“DC Universe Online” by Mr Riddler

Ok so I’m a bit down in the dumps over the last few days but also Silence is working on a big surprise for everyone at the end of the week so noone’s really going to be seeing this post.

So I got a beta key to DC Universe online and have been playing it nonstop for the past few days. Giving me little to no time or interest in Epic Mickey so I’ll be doing a review for this instead

What I Expected
I expect this game to be the freakin’ proof of god. This game had been pushed back, by my watch, a total of about a year and a half. Hell the boxes at Gamestop still show November when the release is set, but that of course was when the beta launched. What I want to see in the game is The Riddler, of course, a non-point and click interface so I’m not sitting majority of my time and watching things happen, and a way for me to live out the Super Hero / Villian fantasy that’s been within the deep recesses of my mind. Like all children I ran around with a towel around my neck pretending to be…

In New York University, a college age Mr Riddler signs up for a science experiment testing arm bands that can transform free energy in the air into mock psychokinesis and energy blasts. Everything with the bands is successful but suddenly AH! A rival scientist steals the designs and tweeks them to pick up free energy and convert it into raw Human strength transforming him into INVERSE! Inverse kills the good doctor whose dying with is for Mr Riddler to carry on his work and to use the arm bands for a fight for good. Mr Riddler knows what he should do and becomes the masked crusader…. EnergySpike!

What We Got

Wanted to put this here because it’s how the game opens up and basically saves me the time of explaining the damn story. I mean it’s an MMO so there isn’t really a story; more a premise.
Also yes that is Mark Hamill Voicing the Joker again and he does throughout the game.

Surprisingly I can make a character that’s pretty darn close that what I just wrote out. When creating a character in DC Universe online you’re given a few choices of body type, Hulk sized, Average Hero size and child size, and then given the option to model yourself off another hero or villain be it Batman, The Joker, Superman etc. or you can customize your own. I customized. When you do you can have a few basic power sets such as Ice, Fire, Magic, Poison Ivy powers, or my choice the Technology based powers. this says what type of skill you’ll get be it like mine which are all little trinkets and gadgets to tie up and stun enemies or fireballs, Psychic blasts, etc. Also this will help define your class. Magicians for examples will be more incontrols of buffing other players and healing. Nature power are more inclined to manipulate the stats of enemies, and everything else is a tank. you just blast the bad thing till it doesnt move anymore. Next you pick how you kick butt, which is a very important part to playing a game. You get the choice of a surprising number of ways, from brawling, to swords and staff weapons, to martial arts, to all out guns and pistols. For Energy Spike I choose hand blasts. Each weapon set will change how you play the game not just how it looks. I’ll get more into that later. For those of you without imiaginations there are iconic powers from heroes that you can unlock as you play, so if you want to make Superman22442x2 you can… but for the love of god just think up something on your own.
Finally, you choose a mentor. Meta Human (Superman / Lex Luthor) Science Based (Batman / Joker) Magic Based (WonderWoman / Circe) Sets up your origin story and starting location whether it be Gotham or Metropolis. I’m really hoping that there are more locations that this. If there’s anything I have a beef with it’s the locations. not that they’re looking because Gotham still looks like a crap hole and Metropolis looks like it’s better loved younger brother. It’s just that after hours on end they become a little dull. I still want to goto Amazonia, Oa and Atlantis and all those other locations from the DC Universe.
After making you character and getting into the game you’re going to see that there’s one big difference between this and… oh say World of Warcraft. DC Universe Online isn’t really an MMORPG. I’d really classify it as a MMO Brawler game with RPG elements. Each attack must be made by the push of a button. You can’t click and focus on skills from then on. Given, this does become a pain in the butt if your’e trying to lock on a specific target and get caught up in the button mashing, but it adds to the experience for me. It feels more like I’m playing a game and less like I’m wasting my time.
Instances, if you don’t know, are the big things with MMOS were you can have your own private adventure, just you and your party, against a big story and DCUO is riddled (haha) with them. I have to say though that each and everyone is great. Each one usually give you a familiar DC Super Hero or villain face to join in at your side (IE for you to protect) and they lead up to big battles with iconic Villains. For me who’s mentor was Batman, I took on the Scarecrow along side lesbian heroine Batwoman.

Well the entire concept of this game is multiplayer…. so…. Areas that need to be improved on to enhance the multiplayer experience that I hope they fix before the game comes out.
Keyboard compatibility. one thing that really gets on my nerves is when I have a keyboard attached to my playstation i still need to hit enter and cover the whole damn screen with that grey, type with your controller box. Annoys that hell out of me and needs to be fixed. I know I’m using a console but wasn’t the current generation of gaming consoles on a steady incline ot becoming computers anyway?
Voice integration. Dear god fix this. Half the time I can’t tell if they can hear me and when I can hear someone else it’s just a huge buzzing noise. Additionally, if you have a PS3 and you play online get a blue tooth, and don’t yell into it.

This is a bit soon to be making a conclusion on this game and after the real game comes out I can give a more thorough review. right now the level cap for the beta is 20 but I’ve got missions for higher available to me now. But as of right now, from what I can tell I’m going to suggest you buy this game. Yes it has a monthly fee, but if you’ve got the PC hardware to back it, or a PS3. I’d say it’s worth your time and money.

Overall Rating

Feel Free to leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, if you enjoyed the review or what you want me to review next. I’ll pay attention. After all, you are my only reader.

One Response to ““DC Universe Online” by Mr Riddler”
  1. Elton Fasulo says:

    Every MMO company in the world has an employee utter this one in public, because who doesn’t love a public hanging? Whatever “it” is that’s supposedly working, saying so on a message forum board is practically a guarantee that the thing in question is horribly broken, or an agility item that improves as soon as you buff charisma, or you cannot connected to a drop table despite being a boss mob. I can’t possibly link to all bloopers this the person has been connected to more than the years. You’re invited to give out your favorites in the comments!

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