“Riddle Awards of 2010” by Mr Riddler

Mr. Riddler

Hello again Reader. It’s finally nice to see you face to face again. Allow me to RE-Introduce myself. I’m Mr. Riddler. No affiliations to anyone else you maybe thinking of. I am from the other side of your computer screen come to review the best of entertainment for you. and only YOU. Having done so for 6 months now and now with a shiny new website to continue to do so I bring you the best games that I’ve had the pleasure of playing that came out in 2010.

Best Game You Haven’t Heard Of in 2010


A Game that you haven’t seen because you didn’t download it! It’s incomplete thus far and has only 2 characters for the 4 that are playable but also does allow for level creator that just screams DustForce Communities need to form and make more maps. DustForce is a game that’s gaming going back to the basics of platforming with timing, skills and frustration rolled into a game that continues to be fun.

download it here: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FdajM5G&h=8809d

Most Shockingly Good Game in 2010

Sonic Colors

It’s debatable if this game really deserves an award for anything, but if it does it’ll be that it’s Shockingly Good. Sonic had a bad run since the dream cast but hopefully Sonic Colors is a leap in the right direction. It seems like they’re taking a tip from Mario and going back to basics with the 2D platforming sections but are still keeping the aspect or the 3D sonic games that people actually liked; the beautiful scenery and colors. It’s time to take the next step, Sega. Move the games to consoles with higher graphical capability to show off the nice landscapes and give us a more gripping story!

Runner Up

Transformers War for Cybertron

Transformers, you were good, and I’mma let you finish but Sonic used to be the worst 3D franchise of all time…. OF ALL TIME!

Best RPG of 2010

Mass Effect 2

Ok this one came from Silence Requiem and I threw it in for her sake. If you haven’t seen her review for Mass Effect 1 be sure to check that out and she’s assured me that her review for Mass Effect 2 will be coming shortly when she’s muscled her way through all the evil choices. She’s played through it twice now and is going for her third run so it must be pretty good… I couldn’t finish the first though. I wanted to give this award to Costume Quest.

Best Brawler of 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Video Game

Ok I’m sorry I threw in this category because I believe that this game deserve another award.  It’s amazingly classically fun, and fun to play single couch multiplayer with friends. Also the soundtrack is amazing. Chiptune music and classic console gmaing that appeals the the hipster deep down in all of us. That’s right… there’s a hipster deep down in you… does that scare you? It should….

Best Shooter of 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops

Ok before I get the sophisticated Nerd Rage from everyone let me say that this game, contrary to popular believe and unlike its predecessor Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, has earned this award. The story of the game isn’t terrible, and it did a lot to develop a gameplay through the story that wasn’t always walk from point A to point B and kill everything between.  Sometimes you have to walk to point C and rescue a guy first or actually act all black ops like and crouch. Multiplayer’s not bad either when you’re not playing with douchebags that live with their moms and yell at the microphone like it’s a mile away from their face.

Nice way of drawing in the new and old crowd with Zombies. Well Played.

Best Sandbox Game of 2010

Red Dead Redemption

So I’ve reviewed 2 sandbox games, but there have been others to come out this year. None the less 1 shines high above the others and that’s the western which can be turned survival horror, Red Dead Redemption.  Red Dead wins not because you can shoot people and rob banks like any cowpolk in the old west but also because it’s the first of its kind that held me emotionally with the characters involved. Namely John Marston.

Best Game of 2010

FallOut New Vegas

This was actually very difficult for me to call because I’m trying to pick out a game that both I liked and I think we can all agree was good even if it’s not a game that you’d give game of the year. I think everyone can agree the Fallout New Vegas is a good game, even if you couldn’t personally get into it which I hear is a problem with some people and the Fall Out franchise. FallOut New Vegas washed over the FallOut 3 green filter with brown and made everyone a cowboy for this game, but slight alterations aside, they also added great elements to bring you into the roleplay of the wastelander. For one there’s the hard mode that’s now available forcing you to eat drink and sleep.  There’s more of a focus on meeting and getting to know people and even have part members that you can help and develop into personal companions. FallOut New Vegas did what great sequels do. Take the source and added on to make it a beautifully well rounded game.

Most Over-Hyped Game of 2010

Epic Mickey

Epic Mickey was probably the game I was looking forward to a great deal. Judging from the amazing concept art and ideas for a game, also being done by Disney interactive studio which at the very least puts out operative, pretty looking games, was a complete let down. The game is exclusively for the Wii which naturally leads to control issues. The camera work is atrocious and conceptually, overall, it fails to deliver the experience that was built up through the viral and public marketing of the title.

What I’m Looking Forward to in 2011

But honestly who isn’t?


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