“Marvel vs Capcom 3” by Mr Riddler

A lonely wanderer, wounded with iron, I am smitten with war-blades, sated with strife, Worn with the sword-edge; I have seen many battles, Much hazardous fighting, oft without hope. Of comforts or help in the carnage of war Ere I perish and fall in the fighting of men. The leavings of hammers, the handiwork of smiths, Batter and bite me, hard-edged and sharp; The brunt of the battle I am doomed to endure. In all the folk-stead no leech could I find With wort or simple to heal my wounds; But day and night with the deadly blows
The marks of the war-blades double and deepen.

A Shield. It’s a little known fact that blocking is important in Fighting Games.

What I Expected:

As I had mentioned when I reviewed Tatsunoko vs Capcom, I love fighting games. I still love that thrill that comes with the intense 2 minute battle. By the end, I’m sitting there in defeat with my heart still pounding and the crashing realization that I’m still terrible at these, no matter how much I continue to play them. I played through Marvel Capcom 2 on my Sega Dreamcast back in Middle School. That was one of the greatest fighting games, if not the greatest, that I’ve ever played. Not just because of the gigantic roster, but also because of the game because expressed that fighting games don’t have to be something you play for a day and then shelve until your friends come over. Instead a fighting game can have a play value and it doesn’t need to have a story to do it. Marvel vs Capcom 2 had a huge list of characters to unlock as you played through the game as well as alternate costumes, art movies and sounds. If Marvel vs Capcom 3 can show the same abilities as Marvel vs Capcom 2 but in 3D and, judging from the amazing trailers, a story then I may just blow a blood vessel.

What We Got:

Right off the bat, when entering arcade mode, I hit my first disappointment. The roster. It’s incredibly small. This would normally make me hope for DLC, but when you pay $50 for a game, it’s evil to pay $15 for each collection of more characters. There are 4 more characters to unlock as you play through the game, which pales in comparison to the outrageous number that you could unlock in Marvel vs Capcom 2, and the 4 characters are unlocked by beating arcade mode 4 times so… yeah. The characters they present are a valid representation of either side of the Marvel and Capcom spectrum, but they do lose a few characters, I’m assuming to licensing issues, which used to be iconic to the franchise. Cyclops, Gambit, Cable, Styder, Jin, Jill Valentine, Ken, and Megaman just to name a few that did not make an appearance this time around. Those that are left and the new ones that they added in are detailed in beautiful Cell-shaded 3D, and all of their moves work very well in compliment to one another. Both sides of the Capcom and Marvel spectrum should be satisfied with the look and feel of the characters that are represented especially the joke ones such as MODOK and Deadpool. In addition their Hyper combos are also cinematically done, and the voices are pleasing, with Steve Blum back as Wolverine to continue with his new role as Logan for all carnations of the character. On the note of voices, it’s also just really cool to hear them say the voice of the character that you’re tagging in. Nice touch, Capcom.

I can see that a game like this is more geared toward becoming a tournament favorite as opposed to being a game that can be enjoyed at home, but that also raises the question of how that’s going to deal with DLC if you can download more characters then that means that you’ll need to do so to rain and so will venues that host tournaments. Then again, maybe that’s the Point

Playing through Arcade mod is fun and the style of making everything feel like a comic book is making more of a nod toward Marvel comics this time around. The game has been simplified down from the 6 button (Light Medium Heavy Kick and Punch) to just a 4 Button (Light Medium Heavy and Special Attack) system in effort to simplify. Now most hyper combos are done with quart circle forward and 2 attack or quarter circle back and 2 attacks. That’s all fine and dandy, but originally I did feel that it takes away from strategy a bit. After playing for a while, though, I hardly noticed.

One final complaint about Arcade mode is the Difficulty curve. It basically jumps from being able to defeat all teams from levels 1 – 5 without losing a single character, to being Steamrolled by Galactus, the Final boss. If you’ve played previous titles of the Franchise then you know what to expect from a final boss. 1 character that’s pretty much like everyone else you’ve fought, then a character that’s so big he doesn’t fit on the screen and you’re pretty much fighting his hand or his chest. Marvel vs Capcom 3 is no exception. You take on a character that Galactus creates, Wesker, Dr. Doom or Dormamu. When they become half health they create a second one. Then you take on the Eater of Worlds, Galactus, himself without healing your characters. This would be nice except every time that you take on 2 characters at once they get on either side of you and kill a character and Galactus is so over powered that he has a charge move that cannot be interrupted and kill you from full health even if you’re blocking. Galactus is a Douchebag.


So I’ve only gotten a chance to play this game online with multiplayer which means that I’ve gotten my butt handed to me over and over and over… and over, but at least the match making seems to be a lot better than it was in Street Fighter 4. I recall being set up as an amateur with a 30% win rate… against someone with a gold status and 75% win rates… that match was so short I don’t even remember hearing the game say “FIGHT!”

I still have the same problem with online games though. After playing for a while I will end up getting bored with all the battles. There’s no voice support so I may as well just be playing against a computer that’s better than me instead of just KNOWING that there’s someone in there world on the other side of the screen who’s bashing me. Even though the voice chat can be abused, it still does add to one of the most important aspects of Fighting Games; reveling in the tears of your fallen enemies.


I really really really WANT to like this game. I want to give it a Buy it. I just don’t have the ability to do that with the small roster that the game has and how I’ve unlocked everything after the first 2 hours. I’m sorry to say that this game lasted about as long as Grease the Video Game. Don’t get me wrong. This is game is still fun and will probably go on to be as big a tournament game as Street Fighter 4 because of the great way that the characters work together as teams and as it works in that brief intense burst, but this isn’t something to add to your game collection unless you’re planning on competing in those tournaments

Overall Rating:

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