“Epic Mickey” by Mr Riddler

An average female mouse can give birth to 12 babies once a month. Baby mice can mature and give birth to babies at two months old.

If you bought one of these cute baby mice home from the pet store the day after it is born, how many mice would you have 10 months from now?

If you bought 1 male and 1 female mouse, and all of the babies were female… after 10 months you would have 137,858,392,849 female mice..and one very happy Micky mouse.

What I Expected

I expected Disney’s Silent Hill. No Joke. If you’ve followed Disney’s Epic Mickey frmo the beginning then you’ll have seen the concept art and heard the buzz a little under a year ago. Epic Mickey was supposed to be a new take on the fluffy Disney scene. Instead of being the magical world of Disney, the long forgot original character, Oswald is dragging Mickey into his twisted world of Forgotten Characters for revenge. And everything is a disgusting horror twisted version of what we know to be Disneyland with it’s a small world playing backwards and … well look this is the concept art here.

What We Got

So it’s…. kinda right. The game is a little twisted but not Silent Hill twisted… Not the Concept Art twisted… I’d say not even Kingdom Hearts twisted. Epic Mickey is about as scary as the scene in The Little Mermaid where Ursela becomes a giant and Eric rams her with his mast… the… ship… mast… bad example but it’s Disney scary. Then again, it’s probably what they were shooting for, but it doesn’t really make a lot of sense. It’s got the cute aspect of Disney world but with a premise that’s a bit to dark for kids to play without their dad or old sibling. Maybe that’s it. It’s to scare family time into younger children.

Epic Micky is set in a place called Wasteland. Mickey accidentally ruins Yen Sid’s Disneyland for forgotten character from cartoons and creates an evil entity called the Shadow Blot. The Shadow Blot takes Oswald’s Disneyland, which oddly enough was called the Wasteland to begin with, and makes it suitable for it’s name. As Mickey, you’re pulled into the world and given a paintbrush capable of shooting both Ink to restore the place to it’s former glory and thinner, to act like a dick and destroy that which you loved as a child. I know. Who honestly would do the latter? In addition to the platforming that we’ve come to see from Mickey games in the 2D era, they’ve also added a huge, and I use this world loosely, area to play in an open world. Really it’s just a matter of break Box A to get Tickets B to buy Part C to build Machine D and goto next world E. Or you can talk to Man A goto Woman B and bring Part C back to man A. It’s insanely boring and annoying for the game to pull just to increase play time, and worst of all it’s mandatory.

Outside of the open world areas there’s the combat areas. Where you’re given a task to ink, thin and platform your way from one point o the other of the map. This is probably the most fun sections of the game. Unfortunately, that’s not saying much since this can also be the most frustrating. I have to do this because I know I rag on the Wii a lot, but I can’t help but feel the game could have been greatly approved on if it wasn’t on the Wii. The camera controls are atrocious. Half the time you can’t control it and other times the button is either oddly placed for combat. (the left and right on the D-pad) Not to mention, that it gets stuck in the wall every now and again DURING platforming sections so it’s more a leap of faith section.


Epic Mickey can be fun for kids who are playing their first few games though. It’s unfortunate that it can’t really be enjoyed by someone in their teens or adults. There are just too many flaws with control, and the toned down creepyness can just take away from the experience. This is one of the things where I can’t help but blame the Wii though. I want to see this game as NOT a Wii exclusive. with some real hardware backing they probably could have made this… Epic. And it’s not like the Kinect and Move cant do exactly what the Wii does.

Overall Rating

This is faaaaaaaar more exciting and Edgy than Epic Mickey.

2 Responses to ““Epic Mickey” by Mr Riddler”
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  2. I was expecting Disney’s Silent Hill, too. When I got my sight in the very early concept art, I thought “man, that’s disgusting… and awesome!”. My favorite one was a creepy cyborg thing with hook hands and feet… and the head of a pink elephant. Entering a barren wasteland version of the most famous park in the world, knowing there’s God knows what kind of classic characters turned into mechanical aberrations lurking in the shadows while listening “It’s a small world” backwards… I would have loved that game so much. Maybe it’s because I’m not a fan of Disney, so, watching the magic being brutally twisted to the point of being a nightmare don’t affect me that much. But I don’t blame the Wii for the final product Epic Mickey is. I blame Disney. The company of course, not the man, since he is dead (or is he?). I definitely have the idea that they didn’t want to sell a product where their iconic character battled old cartoons turned into horrors with the possibility of said iconic character turning into a horror himself. Finally… sigh… RunAway Brain IS darkier and edgier than Epic Mickey, and that’s not saying much…

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