Reel Big Fish Vs. The Aquabats


The Aquabats, and Reel Big Fish are two of the biggest names in popular ska music. And I was lucky enough to have the chance to drive two hours to go see them! And this post, is about that show! Isn’t that super crazy awesome!?!  ….YES, YES IT IS!


You better not try to be sad while listening to these guys, because there music is a unicorn on a one way trip to fun! I know what your thinking (that’s right <__< )… how could this band be so fun that it is literally impossible to be sad while listening to their music? Well as a frame of reference, I had just found out that I had cancer and my mother died, but still could stop cracking up during their set! With such songs like “Dinosaur Stomp” and “Awesome Rainbow” they Keep the audience entertained and they’re fun for the whole family! (kids would like them :D ) If your curious about their sound, they have all of their music up at their site for freeeeeee! But if your just that lazy, here is a video of them singing about the alphabet while practicing proper hygiene (you lazy trash you)


at most shows (but then again I guess this would be considered a full fledged concert) one would expect the opening bands to be subpar, but Koo Koo Kanga Roo Hit the show off like a mofo, and these guys kept up the heat with some awesome covers like “Bed Intruder”, and “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” (Hells yeah they played music from the Lion King) But they keep it cool and fun, and they have an adorable asian singer ^^


Just the name should make you think “OMGOMGOMG TEH AQUABATS!” They are super heroes that were forced to leave their home and have come to Earth to make friends of their enemies and Rock like it’s nobody’s business! During the show (regrettably) the played songs from their NEW ALBUM High Five Soup! With a few classics that you may or may not have heard before “Pool Party” and “Campton Hampton and the Midget Pirates.” The Aquabats also the stars of their own super rad animated series that is worth checking out, its something like a cross between the teenage mutant turtles, every other children’s show like that, and super duper rock and roll.

This a link to a YouTube thingy with High Five Soup on it: spoiler, it’s awesome!


If you are above the age of twelve then you have likely herd this band before, if not just in passing, they were pretty big during the so called “ska revival” of the nineties. And popularized songs about being materialist and selling out, or just starting a band in general. I’m not sure if they are doing this to be ironic, but I’m pretty sure they just see the music business for what it is, another business, and take a very poppy approach to it. These guys were great to see live, especially sense they played all of their awesome songs that I knew the lyrics to. When I was thinking of what song to put up for this band I was moderately conflicted as they’re songs are all great for skanking (dancing) along to so, I’ll put up this one and say that you should look up the rest’cause they’re good :P

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  1. Jamie says:

    Fine post, I will be browsing back usually to hunt for improvements.

  2. the59sound says:

    Thanks Jamie, the next post I do is going to be a little weird and not so much of an “improvement” just to warn you, but its pretty off the usual fair

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    Seriously like the fresh design. I liked the information. Credit for your excellent page.

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