Micro Review: Powerglove

I am in no way a fan of metal, I am however a fan of gimmicks :D, while I was searching the web for an a synthesizer/ keyboard program that could be used on a personal computer (that has nothing to do with this review). Long story short I stumbled upon the MySpace page of a (power?) metal band, by the name of POWERGLOVE. At fist I thought nothing of it, but it was supposed to be the sight where I could get said synth software, so I ended up here like 4 times. I finally hit the play button and I noticed a familiar sound. Something from a game that I had played once or a show that I had seen before, regardless the next song came on and my jaw dropped (no it didn’t), at this incredibly epic rendition of a song that lies in the core of every nerds heart <3   So from their album “Saturday Morning Apocalypse” that once song you know all of the lyrics to:

(p.s. To Jeremy; this is not the post I was referring to that you may not like, if you don’t like this one you may be a bad person)


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