Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 24

DAY 24 (Days till Christmas… 1)

So here we are. 24 days in. Last Movie of the Advent Calender. And I’m about 98% sure noone’s been watching these movies as I’ve been posting them, but that’s all cool because today is a film lost in time… ish. A Very Merry Muppet Christmas is like the bastard child that Muppet Movies don’t talk about. Mostly because it’s not so much a kids film. DOn’t get me wrong, they don’t curse or anything and kids can still find it cute and funny, but it’s the contemporary Muppet Christmas film with more recent familiar stars and jokes on recent shows and movies, like Scrubs and the Jim Carey Grinch movie. None the less, it’s still a great watch and should be enjoyed this Christmas Eve.

Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas from us here at Riddler Reviews… or Hanukkah…. or any other holiday tradition that you may celebrate.
Come back tomorrow for The Night of the ManFLY

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

3 Responses to “Christmas Movie Advent Calender: DAY 24”
  1. Vapor says:

    I love the Muppets.

  2. NooG says:

    This movie is a true classic… Brings back great memories.

  3. invagrantly says:

    muppets! also merry xmas!

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