Justin Bieber: NeverSayNever

Leader K

Despite what our current youth would have us believe, Justin Bieber is not an anomaly. Every few years we are dished out the newest pop star for the idolization of young girls. While little boys are dreaming of older women and or death and destruction, supplemented in music form by the likes of  Drowning pool (yes, a Bieber equivalent).

Let me start of with saying that i do not hate Justin Bieber. I’m not impressed by his story, music, or appearance (his big three draws) but if i hated everyone that didn’t impress me, then i don’t know what i’d do. I have seen several documentaries on musicians who’s music i could care less about: Miley Cyrus, Madonna, The Dixie Chicks, The Jonas Brothers, U2, Michael Jackson, and seeing all of these has not not much to improve my opinion on the musicians in question. More often than not i dislike them more. I don’t know what it is but movies about musicians (especially documenters) suck. I’ve never liked one i’ve seen. This is mostly due to that the most interesting thing about musicians is there music. Music is such a powerful force in our culture that the creators of music are reviled as gods among men. In reality they are boring pretentious people who think too much of themselves, but Never Say Never is different in that sense as it is hard to come out of the film hating Bieber in any arguable way. Before this movie i had never heard even one of his songs, and yes they are pretty damn bad, but never is his weak voice offensive enough to make me cringe. He’s a young guy going along for the ride and more power to him in that sense, but it doesn’t mean Im going to like seeing him at Wrestlmania this year.

Bieber is nothing big or special no matter how much his PR wants me to think he is. I would rather see this movie set ten years from now after his career has died, because he is not Justin Timmberlake and he will not reach any greater heights than now. Hopefully he can get a job being a drummer down the line.

If your were to ask me if you should pay money to see this film i would strongly suggest that you be a thirteen year old girl( though my little sister doesn’t like Bieber) or you be hanging out with the most ironic of your friends. Otherwise don’t even worry about it. Don’t hate, just… just buy.

5 Responses to “Justin Bieber: NeverSayNever”
  1. clay says:

    wow u really saw this

  2. Anonymous says:

    i want to see this with the most ironicist! :D

  3. Rodolaulk says:

    nice, wonderful entry! i find out on what to have justin bieber follow u of twitter
    it’s right here

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