A micro review of “Leaves of Grass” from Ragdoll

Many of you have probably passed by this movie on the shelf, or brushed past it in the Red Box selection; I know I did. It wasn’t until I got a free rental coupon that I got around to getting this movie. And now, I wish I hadn’t waited. From the green fists of the Hulk, to the bloodied ones in Fight Club, Edward Norton’s performance in Leaves of Grass is one of his strongest to date.

What’s notable:

Edward Norton plays a pair of twins; one a straight edge university professor, and the other a pot head, hill-billy with a master mind for growing weed. His acting ability stretches across two very different ends of the spectrum showing a most impressive performance.
One of the last people I expected to be in this movie was Susan Sarandon. That was a pleasant surprise. Even after a lifetime of acting, that woman can still tackle any performance and look dashing doing so. Her character of Daisy Kincaid is second best to Norton’s performance.

What’s bad notable:

His relationship with Keri Russel’s character feels unnecessary. Their lack of chemistry slows down the story and just seems to drag.
And while the dialogue and story is entertaining, this movie is primarily a character piece. You become more wholly invested in the characters than what’s actually going on.

In a nutshell, rather you’re a pot head or a Norton head, this movie is a Buy it.

To everyone else, this might be more of a Rent it.


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