“Ikkicon V” by 59 Sound

Upon arrival of the Austin Skyline, one of the first noticeable buildings aside from the frost bank tower looking building, is the Hilton. Within a matter of minutes of entering the city we were at the convention hall, greeted by a crowded parking lot and an elevator ride from hell, the Riddler Review team had arrived at Ikkicon V…

We had a tape recorder with us, but for lack of better audio quality we have opted not to use the footage and just do a written overview of the convention.

We pretty much got what we paid for, a great time with friends in a hotel for a few days and free roam to totally geek out with other nerds in a way that is frowned upon by classmates and family alike. The convention had its ups and downs and lefts and rights. But most worth noting was that the convention had grown since the last time I had gone. Unfortunately  the number of convention goes grew, while the floor space of the convention managed to remain fairly cramped to the point, when at high traffic, a ride from one floor to the next or from your room to the convention could take upwards of 30 minutes. Although it was not so much of a problem for those, like myself, that get off on making load noises in cramped spaces filled with lots of people; those who were staying at the hotel for business unrelated to the convention were shit out of luck.

Additionally, I should say that con goes be wary! This was never an issue before, but we were creeped on by an Austin resident outside of the convention hall while on the hunt for a local pizza joint. The creeper did lead us to a pretty decent place to eat, but gave off a vibe that was somewhat alarming.

Also, the lack of a karaoke room made me very sad. It’s not much of a convention if I can’t sing the pokemon theme song in a room and make a bunch of other people listen >:D

The cast of industry insiders included Michael Sinterniklass(Dean Venture- the Venture Bros., previously interviewed with Mr. Riddler), Johnny Yong Bosch (Vash the Stampede-Trigun), Christilne Auten (Azumanga Daioh – Sakaki), and Greg Ayres (if you don’t know then get out), I could go into detail on their professional works, but it would be easier to simply refer you to the con sight or Google, which ever you prefer. Unfortunately the Riddler Reviews team was unable to get as much face time as we would have liked from the guests, but I’m sure you, the reader, would rather us wait until we had video anyway.

For older readers:  there was a yoai showing later on in the night, but there were two problems with this; it was during the rave and there was no yuri showing!! How sexist! But that probably would have been during the rave too, so it’s a lose-lose for the older, male con-goers.

The Decendants of Erdrick, the name (pronounced Urd-drick) is based on the video game Dragon Warrior referring to themselves as Descendants to imply that it is not them that originally composed their songs. They played music from Megaman 3, Sonic 2, and the Super Mario Brothers. Often proffering to do medleys of an entire series, game, or console. The set was lively but unfortunately as any instrumental band it is difficult to get any sort of crowd involvement, especially with a lack of mosh pits aloud in a anime convention <___< even so, this band is defiantly underrated for how they sounded.

Eyeshine turned out to be much better than I had except them to when I was listening to them before the con. They brought fans on stage to sing instead of Johnny Yong Bosch, shattering my illusions that JYB was as stuck up as I thought he was. But why do I even keep mentioning Johnny Young Bosch? Because although he would probably be mad at me for writing this, it is mostly his fame as a voice actor that brought this band to the position that it is at today. Unfortunately, we were unable to get an interview with the crew, band is decent in its own right, not my flavor of music, but worth a listen.

One Eyed Doll this band looks and sounds like they are out of a b rated horror movie. With songs about as expected and niche as everything else about them, they were not horrible, but very cliché and anti-pop alternative. Rather tall, very pretty girl with longhair head banging, and for what its worth, both players in the two piece band are really good at what they play. However, it would take a certain level of emo tolerance and perhaps an affection for vampires or the undead to keep one’s interest. Otherwise, I would give this band three fangs out of five (I’m sorry for that).


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