“Mass Effect 1” by Silenced Requiem

What I Expected:

Eh. I was bored one day really. Very, very bored. Bored enough to actually go to my dvd/game shelf and look for a game to play. I thumbed through them, played that, don’t care about that, tried that- got bored, finished that. It took a good while until found a game called Mass Effect, it seemed at least vaguely interesting enough. The cover was pretty. (I’m lame, I know this.) Shooting game? Meeeeeeh. But it’s this or I watch some Pixar movie for what would probably be the twentieth time.

Put in the game and turned on the x-box not expecting much of anything.

What We Got:

A kind of futuristic sci-fi shooter in spaaaace. I’m not usually into games that involve space, I tend towards the past more than I do the future in my tastes, but I thought I’d give it a try. So you start off molding your character who is referred to by his/her last name, ‘Shepard’ when spoken to. The first name that you put in is merely for formalities. Your Shepard is pretty customizable. You can choose male or female, customize their face, their history, and then pick from six different classes.You have Soldier, Engineer, Adept, Infiltrator, Sentinel and Vanguard to choose from for classes. Each one has a slightly different fighting style and weapons/armors, so it really just depends on how you want to play. My first time around I went with a female, Door Shepard (I swear there’s a reason to the name ‘Door’. A reference to a character in a Neil Gaimen book) and chose soldier as my class. Why? Because I wanted someone who could take down enemies with a number of different weapons. Simple, yet highly effective. This was already more than I had expected.

So from the beginning. The dialog varies depending on the background you chose for your Shepard but pretty much you are being evaluated for a chance at becoming a Spectre. Spectres are individuals with special privileges who only really answer to the Council, and if you are accepted you will be the first Human Spectre. You are sent on a mission to a distant planet near the outermost planets to recover a Prothean artifact. (The Protheans were an ancient race whose technology is largely responsible for the current advancements in tech.) This is where everything begins pretty much. Here you encounter the Geth for the first time, as well as your main man, the Turian Saren.

How you handle situations and conversations in the game either gives you +Paragon points, or +Renegade points. If you ever played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic or Fable this is not a foreign concept. Your decisions, whether they be good or bad, grant you corresponding points and as those points rise you can unlock special conversation options or persuade/intimidate people. Just like your background changes dialog I assume your Paragon/Renegade points can also change your dialog. (I’m not entirely sure however, overactive conscience, I always roll paragon, I feel bad if I go with renegade. :< ) But it’s still nice that you can choose to be the good guy, or the jerk who is still more or less saving people. Kinda.

You will come across many different species. You will also always have at least two other team members with you almost all the time, some of which may be alien. The first two you get are Kaiden Alenko and Ashley Williams…both of which I really hated so I pretty much never had them with me as soon as I got other options for team members. Kaiden’s voice annoys me, and he’s whiny, then Ashley’s a bit rude at times so I always want to slap her. They all have their own quirks and classes. While Ashley is a Soldier, Kaiden is a Sentinel.

The combat system is straight forward enough, I never had a problem with it. I actually quite like it, although I’ve met people who didn’t enjoy it. Point, shoot. Duck behind things for cover. I understand that in games like Call of Duty there are more options like crawling or whatnot but it’s not really necessary in Mass Effect so it’s not there. You can crouch behind something and most of the time that’s all you need. That and in some situations just watch where your enemy is, you do not want a Krogan within punching range or charging at you. It is not pleasant. Not at all.


At first, I didn’t have high hopes for this game. It was something I found on my shelf one very boring afternoon. I didn’t expect that this game could ever amount to anything other than something to pass time. It exceeded expectations by a huge amount, Mass Effect is now one of my favorite games. It’s interesting enough that I went back and played through it again. There are a few minor things that could have been worked on, but as a whole, I really enjoyed the story, characters, and most everything else about it. The chance to choose your answers and actions takes me back to the days of playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

There’s a few things that could have been improved, but overall it was a great game. The one thing I really wish it had was more dialogue between characters as you’re walking about. Like the characters in Dragon Age (which btw, Morrigan owns all. Sorry, she just does). Also wish it was on the PS3, man, X-box’s loading sucks.



This is a great game. It has quickly gone into my favorites list, and I’m generally not really into shooting, sci-fi games. But man, this one sold me. The ending left me sitting on the couch going, ‘Dude, that was epic’.

I will also be doing a review for Mass Effect 2.

2 Responses to ““Mass Effect 1” by Silenced Requiem”
  1. I actually really liked this game.

  2. Truth Finder says:

    Man i played this on steam on my brothers account on my hd laptop. the graphics are amazing. top notch game.

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