossed about a lot was that the game didn’t change. Everything is kept the same as Fall Out 3. After playing the game, myself. I have to agree. It’s pretty much all the same as far as graphics, game play, design, layout, etc. Everything has been kept the same. I am a firm believer that if it ain’t broke then why the hell fix it? More of a good thing is still a good thing. In this reviewer’s opinion, Fall Out New Vegas did, as I’ve said before, what a sequel should do. It added to the experience that was started by Fall Out 3.
(Quick edit for those of you that actually read this block of text in the middle of all the pictures. Yes I realize that Fall Out 3 was not the beginning of the franchise and I wasn’t referring to it as such. Fall Out 3 like Grand Theft Auto 3, Sonic Adventure, Super Mario 64, etc. was the first game to take the franchise in a direction that differed from it’s predecessors.)
They did add a few things, another item that should be noted when making a sequel. The most notable is probably Hardcore mode. In Hardcore mode it’s intended to add the Role Playing experience by adding additional stats for you to keep track of. Namely: eating, drinking and Sleeping. With the right amount of imagination, you can see yourself dragging through the dessert, low on water, dehydration sickness sets in and when the next town is just over th horizon, will gives way to health and you die to become dust on the dunes. In reality it’s just a number you watch go up and down. I seemed to find plenty of water to drink in sinks and toilets, not to mention there’s so many water bottles around it’s crazy. The plants are almost always edible so food is never in shortage. In short, Hardcore mode really isn’t hardcore enough. Maybe give a groan from my character’s lips or have his visibly limp in 3rd person or show signs of fatigue. Otherwise what’s a number to use that have enough money to afford games that aren’t D&D.
One last beef before I grade this turkey: In Fall Out 3 it seemed as though I was more in control of my own fate than in Fall Out New Vegas. I recall that after I left the vault in my first play through I completely,  due to zoning out, disregarded the instructions of what I was supposed to do to advance the plot and set off on an adventure of epic proportions, wasting hours of my life exploring, hunting, stealing and discovering. In New Vegas, the map is noticeably smaller. It makes up for it with more villages and quests, but still it’s using giant Rad Scorpions to point me in certain directions around the map and have me continue the plot that it has predetermined. Where’s my ability to throw caution to the wind and explore the world on my own? I get that it’s a dangerous place, but I’m totting dynamite goddammit! If I throw it at a giant bug, there should just be a giant splat!

More of a good thing is still a good thing. Fall Out New Vegas is a good sequel in the sense that it’s a continuation of what was created in Fall Out 3. There are enough guns, items and perks that have been added to this game to keep it fresh, and the map is of course new and interesting to explore. The only downside is that it’s exploring in a bit more of a linear fashion that you may have in Fall Out 3. Non-The-Less, The game is fun and will probably kill the better part of 100+ hours of exploration, gun play and plot.

Overall Rating

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3 Responses to “FallOut: New Vegas”
  1. Fred says:

    New Vegas looks awesome – been meaning to check it out.

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    Take care!

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