“Just Cause 2” by Mr Riddler

First off Let me say, yes this is a cop out. I wanted to get you another big seller for the Christmas season, but Gamefly is being a dick. Or that is that kids off from school are and I only got an older game. No Worries I’ll get you a quality review of this older game because if you haven’t played it yet, it’s still new to you!

What did the fish say when he hit a concrete wall?

“Dam” and you’ll be saying “Dam” a lot when playing Just Cause 2. Either “Dam, I’m Dead” or “Dam that was cool.”

What I Expected:
Well this is the second game open world GTA style game that I’ve reviewed since the cite opened. this is a call for celebration! so in celebration I won’t be writing an incredibly long review like I did with Red Dead Redemption and I promise you’ll be done reading within the next 5 minutes. YAY!
Ragdoll is the one that brought this game to my attention. She works at Best Buy when she can and pointed out that this game can be taken as Just Cause or Just ‘Cause. Not like I cared I’d never even heard of the first one and didn’t care much for this one… that is until I heard that the sandbox play space is about 50mile by 50 miles and you have a full South Asia Country to play in. “Holy Crap,” I thought. “I love sandboxes that are interesting and have a wide variety of things to play / dick around with. This will be perfect!” So I immediately added it to my list of things to do when I have time. And now I do. And thus I play. And thus I trash talk the game to no end.

What We Got:
Just Cause is, like I said, an open world game where you play the good guy by being a dick bad guy. Because I know that you read the Red Dead Redemption review, you’ll remember that I said games that are like Grand Theft Auto are games for being a dick. This game is no exception. The story follows a guy named Rico, AKA The Scorpion, that’s tracking down some underground conspiracy thing with his organization of spies and assassins, and everyone, their dog, and their mom stabs you in the back so it’s a little difficult to follow. I honestly just stopped paying attention after the Ninjas with sub-machine guns showed up. Not that it really matters. 90% of the 178952457 hours you’ll spend playing the game won’t be on story missions anyway. In fact when the opening cutscenes and tutorial mission was playing I just wanted it to let me go. I want to blow up cars and stuff already! Not to mention that Just Cause 2, from it’s cutscenes, was the first game that I’ve ever scene make me feel like I was watching a movie with eye scratchingly bad actors. In a way I can say it’s cinematic, but not in the good way. The voice acting and untimely jump from line to line and motion of the characters just made it nearly embarrassing to watch. Again, not like the story matters. Well as the story, if you can call it that, you need to join up with 3 different crime lords in the country and aid them in over throwing the government and turning the entire innocent population into drug taking, militarized thugs for the purpose that I can only assume of international terrorism. (And they said Modern Warfare 2 was edgy. Spoiler.. it wasn’t)
This is where the assholery comes in. By blowing things up, finding drug drops, blowing things up, tearing down statues and propaganda, and blowing shit up, you aid the criminals and take down bits and pieces of the oppressive government that only seems to protect the peaceful integrity of it’s own country. By doing dick things you get paid to upgrade guns, vehicles and the like, but it raises the question as to why you would sped $45000 for a car when you can just steal one and get more chaos points in the process. The game design seems a bit flawed in this respect. I suppose I would buy weapons whenever there wasn’t a cop or teammate around to just kill and take one from or buy a plane to crash at 90 miles an hour into a tree and watch explode because I don’t have sufficient take off room, but int he end it’s just far more effective to take what I want instead of buy it… maybe an underlying message there but I think that’s a bit to deep to have a message with this game.
The control scheme is almost exactly the same as GTA again with only a few small exceptions. This game allows you to dual wield different guns which was neat at first but after getting a big 2 handed bun, why would you? It gave you parachutes which I know I would have killed for in GTA Vice City. Also it gave you this handy little grappling hook made of magic. It allowed you to fly when parachuting by hooking the ground, pull your self onto flying jets and steal them and grab the ground after falling for miles and live. The kind of gravity Defying Technology that makes Sir Issac Newton roll over in his unmarked grave.
I really did have fun playing through Grand Th.. er…. Just Cause 2 mostly because there’s just so much to do and see. There’s even an island level like from the TV show LOST. It was beautiful. The landscapes look gorgeous and the number of different way to get around it are immense. That was a very impressive part of the game. On the other hand, I still can’t shake the feeling that something was missing. A coherent story maybe.

Just Cause 2. I’m really not to sure what to rate this game. I’m a firm believer that games should have stories but God of War 3 turned my head when the awesome gameplay trumped the atrociousness of the story. Maybe Just Cause 2 comes close to fitting the bill, but not really. I didn’t finish it because I became so bored after a certain point. Maybe that says something. It’s something you should rent and after a week. You’ll be done and still have $30 in your wallet.

Overall Rating:


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