Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 7

DAY 7:

The first 2 fer and the second freebie. Go on, you can say it. Mr. Riddler is so nice. This is going to be the brief stint of the Classic Classics. Frost and Rudol are so old that I have a box around here somewhere full of old VHS tape that I watched when I was a kid and both of them are in that box. Since then I’ve gone digital and own them on DVD though. Why are these such classics you ask? because they encompass everything that is Christmas. Stop motion animation and the yearning to out do everyone else.

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

5 Responses to “Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 7”
  1. Justsayin' says:

    you never get too old for the classics. Great post

  2. The Twist says:

    God, nostalgia. Following for sure.

  3. Major.Mack says:

    havent seen that in a while

  4. ImmaFrog says:

    i love this movie!

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